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If you're looking for the perfect place to buy cute clothes, jewelry, makeup, shoes, circle lenses, accessories, and more, check out my list of online shops, aka the Eat My Knee Socks Shopping Directory!

This list is simply a collection of stores; some are stores that I have special discount codes for, some are stores that I've reviewed, and some are simply stores that I like. I'll try to update this frequently to keep a running list of my favorite shops and brands. Enjoy!

Clothing/Fashion Stores
 Free People 
 Forever 21 
 Miuxin ♥ Use code mimchikimchi for 10% off!
 Shop Chiki ♥ Use code mimchikimchi for 10% off!
 Hhotaru  Use code michelle10 for 10% off!
 Linden Market  Use code mimchikimchi for 10% off!
 Brandedkitty Shop  Use code mimchikimchi for 10% off! | Reviews
 Idol Collective  Use code mimchikimchi for 15% off! | Reviews
 CrossWalk  Use code mimchikimchi for 10% off! | Reviews
 Syndrome Store  Use code mimchikimchi for 5% off!
 Yumart  Reviews
 Cloud 97 
 SheIn  Reviews
 Romwe  Reviews
 WalkTrendy  Reviews
 Milanoo  Reviews
 Dresslink  Reviews

Beauty, Makeup, & Skincare Stores
None at the moment - will be updated soon!

Circle Lenses Stores
 PinkyParadise ♥ Use code mimchikimchi for mystery gift with purchase! | Reviews
 Klenspop ♥ Reviews

Jewelry & Accessories Stores
 Be Happy Live Pink  Use code michelle for 5% off!
 Born Pretty Store  Use code MFUT10 for 10% off! | Reviews

Miscellaneous Stores
 Kawaii Box  Reviews

Happy shopping!



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