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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Poison Tragic Review: Nyctophilia Crescent Necklace

Today, I'm glad to be introducing you all to a lovely little Etsy shop: Poison Tragic! They sell a lot of adorable, handmade accessories, jewelry, and more, and I had the amazing opportunity to review my favorite necklace from the shop. I've also got an exclusive discount code for you all, which you can find at the end of this post!

Today I'm reviewing the Nyctophilia Crescent cord-and-ribbon necklace from Poison Tragic, an Etsy Shop selling cute accessories, grunge jewelry and more! -Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi

I'm truly honored to be working with the owner of Poison Tragic to bring you this review of the store! They've got tons of variety, including chokers, hair pins, necklaces, pens, stockings, T-shirts, and more. Plus, everything is super affordable; almost all the items are $15 or less, with some things sold for just $2!

Here's a screenshot with some of the clothes, accessories, and stationery from Poison Tragic:

Poison Tragic is a lovely Etsy shop selling grunge jewelry, vintage accessories, cute shirts and more! Here are some of their products.

The owner is super pretty and friendly, and she responded to all my messages really quickly. Delivery was also super fast (only two business days!), but I had to leave for vacation the day it arrived, so this review is a bit delayed.

My package included the necklace, a piece of candy, and a thank-you card with my exclusive discount code. The necklace itself was placed in an adorable bear-print plastic bag, along with Poison Tragic business cards.

My package from Poison Tragic came with the Nyctophilia Crescent necklace (in a cute bear bag), business cards, Milkita candy, and an exclusive discount code!
The Nyctophilia Crescent cord-and-ribbon necklace from Poison Tragic came in a cute plastic bag with a printed cartoon design.
The lovely owner of Poison Tragic included a piece of banana-flavored Milkita milkshake candy with my necklace.
Close-up of the business cards included in my package from Poison Tragic, an Etsy shop selling unique accessories and more.


I picked one of my favorite items from their shop to review: the Nyctophilia Crescent necklace. This is a unique, handmade item that costs just $10! This necklace is named after the word nyctophilia, meaning love of darkness or the night, which goes well with the dark colors and the silver moon pendant.

Poison Tragic's Nyctophilia Crescent necklace features a cord and ribbon band, dangling gem, and carved-out crescent moon pendant.

The Nyctophilia Crescent necklace from Poison Tragic features a glistening gem and carved crescent moon pendant, along with black cords and ribbons. There's a lobster clasp closure at the back, along with an extended chain to make the length adjustable.

The real product looks exactly as pictured in the store's photos, and, quality-wise, it's well made and sturdy. It's even more gorgeous in person than I'd expected, and both the craftsmanship and the creativity surpassed my expectations for such an inexpensive price!

The Nyctophilia Crescent necklace from Poison Tragic is a beautiful grunge-inspired necklace with a silver moon pendant and glistening white gem.
Close-up of the lobster clasp and ribbons-and-cords band on the Nyctophilia Crescent necklace from Poison Tragic.
Close-up of the cutout silver crescent moon pendant and dangling gem on the Nyctophilia Crescent necklace from Poison Tragic on Etsy.
More photos of the beautiful, grunge-inspired Nyctophilia Crescent moon cords-and-ribbon necklace from Poison Tragic.

I personally like to wear this necklace with solid colored tops and simple prints, so that the beautiful dangling gem and cutout-embellished crescent moon pendant can really stand out. The pendant is lovely, but I also really like the cord-and-ribbon design, which is a lot more eye-catching than regular silver chain necklaces.

As unique and unusual as this necklace is, it's also really easy to wear! It matches with nearly any outfit, regardless of how dressy or how casual it is. And with the lobster clasp and comfortable fit, it's so easy to just slip this necklace on and add an instant touch of style to even the simplest looks!

Here, I'm wearing the Nyctophilia Crescent necklace from Poison Tragic with a wine red velvet crop top from Abercrombie.
More photos of the punk-rock, kawaii-goth, pastel-grunge Nyctophilia Crescent necklace from Poison Tragic, worn with a velvet crop top.


I think it goes without saying that I'm in love with Poison Tragic's Nyctophilia Crescent necklace. It's beautiful, affordable, durable, and versatile. It's super easy to match with clothing, but such a stunner at the same time! My whole experience with Poison Tragic was great as well: shipping was lightning fast, the packaging was cute, and the owner was super kind and attentive.

Check out Poison Tragic and their wide range of jewelry, accessories, and more! Plus, use my exclusive discount code kimchi to get 10% off your order! 

Also, be sure to visit Poison Tragic on their Facebook page and Instagram too! Happy shopping!



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