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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

SheIn Fashion Review: Lace Shift Dress, Backless Dress, + Off-Shoulder Dress

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posts recently; college has started and I'm still trying to get everything settled in :') Anyway, here's a review of three dresses from SheIn, including crochet-lace shift dress, a backless gridded flare dress, and a striped off-shoulder sporty dress. Details ahead!

A review of SheIn's lace high-neck crochet shift dress, white flared backless dress, and blue striped Three Floor Ray of Light dupe off-shoulder dress. - Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi
I went for an all-dress order from SheIn this time, with three white dresses that I've had my eyes set on for a while. I got a sleeveless lace shift dress, a backless flare dress, and a striped off-shoulder dress.


The first dress that I got was a sleeveless crochet shift dress, one of SheIn's popular products that I've been wanting to get for a while. This dress is currently on sale for $18.99 and comes in sizes S-L.

Close-up photos of the lace crochet sheer neckline shift babydoll white dress from SheIn.
SheIn's lace/crochet-neckline white shift dress, which I will be reviewing here, has unique lattice detailing and a flowy chiffon hem.
More photos of the white lace crochet neckline shift dress from SheIn, with sheer high-neck detailing and lattice-style cutouts.

I noticed that SheIn added catwalk videos for some of their clothes, including this dress! I love the idea of adding a video to showcase products, and it was definitely one of the reasons I ended up picking this dress.

This sleeveless dress features a sheer lace crocheted neckline and embroidered design at the top, along with thin embroidered strips running down the bodice. It's made of a lightweight chiffon material, with a sheer outer layer and a white underlay.

I got this dress in a size S; it's pretty accurate to measurements overall but a bit too big and long on me. I'm rather petite, and I have to wear this dress with heels, otherwise I'll get swallowed up by how baggy and flowy it is. Style-wise, it looks just as pictured on SheIn's product photos.

Prepare for summer with this cute lacy white crochet-neckline babydoll shift dress from SheIn!
Back and side views of the flowy white chiffon shift lace dress from SheIn.
SheIn's white high-neck crochet/lace shift dress is a super-cute summer dress, with sheer detailing and a flowy bodice.

Though the dress has two layers, it's still a tiny bit sheer, so you can't wear anything dark or bright underneath. The hemline has a bit of a high-low shape to it, and the material is super light, giving off that pure, angelic vibe.

The quality is pretty good, and I found no issues aside from a tiny red speck that I discovered on the inner layer, which isn't visible unless you look really closely. The crochet lace detailing is beautiful and intricate, and I love the lattice-style cutouts down the bodice.

My favorite thing about this dress is that it's super comfortable. The inner layer is smooth and soft, and the dress follows you with your every move. It looks great on its own, but also pairs well with a simple belt cinched around the waist.

I did notice one issue though: the neckline is too low. I have to wear this with something underneath (I'm wearing a white lace bustier for these photos) because the sheer lace detailing ends further down than I'd expected. Otherwise, though, this dress is exactly as I'd expected.

Overall, SheIn's sleeveless crochet shift dress is a decent buy for the price, with really cute lace details and flowy layers that give it that romantic, angel-like look. Despite the neckline being too low, it's still super comfortable and easy to wear, making it a great spring/summer piece.

I love how comfortable and easy-to-wear this white lace dress from SheIn is! It has a unique crochet neckline and lattice-style cutouts down the bodice for a cute, romantic look.
More modeled photos of the chiffon lace white crochet babydoll shift dress from SheIn, reviewed in my post here.
More photos of SheIn's original-design white lace/crochet-neckline shift dress, a cute, bohemian-chic dress for summer.


The second dress in this batch is another white dress, but with a flared skirt and backless design. This dress currently sells for $17.99 and is sold in sizes S-L.

SheIn's backless spaghetti-strap flare dress features a double-layered skirt with a sheer gridded overlay.
Close-up on the spaghetti-strap top and back cutouts on SheIn's backless flare dress.
Full photos of the white backless flare gridded dress from SheIn,

This dress is simple and chic, but definitely has its share of eye-catching accents. The skirt is double-layered, with a plain white layer covered by a sheer gridded layer, along with a hidden zipper. The back features a backless design, making it the perfect summer dress.

When picking this dress, I was scared that it wouldn't fit right, especially in the top. Backless dresses are rather difficult to wear, and they often don't fit nicely on me.

Thankfully, the straps are adjustable, and you can make them shorter or longer as you wish. The dress actually fits surprisingly well on me, and the length is perfect!

Modeled photos of the white backless spaghetti-strap grid flare organza dress from SheIn.
Back view of the gorgeous spaghetti strap backless design on SheIn's gridded organza skater dress.
SheIn's backless white spaghetti-strap flare dress is the perfect little white sundress, with side cutouts, a sexy back design, and a cute organza skirt.

