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Friday, August 14, 2015

SheIn Review: 2-Piece Sets, Ruffled Trench Coat, + Beaded Dress

I'm back today with my latest order from SheIn! I wanted to lighten up my closet, so I got four items that are all white or beige-toned. The clothes that I chose were a For Love & Lemons dupe lace crop top and skirt set, a puff-sleeved beige trench coat, a two-piece white off-shoulder crop top and sheer skirt set, and a beaded apricot shift dress. Review ahead!

A review of the beaded apricot pleated ruffle shift dress, For Love and Lemons Guava set dupe, a beige ulzzang-style trench coat, and a white crop top maxi skirt set from SheIn, brought to you by Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi.

I've received a lot of clothes from SheIn, and I simply can't resist their site because of all the different styles and selections they offer! This time, I got four items: a lace crop top and skirt set, a lightweight beige trench coat, a white crop top and sheer skirt set, and a beaded shift dress.

Shipping was really fast this time; it only took a week for me to receive the package! Everything was packed as usual, with each individual item in its own plastic bag, and all four items placed in a larger bag for delivery.


The first of the four items that I got this time from SheIn was a two-piece crop top and skirt set, with a style matching that of the Guava crop top and skirt by For Love & Lemons. This set costs $34.67 and is sold in two sizes.

SheIn sells this dupe of the For Love and Lemons Guava crop top and skirt, with a scalloped lace hem and nude underlining.
Close-up on the scalloped lace trim on the nude-lined bodycon skirt from SheIn.
Close-up of SheIn's crocheted long-sleeve crop top, a dupe of the Guava top by For Love and Lemons.

Matching crop top and skirt sets have been in fashion lately, and For Love & Lemons sells a lot of lovely two-piece designs, like their Guava set, which is what this set is based on.

I've previously reviewed some other FLL copies from SheIn, including a dupe of their Luau crop top and maxi skirt set and a dupe of their Eternal Love bodycon lace dress. I've had mixed reviews of these items; the two-piece set was accurate to photos and perfect, while the bodycon dress was similar style-wise but ill-fitting.

My latest two-piece set, as pictured above, includes a long sleeve crop top and short bodycon skirt. Both pieces have nude linings under white floral lace overlays with scalloped hems, just like the For Love & Lemons original.

Here, I'm wearing this set with brown platform booties, reviewed in one of my previous posts.

SheIn sells this lovely long sleeve crochet top and matching bodycon skirt, a dupe of the Guava top and skirt set by For Love and Lemons.
More modeled photos of the for Love and Lemons Guava crop top and bodycon skirt two-piece matching set dupe from SheIn, worn with brown platform booties.
SheIn's long sleeve crop top and matching skirt set is perfect for the summer, with a boho-chic, beach-ready vibe like many of For Love and Lemons' clothing.

Style and color-wise, this matching two-piece lace set looks exactly as pictured, and the design is nearly identical to that of the Guava original set! 

Everything from the floral pattern on the lace overlay to the shape and cut of the scalloped hem matches the images, and I'm very impressed with that, considering that the entire FLL Guava set would cost about $307, compared to SheIn's $34 dupe.

The quality also seems pretty good. The lining is opaque, not sheer, and the lace doesn't seem too delicate. The bodycon skirt comes with a concealed side zipper, while the crop top works as a pullover top. Aside from a few loose strands, this two-piece set is pretty well-made.

My problem with this set, however, is the sizing. And by that, I'm mainly referring to the length. The length of the crop top is fine, but the skirt runs a tiny bit too short. My major complaint is that the sleeves are too short and wide; they look more like 3/4 sleeves than full long sleeves, and I wish that they had a tighter fit.

In regards to sizing, the skirt also seems to be smaller than described, though it fits alright on me. It's a shame that the sleeves are short and baggy, because otherwise I really love the look of this crop top and skirt set. Aside from fit, it's a very good style dupe of the For Love & Lemons Guava set, not a bad pick for the price!

More photos of SheIn's love sleeve scalloped lace top and bodycon skirt set, a dupe of the For Love and Lemons Guava set.
Side view of the two-piece matching scalloped crochet lace crop top and skirt set from SheIn.
More modeled photos of the lovely summer beach set from SheIn, featuring long scalloped lace sleeves, floral crochet overlays, and a nude lining.
SheIn's dupe of the For Love and Lemons Guava top and skirt set features a scalloped lace trim, nude lining, and floral crochet pattern.


The second item I got was a beige trench coat with golden double-row buttons, puff-shoulder accents, and soft pleats at the sides. This coat costs $49.17 and originally came in sizes S-XL, though it's mostly sold out now.

Close-up of the golden buttons and beige fabric on the ruffled pleated trench coat from SheIn.
SheIn's beige trench coat comes with golden buttons, with an additional button in case one of the originals falls off.
SheIn's ruffled trench coat is perfect for spring or early autumn, with a lightweight, fully-lined fabric, gold buttons, and puff-shoulder accents.

