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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Milkstud Review: Velvet Ribbon Choker, Clear Spiked Choker + Heart Pins!

Hey lovelies~ Today I've got a special review of Milkstud, an Etsy shop that sells handmade chokers, harnesses, garters, and more! I received the package a few days ago, containing two chokers and two clear heart pins. Continue reading for the full review!

A review of a velvet ribbon rose choker, clear vinyl spiked rose babydoll choker, and two heart-shaped engraved pins from Milkstud, brought to you by Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi.

As you may already know, I'm a huge fan of chokers. A few months ago, I was searching for unique chokers on Etsy when I found a shop called Milkstud, selling one-of-a-kind pastel goth, soft grunge, fetish and Harajuku-styled accessories. It's a fairly small shop, but all their products are so cute! The super kind and lovely owner of Milkstud gave me the chance to review some of their amazing items, and I'm really honored to be collaborating with her!

Here's a screenshot of some of Milkstud's adorable items:
Here's a screenshot of some of Milkstud's lovely, handmade chokers, garters, and other pastel goth/soft grunge/Harajuku/fetish-style accessories!
Aren't they lovely? ;u;
Shipping only took about 7 business days, which was super quick. I was away on vacation when it was delivered, so I had the post office redeliver it when I got back.

I was sent two chokers and two clear heart-shaped pins to review. The packaging was simple but cute; everything was wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a sheer white gauze bag. The items also came in a box with tons of bubble wrap to keep it safe during delivery.

My package from Milkstud was carefully packed and came in a lovely sheer white gauze bag, with the items wrapped in cute polka-dot tissue paper. Makes for the perfect gift, and really brightened up my day!
I got four cute accessories from Milkstud, including a velvet ribbon rose choker, clear vinyl choker with pastel pink roses and spikes, and two clear heart pins with Japanese engravings and ribbon accents.
Milkstud sells handmade, unique Harajuku/pastel goth/soft grunge/fetish-inspired accessories, like their clear vinyl babydoll choker, black velvet ribbon-and-rose choker, and ribbon-accented clear engraved heart pins.

Words cannot describe how happy I was when I received the package. I've been obsessed with these kinds of accessories for so long, but I wasn't sure if I'd have the courage to wear them, so I never really got any until now.

All the items arrived in perfect condition, and the package had a matching black-and-pink color scheme too! Now, I'll get on to the review of the individual items:


The first of the two chokers that I got from Milkstud was a black velvet choker with a pastel pink bow-shaped ribbon and 3D cream-colored flower. This choker has a lobster clasp closure, along with an extended chain and a dangling silver spike.

Milkstud's black velvet choker, part of their upcoming accessories collection, features a lobster clasp closure at the back.
Milkstud's new-collection velvet choker has a cute pastel pink bow-shaped ribbon, along with a cream-colored rose in the center.
A single silver spike on the end of the extended chain on Milkstud's velvet ribbon-and-rose choker adds a touch of edginess to this super-kawaii Harajuku-esque accessory.

This choker isn't currently sold on Milkstud's site yet, but the owner told me that it's one of the items in the store's upcoming collection. 

The design of this choker is simple but lovely. The pastel pink ribbon and off-white/cream-colored rose embellishment add a cute vibe, which is balanced out by the sleek black velvet and the edgy spike accent.

The material feels very comfortable when worn, and the quality is great! There's an extended chain on the back for you to adjust it to a variety of lengths, and the clasp is pretty sturdy.

More photos of the black velvet choker with a pastel pink ribbon and cream-colored rose, coming soon to Milkstud on Etsy.
Milkstud sells many adorable, kawaii, Harajuku/pastel goth/soft grunge chokers and accessories, like their new black velvet choker with a ribbon and rose accent.
The black velvet ribbon-and-rose-embellished choker from Milkstud is very well-made, with a soft fabric, a cute design, and a handy extender chain with an attached spike.

For me, this choker is still a tiny bit loose even when I put the clasp through the tightest ring, but it stays put for the most part so this isn't a big issue. The design is adorable, and I like that it's still subtle enough to incorporate into everyday outfits!

Here, I'm wearing the velvet ribbon-and-rose choker from Milkstud, an Etsy shop that sells handmade soft grunge/Harajuku/kawaii/creepy cute/pastel goth accessories.
More photos of the ultra-kawaii velvet ribbon-and-rose choker from Milkstud, worn with a pale pink knit crop top and a black sweater cardigan.


The second choker that I got from Milkstud was their babydoll choker, currently sold for $28. This clear vinyl choker comes with long white spikes, pink satin ribbon roses, and a clear Doll-engraved heart-shaped pendant.

Milkstud's clear spiked vinyl babydoll choker features a belt buckle-like closure at the end, with different lengths for you to adjust it to.
Milkstud's babydoll choker features a Doll-engraved heart pendant, pastel pink ribbon roses, and large white spikes on a clear vinyl fabric.
Close-up of the metal buckle closure on the clear vinyl studded babydoll choker from Milkstud.

