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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Romwe Review: Boat Neck Floral Dress

After getting so many cute clothes from Romwe, I decided to try out a very different dress from their store. Their boat neck organza dress, which I'll be reviewing in today's post, features 3D floral appliqué, sheer puff sleeves, and ruffled details. It's a sweet, girly, style that's super popular in Asia lately, but definitely unusual in America. Review ahead!

A review of the floral applique organza boat neck dress from Romwe, brought to you by Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi.

It's been a little over a month since my previous Romwe fashion review, but today I'm back with a review of a very unique piece from their store.

I originally had my eyes set on an off-shoulder skater dress, but to my disappointment, it quickly sold out. A lot of Romwe's items tend to sell out before I can grab them, so if you're looking to shop there, be sure to act fast!

Anyway, I ended up finding an interesting dress in their new arrivals section. Order processing took a little over a week, and delivery took about 7 business days, so I had to wait a bit, but it wasn't too slow.


The dress that I picked out was a pastel pink boat neck dress with 3D flowers. This one-size-only dress is currently sold out, but was previously on sale for $23.

Romwe's boat neck floral applique dress features an elastic neckline, ruffled top, sheer sleeves, and pastel pink bodice.
Close-up on the ruffled organza neckline and 3D applique fabric flowers on the Harajuku gyaru-style boat-neck dress from Romwe.
Close-up of the sheer ruffle-hem sleeves from Romwe's pastel pink boat-neck gyaru dress.
Close-up of the elastic hemline, organza overlay, and floral applique on Romwe's pastel pink boat neck off-shoulder dress.

The style of this dress is definitely unusual. It's got a puffy, lantern-ish silhouette, with stretchy elastic bands at the hem and the neckline. The bodice is lined with a shiny pink fabric, covered with a sheer pink organza overlay. The sleeves are unlined, and there are 3D fabric flowers on the front of the dress as well as the sleeves.

I had very mixed feelings about this when I chose it. Firstly, I don't generally go for loose, shapeless
or puffier dresses. Secondly, the whole design of this dress, though pretty in pictures, feels strange to wear, especially in America.

Nonetheless, I decided that I had to try it out. I've seen similar dresses all over the streets in China last summer, and this exact style is currently selling like crazy on many of the Asian fashion stores that I frequently visit. Style-wise, it's a cute, girly, sweet-style dress, popular in China and Japan, with that sort of fairy-like, Liz Lisa-esque vibe.

Here, I'm wearing this dress with a studded floral choker from Milkstud, reviewed here.

Romwe's boat neck floral applique dress can be worn as a high-neck, boat neck/off-shoulder, or tube/strapless dress for different Harajuku, Liz Lisa-inspired styles.

Though this dress is supposed to be worn as a boat neck dress, the elastic neckline allows it to be super versatile! I've found that I can wear this three ways (as illustrated above): by pulling it up to be a high-neck dress, pulling it down to look like an off-shoulder/boat neck dress, and by tying the sleeves in the back to use it as a strapless/tube dress.

This ruffled off-shoulder dress looks pretty much exactly as pictured on Romwe's site. The flower placement is a bit different, but I'm guessing that it varies for each item, so I don't mind. I would've preferred a few more flowers though.

Romwe's boat neck floral applique organza dress is super popular in Japan and China, with its gyaru-esque style and sweet, girly vibes.
Romwe's boat neck floral organza applique dress is great for showing off your legs, as shown here with white spiked Jeffrey Campbell Lita platform booties dupes.
The boat neck floral applique off-shoulder organza lantern dress from Romwe, modeled with a clear vinyl studded floral choker from Milkstud.
Close-up on the cute, girly, Liz Lisa-esque gyaru-inspired organza and floral details on Romwe's boat neck applique dress.
Romwe's floral applique organza dress can be worn as a strapless tube dress, with a cute ruffled neckline and gyaru-inspired style.

Quality-wise, the dress is fairly well made. The flowers are gorgeous, and they seem to be attached quite sturdily too. The lining is a bit sheer, but it's not that noticeable, and aside from a few small loose threads, everything is fine.

The size is different from Romwe's description. I think they confused the length with the sleeve length, and the waist size with the actual length. The dress is about 65 cm in length, though it can stretch to nearly 80 cm. The sleeves are just around 45 cm, and the bust stretches up to 100 cm.

One of my favorite things about this dress is how versatile it is, and not just because you can wear it multiple ways. The elastic band on the hem allows you pull up the dress if you're shorter or pull it lower if you're taller, so you can essentially adjust the length to fit! Plus, you don't have to worry about having the dress blow up in the wind, or accidentally flashing someone when you walk up stairs.

Close-up of the sheer organza floral applique dress from Romwe.
More photos of this gyaru-inspired outfit, featuring Romwe's floral applique organza dress and white spiked Jeffrey Campbell dupe booties.

Strangely enough, I found that I'm very happy with this boat neck floral dress, and I love how it looks. The sheer, smooth organza fabric is comfortable and beautiful, and the flowers are so cute!

That being said, I don't know if I'd have the bravery to wear this outside, unless I'm in Japan or China. The style is unlike anything I've seen around here, and I'd probably get a lot of weird looks.

I wrote a lot about this dress, because it's really interesting and I'm really conflicted about it. I expected it to be unflattering, but turns out it's great for showing off your legs. I knew the design would be odd and unusual, but it's also adorable, sweet, and fun.

Overall, I'm glad I got this off-shoulder organza dress from Romwe, even if I'll only be wearing it in my room. Although it takes guts to wear, it's certainly worth a try, and if you're a fan of sweet, romantic, and daring fashion, give it a go!

A cutesy-girly gyaru-esque outfit, featuring Romwe's boat-neck off-shoulder floral applique dress, white spiked booties, and Milkstud's clear vinyl spiked babydoll choker.
Another way to wear Romwe's Japanese-style boat-neck floral applique dress is as a high-neck dress, with its ruffled neckline and sheer organza sleeves.
Full outfit photos of this gyaru-inspired OOTD, with Romwe's pastel pink ruffled floral applique organza dress, a clear babydoll choker from Milkstud, and white spiked booties.
A cute, gyaru-style outfit featuring Romwe's pastel pink boat-neck off-shoulder floral applique dress, Milkstud's clear floral babydoll choker, and white spiked Jeffrey Campbell booties.


I took a risk when choosing the pastel pink boat neck dress from Romwe, but I ended up super happy with it! Preparation and delivery was okay, and the dress is accurate to Romwe's product photos. I hope Romwe gets more unique, lovely styles like this!



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  2. this looks like something straight out of a fairytale, such a pretty dress! :D


  3. such a pretty dress! but i understand how you would feel conflicted but if you wear it well (which you do lol) then no ones going to look at your weirdly :)

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