Despite being so scared that I wouldn't be able to wear this dress, I found myself in love with how it looks! It's got a wonderful shape to it, and the skirt has the perfect amount of flare to be flattering without looking odd.

The dress is a bit wrinkled from delivery, but otherwise the quality is good. I do wish, however, that the dress came with a padded bust, since it would make it so much easier to wear.You definitely need to have a good bra to wear with this, and I guess that'd be my only concern.

Honestly, I really love how this dress looks when worn. The backless design gives it a figure-enhancing shape from the front, and the criss-cross straps at the back add a hint of sexiness to this otherwise understated piece.

In general, SheIn's $18 flared backless white dress surpassed my expectations, with a cute, flirty, sexy, yet simple style that's perfect for the warmer seasons!

Side view of the all-white backless flare dress from SheIn.SheIn's backless flare dress is the perfect white summer dress, with a cute design that's sure to turn heads!
More photos of this all-white summery outfit, featuring the white spaghetti-strap crossed backless flare dress from SheIn and white spiked platform booties.
More photos of SheIn's all-white backless gridded-skirt flare dress.


And, last but not least, the third dress that I got this time from SheIn was a white-and-blue striped off-shoulder dress. This dress retails for $34 at the moment and comes in sizes S-L.

Close-up photos of SheIn's striped blue-and-white off-shoulder dress, a dupe of the Ray of Light Dress by Three Floor.
SheIn's off-shoulder striped blue-and-white dress is a dupe of the Ray of Light dress by Three Floor, featuring mesh cutouts, pleated chiffon panels, and bright colors.
More photos of SheIn's off-shoulder cheerleader-style dress, a dupe of the Three Floor Ray of Light dress for a much cheaper cost.

This dress is actually a style dupe of the Ray of Light dress by Three Floor, a London-based fashion brand. Their designs are ultra-modern and unique, with clean lines, bold colors, unusual shapes, and memorable cuts that have made them internationally-famous. The Three Floor original dress costs about $257, while SheIn's dupe costs just $34.

Undoubtedly, this dress has a very unique cut and style. It features dark blue and light blue stripes along the neckline and the waist, with semi-sheer and a netted cutout at the top. Similarly-colored panels of pleated chiffon accent the skirt, giving it a bright, athletic vibe. There's a big cutout at the back, along with a golden zipper.

The way the colors and stripes on this dress are arranged reminds me somewhat of tennis outfits and cheerleader uniforms. Most of my dresses are either black/solid-colored or have floral prints, so I've been really wanting to add an unusual, eye-catching piece to my wardrobe.

SheIn's Three Floor Ray of Light dupe dress features a sexy box cutout at the back, along with uneven chiffon paneling, color-blocked stripes, and mesh detailing.
SheIn's dupe of the Three Floor Ray of Light dress gives off an athletic yet elegant vibe, with off-shoulder detailing and mesh cutouts.
If you're into the sporty, athletic aesthetic, try out Three Floor's bright, colorblocked styles, like their Ray of Light dress, which was the inspiration for this SheIn dupe.

The colors, cuts, and designs on SheIn's actual product are 100% identical to those in their product photos, and, simply put, the quality is amazing.

There are some loose threads along the sides of the pleated chiffon panels, but that's an easy fix, and everything else is wonderfully-crafted. The material is fairly thick and substantial, not see-through at all (aside from the sheer panels, obviously), and the blue striped elastic bands are strong and sturdy, with enough stretch to be adjusted. The dress as a whole gives off a high-quality feeling, unlike many dresses that I've gotten online from stores like SheIn, which tend to be flimsy and sheer.

I'm super happy with this striped Three Floor-dupe dress from SheIn. The measurements are accurate to those listed on their website, though I would've loved if the dress was a bit shorter.

For $34, SheIn's mesh-paneled off-shoulder dress is certainly worth the price, with bold style and quality craftsmanship that gives it more of a high-class feeling than most of their other dresses. Though this dress doesn't necessarily suit me too well, I'm beyond satisfied with how it turned out, and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes the style!

SheIn's off-shoulder striped mesh-paneling chiffon dress features flowy pleated panels, see-through detailing, waist cutouts, and a unique silhouette.
More photos of SheIn's dupe of the Three Floor Ray of Light athletic-style colorblocked white dress.
Close-up on the side and back detailing and cutouts on SheIn's dupe of the Three Floor Ray of Light dress.
SheIn sells this white, colorblocked sporty dress, a style dupe of the Three Floor Ray of Light dress, for a much cheaper price.


All three dresses that I chose this time from SheIn passed my tests, and I'm quite satisfied with this order! The sleeveless lace shift dress, though a bit sheer, is super comfortable and cute; the backless flare dress, albeit a little difficult to wear, is very flattering, sexy, and sweet; and the striped off-shoulder dress, though pricier than most of SheIn's dresses, is so well made and exactly as expected. Definitely one of my happier experiences overall!



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