This is one of the pricier items I've gotten from SheIn, and it's the first jacket/coat that I've bought from them, so I was excited to see how it'd turn out. There were various product photos on their site, and the jacket looked gorgeous in those photos.

The actual product is pretty accurate to photos, with a soft beige color, large golden buttons, and a fold-over collar. This trench coat also came with an extra button, in case one of the original buttons falls off.

Quality-wise, the jacket is lightweight and fully lined on the inside. It's quite comfortable, and best suited for spring or early autumn, though definitely too thin to be a winter coat. The material feels nice, and there were no loose threads, holes, tears, etc. I did notice, however, that the golden paint on the buttons scratches off rather easily, so that'd be my primary quality complaint with this coat.

Here, I'm wearing the ruffled beige puff-shoulder double-breasted trench coat from SheIn along with their dupe of the For Love and Lemons Guava crop top and skirt set.
SheIn's pleated puff-shoulder trench coat is a super cute, sweet, ulzzang-style jacket that's perfect for spring and autumn.
More photos of the sweet, gyaru, ulzzang-esque beige puff-shoulder trench coat from SheIn, worn with high heel platform booties.
SheIn's ruffled trench coat is lightweight, but looks really cute and reminds me of Asian fashion, especially of coats in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and China.

This lightweight trench coat is really cute, with slight ruffles at the shoulders, pleats at the hem, and the eye-catching gold buttons. The soft, sweet style of this is very popular in Asia and harder to find around where I live, which is one of the reasons why I chose this coat from SheIn's various selections.

Like with the two-piece set that I reviewed above, my concern with this coat is the sizing. The measurements are pretty true to SheIn's description, but this coat is too big in the waist for me, and I would've preferred if the sleeves were smaller and perhaps a bit longer.

Nonetheless, I'm very happy with this beige trench coat from SheIn. The fabric is a bit underwhelming for the price, but I love how it looks.

It's a really adorable coat, and you can wear it multiple ways for different looks! You can button all four rows, or button two rows and fold open the top, or even just wear it unbuttoned and show off a bright-colored or sweet floral dress underneath. The fabric isn't thick, so I'd wear it more for the style, or as a light cover-up.

I love this lightweight, comfortable beige trench coat from SheIn, with its flared hem, golden buttons, fold-over collar, puff-shoulder sleeves, and pleated sides.
A cute autumn outfit, with the sweet ulzzang-style beige trench coat from SheIn, worn with edgy high-heel platform booties.
More photos of the sweet autumn-ready ruffled puff-shoulder trench coat from SheIn.
A cute, sophisticated autumn/spring city look, with the beige flared trench coat and lace matching two-piece set from SheIn, paired with high-heel platform booties.


I got another two-piece set this time, including a white off-shoulder crop top and sheer embroidered skirt. This set is pretty inexpensive, costing just $15.67 and sold in sizes S-L.

The white 2-piece set from SheIn features an off-shoulder crop top and a lace embroidered maxi skirt.
Close-up on the sweetheart neckline and ruffled off-shoulder sleeves on SheIn's white 2-piece set.
Close-up on the lace embroidery and sheer overlay on SheIn's maxi skirt, part of their white 2-piece set.

To tell the truth, I picked this set just because I liked the crop top. There was also a reviewer on SheIn's site who said that the quality was amazing, so I thought, why not?

This all-white set features a crop top with a sweetheart neckline and ruffled off-shoulder sleeves, paired with a long, puffy skirt with floral lace embroidery and a stretchy waistband. Style-wise, the skirt gives off a beach goddess-y vibe, while the simple top can be styled into romantic or boho outfits.

The skirt is actually longer than pictured on SheIn's site, but measures to be around 74 cm, a bit shorter than indicated in the product description. I'm glad that the skirt was longer than the pictures portrayed it to be, but I also think it would look better if it was even longer, making it a full maxi skirt.

Here, I'm wearing SheIn's two-piece set with white spiked booties that I reviewed here and a three-layer moon, sun, and stars necklace that I reviewed here.

SheIn's white 2-piece set comes with an off-shoulder ruched-back sweetheart-neckline crop top that's great for soft, romantic, or even boho-chic looks.
More modeled photos of this all-white spring/summer outfit, featuring the off-shoulder ruffled crop top and lace embroidered puffed maxi dress from SheIn.
Close-up on the puffy, lace-embroidered long skirt from SheIn's two-piece all-white matching set.

The elastic waistband on the skirt is super stretchy and can fit to accommodate a variety of sizes, and the skirt comes with a white underlay. The lining is rather sheer, so you'd have to wear light or nude-colored clothing underneath.