This clear, studded choker is wider in width than the velvet choker and features a belt buckle-style closure at the back, with various lengths that you can adjust it to.

Quality-wise, it's very well-made, and all the pieces are attached sturdily, so there's no need to worry about any of the gorgeous pink roses or shiny white spikes falling off. It's pretty heavy, but holds up well and stays in place once you adjust it to the right length.

Milkstud's babydoll choker features an engraved Doll heart-shaped pendant, paired with sweet pink roses and edgy white spikes on clear vinyl.
Milkstud's clear vinyl babydoll choker is very high quality and fits super well.
Close-up of the beautiful white-and-pink details on the clear vinyl babydoll choker from Milkstud, with its pastel pink ribbon roses and white studded spikes.
The clear babydoll choker from Milkstud looks exactly as pictured, with a dangling Doll-engraved heart-shaped pendant, pink 3D ribbon roses, and large white spikes.

The babydoll choker fits perfectly and doesn't shift or droop like many other chokers do, though the vinyl fabric isn't as breathable as the velvet one. I often find it frustrating with some chokers when I have to constantly adjust them to keep them centered, but that's not a problem at all with this one.

Style-wise, everything looks exactly as pictured in Milkstud's product photos. To put it simply, I love, lovelove the look of this choker. The clear vinyl, heart pendant, and pastel pink roses give it a soft and dainty touch, while the giant white spikes add some jaw-dropping flair. It's definitely a more daring piece to wear, and it's sure to turn heads!

Here, I'm wearing the Harajuku/soft grunge/pastel goth-style, Creepyyeha-esque babydoll choker from Milkstud, featuring a Doll-engraved heart pendant, ribbon roses, and white spikes.
More photos of the clear spikes-and-roses babydoll choker from Milkstud, worn with a white sweetheart-neckline crop top and a pastel pink sweater cardigan.


In addition to the two chokers, I also received two clear heart pins. Each of them had a ribbon (one black, one pink) along with white engravings on the front and silver pins on the back.

In my package from Milkstud, there were also two clear heart-shaped pins, each with Japanese characters engraved onto the center and a cute ribbon at the top.
These ribbon-accented, engraved clear heart pins from Milkstud are lovely little accessories that you can attach to chokers, bags, clothing, and more to add a cute, Harajuku vibe to your outfit.

These clear heart pins are adorable and can be used in so many different ways. You can attach them to chokers, wear them as brooches on shirts/tops, or pin them on bags and more!

Each pin is engraved with Japanese hiragana characters in the center. I don't know any Japanese, but I messed around in Google Translate and figured that the pin with the black bow says "senpai," while the message on the one with the pink bow translates roughly to "sleeping," or something of the sort (?). (I don't speak Japanese; feel free to correct me if I'm wrong! :0) Anyway, the pins are cute and multipurpose, so what's not to love?

Close-up of the clear heart pin from Milkstud with a black ribbon and white engraved Japanese hiragana characters that say "senpai."
Close-up of the clear heart pin from Milkstud with a pastel pink ribbon and white engraved Japanese hiragana characters that say "sleeping."
Close-up of the black and pink ribbon-accented clear heart pins with Japanese engraved lettering from Milkstud.

Like the chokers that I got, these clear heart-shaped engraved pins are also high-quality, not fragile or flimsy. The white-colored engravings pair especially well with darker clothing/bags/chokers/etc., which help the writing stand out. Here I'm wearing the pins with a black sweater and the velvet choker from Milkstud.

Here, I'm wearing the pink and black Japanese character-engraved clear heart pins from Milkstud along with their velvet ribbon-and-rose choker.
More photos of the cute clear heart-shaped ribbon-accented pins from Milkstud, modeled with their velvet ribbon-and-rose choker and an off-shoulder black sweater.


I really, really love all the items that I got from Milkstud, and I'd certainly recommend the shop to anyone who's a fan of soft grunge, pastel goth, or Harajuku-style accessories! From firsthand experience, I can say that their products are beautiful, accurate to photos, and high-quality. Shipping was really fast, and everything was packed nicely. The owner is so sweet, and I had a lot of fun working with her! Be sure to check out this lovely store!

Milkstud - Soft grunge, pastel goth, Harajuku, fetish-inspired accessories!



  1. This is a really nice store!! :D i'm a big fan of chokers but i really like the pins actually hahaha something i've never really seen before~
    i'm gonna check out the store! thanks for the review :) cant wait until the ribbon choker is released~

  2. Just found out about your blog and it's great :) Thanks for your review and showing me this new shop!! The clear heart pin with the pink ribbon and the engraving actually says "neko" which means "cat" so i hope that helped xD

    1. Ohh thanks! That definitely helped :D I'm so happy to hear that you like my blog!

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