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Friday, September 11, 2015

Romwe Fashion Review: Pop Art 2-Piece

After previously trying out a very interesting and different dress from Romwe (reviewed here), I took another risk and got a very unique two-piece set from Romwe: a graffiti-print crop top and skirt set. Review ahead!

Today's fashion review features a cute, Harajuku-style pop art crop top and skirt set from Romwe, reviewed by Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi.
Today's Romwe fashion review features one of their more unusual clothes: a graffiti/pop-art print crop top and skirt set.

This two-piece matching set is currently sold out on Romwe's site, but it used to be on sale for $23. It features an overall-style crop top with silver straps and a two-tiered flared skirt, both with the same cute, cartoon-y print.

Romwe's 2-piece graffiti/pop art printed suspender crop top and skirt set features a pastel pink, Harajuku-style allover print.
Close-up of the cute, pastel pop art print on the Harajuku graffiti crop top and skirt set from Romwe.
Romwe's 2-piece Harajuku printed crop top and skirt set comes with a belt in the same cute, pastel, music-inspired print.

I'm typically not the one to go for eye-catching prints or bold graphics, but this set was too unique to pass up the chance, and I felt like I had to give it a go.

The actual product is made of a smooth, polyester material, not very thick but not the most breathable fabric either. The top features a silver zipper, while the skirts has a hidden tiny white zipper at the back. To my surprise, the set also came with a belt (?) in the matching print.

The print itself is very pop art-like, with a blend of blues, pinks, and white. There are little doodles of keyboards, guitars, records, and more, with a music-inspired theme.

You can wear the set on its own, or layer pieces for a different look. Here, I chose to wear a plain long-sleeve white crop top underneath to contrast with the busy pattern.

A cute, bubbly, Japanese Harajuku-inspired outfit, featuring a white long sleeve crop top and the pop art graffiti suspender top and flared skirt set from Romwe.
Front, side, and back views of the matching suspender crop top and flared tiered skirt set from Romwe, worn with Jeffrey Campbell Lita dupe spiked platform booties.

I'm not going to lie: the first time I tried on this set, I was disappointed. The skirt is short and super flared, and wearing both pieces together looks way too busy with all the prints and designs. Honestly, I figured there was no way I'd ever wear this set.

After looking at it for a while though, I'm beginning to like it more. Wearing both pieces together looks rather overwhelming, though you certainly could do that if it fits your style. The print has a sort of Harajuku-esque vibe to it, and it's a head-turner for sure.

If you wear the crop top and skirt as separates, though, they're much easier to handle, and with the right outfit they'd serve as a cute and fun accent!

Romwe's pop art 2-piece crop top and skirt set can be worn together or apart as matching separates; here, I'm wearing the silver suspender crop top with a leather skater skirt, white long sleeve T-shirt, and white spiked platform booties.
Romwe's 2-piece Harajuku-style printed crop top and skirt set can be worn together or as separates.

Size and style-wise, this pop art set from Romwe is very accurate to the product description and store photos, with the same print, same design, same cut, and same measurements. For $23, I'm pretty satisfied with how much the actual product resembles the photos on the site.

Though I was originally more excited about the skirt than the top, I actually think the top is a lot more wearable. The skirt has such a cute print, but it's way too short, even for me. If they made the skirt a bit longer and less flared, I'd probably wear it.

More photos of this cute, bubbly, Japanese-style outfit, featuring Romwe's pop art/graffiti 2-piece crop top and skirt set, with a white long sleeve T-shirt layered underneath.
A cute, Harajuku-inspired outfit, with the pastel printed suspender crop top from Romwe, a white long sleeve T-shirt, and a flared faux leather skater skirt.
More photos of this simple and cute Japanese Harajuku-inspired tiered flare skirt from Romwe, worn with a white long-sleeve crop top.
A cute, Japanese Harajuku-inspired outfit featuring Romwe's 2-piece matching pop art crop top and flared skirt set, worn with a white long sleeve T-shirt and white spiked platform booties.


Although this two-piece cartoon-style printed crop top and skirt set from Romwe won't be an item that I'll wear often, I think it was worth a try overall, and fairly well made. I hope that Romwe keeps adding interesting, unique, eccentric styles to their site, since they're just so fun to try out!


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