The top fits fine and features a ruched back for stretchiness, as well as a padded bust. The fabric is thin, though, so you can see the outline of the pads if you get really close, and the top part doesn't fit as snugly as I'd like.

Worn together, these pieces really give off that sort of goddess vibe, and the pieces can be worn separately too, so they're really quite useful, especially the top. I love the cute ruffled off-shoulder sleeves, and the crop top works well with all sorts of skirts and high-waisted bottoms!

Overall, SheIn's off-shoulder crop top and sheer lace skirt set is a nice, multipurpose set with a lovely look. The quality falls short of my expectations, because both items are made of rather thin fabrics, but the price is quite low too, and with proper styling both the top and the skirt look beautiful.

Close-up on the cute ruffle off-shoulder sleeves from the sweetheart-neckline white sleeveless crop top from SheIn.
A cute, all-white boho-chic look, featuring an off-shoulder ruffle-sleeve crop top and long sheer embroidered maxi skirt from SheIn.
Full outfit photos of the all-white 2-piece set from SheIn, featuring an off-shoulder ruffle-sleeve crop top and a lace embroidered skirt.


The fourth and final item that I'll be reviewing in this time's SheIn fashion haul is an item that I've been wanting for a long time, the beaded apricot shift dress. This $36, one-size only dress, also sold in white, features a pleated body, shift silhouette, ruffled hem, and, of course, a gorgeous sheer beaded neckline.

SheIn's beaded apricot pleated shift dress is one of their most popular clothes, with a ruffled hem and sheer organza neckline.
Close-up on the ruffled hem from SheIn, with four layers of flowy apricot-colored chiffon and white stiff mesh.
Close-up on the beautiful beaded neckline and sheer detailing on the pleated shift dress from SheIn.

My first thought when I opened the package was holy shit, this is beautiful. The dress looks exactly as pictured, with a beaded organza neckline, a soft and flowy bodice, and a super-ruffled hemline.

The hem of this dress has many layers (I counted four) to give it those romantic ruffles and puffed-up design, with three layers of apricot-colored chiffon fabric and one layer of a stiffer white net-like material. The neckline is also very well-crafted, and all the beads are sewn carefully into place, with no loose strings!

The fabric is very comfortable and lightweight, but not sheer, so you don't have to worry about finding a slip to wear beneath it. It's easy to wear, with a button at the back.

SheIn's beaded shift dress is a romantic, sweet dress with a puffy, ruffled hem and sheer beaded neckline.
Back view of the flowy, pleated chiffon shift dress from SheIn.
A romantic spring/summer/autumn outfit, with the ulzzang-style kfashion beaded ruffled pleated shift dress from SheIn and brown Jeffrey Campbell Lita platform heeled booties dupes.

This flowy, pleated shift dress looks amazing on its own, but you can also add a waist-cinching belt like I did to give it more shape. The color is a soft apricot, adding to the romantic vibe that it gives.

In terms of size and fitting, the dress is true to SheIn's description. It's a bit longer than the usual dresses I like, but it still looks amazing, though I'd love if it were an inch or two shorter.

I am in love with this beaded chiffon shift dress from SheIn. It's high-quality, comfortable, well-fitting, and true to photos. I just can't get over how gorgeous the beaded neckline looks and how cute the ruffles are!

It's such a beautiful dress, perfect for spring, summer and even early autumn, whether you're letting it flow in the wind on the beach, glamming it up with heels and a clutch for a party, or rocking it with tights and a leather jacket for a city look. Definitely my favorite item from this mini haul, and one of my favorites ever!

I love the ruffled hem, pleated bodice, and beaded sheer neckline details on SheIn's popular apricot shift dress.
SheIn's apricot shift dress features a romantic ruffled multilayer hem, with a pleated bodice and a cute vibe.
Full outfit photos of this sweet, ulzzang/gyaru-inspired outfit, featuring the light pink/apricot pleated beaded shift dress from SheIn, worn with high-heel brown platform booties.
Spice up a flowy shift dress with a thin belt around the waist, as shown here with a gold-toned belt and the apricot beaded shift dress from SheIn.
A sweet spring outfit inspired by ulzzang, gyaru, and Taiwanese fashion trends, with the beaded pleated apricot shift dress from SheIn and brown platform heeled booties.


Overall, I had another positive experience with SheIn and their wide selection of clothing. Delivery was amazingly fast, and the items were fairly true to descriptions. Though the off-shoulder crop top and skirt set was somewhat disappointing quality-wise and the For Love & Lemons Guava dupe set was ill-fitting in the sleeves, everything was nice in terms of style. Plus, the beaded shift dress is truly one of my favorites ever, and it's absolutely worth the price.


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  1. Everything about the jacket seemed fine. Quality leather, fit, color etc.The style is classic, yet modern, timeless, casual and very cool. High quality and very well crafted/constructed. Designer jackets


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