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Monday, August 24, 2015

Clash Cases Review: Sushi, Flowers, + Donut-Print Phone Cases

Hey lovelies~ I just realized that this is my 100th blog post! So, for this special post, I've got a special review of three stylish cases from Clash Cases, a USA-based phone case company that sells high-quality printed cases on their Etsy shop and their own site! I got three cases from them, including two quirky food-themed cases and one bold floral case. Review ahead!

A review of the sushi rolls phone case, floral contrast X case, and donuts with sprinkles case from Clash Cases, brought to you by Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi.

Last weekend, I accidentally dropped my phone for the nth time, chipping off a corner of my phone case (pictured below). I've been using the same case for the past three or so years, and although I love it, it's been through so much, and I figured it was time to look for new cases!

My old, trusty phone case has been with me through the years, but it's about time I give it a break.

I drop my phone a lot, but never really changed my phone case, mainly because I couldn't find any nice ones in nearby stores. Most of the cases I see in stores are bulky, plain, unappealing, and overpriced. I've been searching for something that's unique, pretty, and intricate, but also strong enough to protect my phone and small enough to be easy to carry.

A few weeks ago, I came across Clash Cases, a California-based phone case company that sells cases through their Etsy shop as well as their website. They sell high-quality printed phone cases, with tons of different patterns and prints to choose from. Their cases cost just $15 each and are offered in many different styles, from Henna-esque prints to funny quotes to soft florals and classic patterns.

I got three cases to review: a bold and unique contrast floral X case, a cute and delicious sushi rolls case, and a vibrant and lifelike donuts case. The whole process went by unbelievably quickly, and the package arrived at my doorstep within a week!

Clash Cases' unique, handmade printed phone cases come in cute and simple packaging, making them the perfect gifts for you or a friend.
My handmade printed phone cases from Clash Cases came in individual Ziploc bags with the store logo, for a professional, gift-ready appearance.

The cases are each packed into a resealable bag with the Clash Cases logo, and the package was delivered in a bubble wrap protected envelope. I really like the packaging; it's simple, efficient, professional, and stylish, and it makes for a great gift too!

Now, I'll review the individual cases:


The first case that I chose was the contrast floral X case, featuring a black-and-white floral print with a colorful X accent in the center. I picked this case because the design is super unique and interesting, with an intricate yet bold design.

One of the cases that I got from Clash Cases on Etsy was their contrast floral X case, with a black-and-white background and bold, vibrant center.

One of the cool things about Clash Cases' phone cases is that the designs are printed mainly on two-piece hard plastic cases. This makes it really easy to put your phone case in: simply separate the two pieces, place the phone onto the back cover, and attach the second piece. Once you put the case on, it keeps the phone secure and protected.

Clash Cases' phone cases have a unique two-piece design, which allows for easy fastening and high security.
The two-piece design of Clash Cases' printed phone cases gives your phones a lot of safety and protection.

I've never seen two-piece cases before, and I love the two-piece design of these phone cases, which makes them easy to use and ultra protective. Compared to the other cases I've used before, though, these are a tad bit bulkier.

The print looks exactly as pictured in Clash Cases' product images, and the colors are clear and well-printed. I love the contrast between the faded grayscale background and the colorful center, and the clear parts add a delicate vibe to the case.

The print on the contrast floral X phone case from Clash Cases is super clear, sharp, and detailed.
Clash Cases' contrast floral X phone case is bold, vibrant, and beautiful, with a high-quality print and durable case.
All of Clash Cases' phone cases are made with scratch-resistant designs and durable materials to keep your phone safe and secure.

The quality of the case is great; the print is sharp, scratch-resistant, and vibrant, and the cover itself is strong and durable. Overall, I'm quite impressed with this phone case, and I'm super happy with the design!

Close-up on the beautiful floral print on the contrast floral X phone case from Clash Cases.
I love the vibrant, bold, eye-catching print on the contrast floral X phone case from Clash Cases on Etsy, which makes it stand out.
More photos of the sharp, clear floral contrast X print on the clear phone case from Clash Cases.


The next two cases that I got from Clash Cases were both food-themed cases. One of the two was their sushi case, which features delicious-looking sushi rolls printed on a clear two-piece case.

Clash Cases' sushi rolls printed phone case is quirky, fun, and absolutely delicious!
If you love Japanese food, you'll love the adorable sushi-print phone case from Clash Cases, featuring a detailed sushi pattern.
Clash Cases sells tons of unique designs and fun patterns, like their quirky Japanese sushi roll printed phone case.

This case looks exactly as I'd anticipated, with a cute and colorful sushi pattern. The background is clear, letting you show off your phone, and the colors are vibrant and nicely-printed.

The prints on these cases are impressively clear and sharp. Even when I look at them up close, the print isn't at all pixelated or blurry.

More photos of the quirky, cute sushi rolls phone case from Clash Cases.
More photos of the clear printed iPhone case from Clash Cases, shown here in the Japanese sushi roll print.

This sushi-print phone case from Clash Cases is quirky, fun, and appetizing. The colors are slightly less vibrant than those on the other two cases that I got, but I think that's because of the original image rather than the printing process, since the case looks accurate to their product photos.

This is such a cute, eye-catching case, and I can't wait to use it. If you're a fellow sushi-lover, check out Clash Cases' sushi case!

Clash Cases' phone cases are high-quality and well-made, with scratch-resistant ink and vibrant, beautiful designs, like their sushi case, pictured here.
More photos of the quirky, fun Japanese sushi roll phone case from Clash Cases, pictured here on an iPhone5.


The third and final case that I got from Clash Cases was a scrumptious donuts case, featuring pink donuts with colorful sprinkles.

The pink donuts with sprinkles case is one of Clash Cases' most popular cases, with a delicious, quirky donut print.
Close-up on the detailed donut print on the realistic clear iPhone 5 case from Clash Cases on Etsy.

Out of the three cases, this one is definitely the most vibrant, and the colors give off a summery vibe. The contrast between the colorful donuts and the clear background pair together nicely, and the donuts look quite lifelike.

Clash Cases' phone cases are super quirky, unique, and high-quality, like their donut with sprinkles printed case, pictured here.
I love the detail on Clash Cases' donut-print case, which makes the donuts look super lifelike and realistic.

As with the other cases, this donut-print case is high-quality and well-made, with a sharp and scratch-resistant design. The hues are bright and saturated, and the pattern is so clear that you can actually see the texture of the donuts! (I'm scared I might bite my phone case if I get hungry...)

Close-up on the pink donut with sprinkles iPhone 5 case from Clash Cases.
More photos of the quirky, delicious pink donut print clear case from Clash Cases.
More photos of the cute, quirky, fun, delicious pink donut-print clear phone case from Clash Cases.


 Even though I don't usually go for bold and eccentric designs, I couldn't resist trying the quirky and delicious sushi and donut cases, and I was happily surprised by how lovely they looked! The floral case is also every bit as detailed and beautiful as I'd hoped, and the two-piece design is so easy to use.

All in all, I'm very happy with my phone cases from Clash Cases. Their cases are high-quality, durable, and well-printed, and the $15 price tag is pretty affordable considering the craftsmanship. I personally would've preferred if the cases were a bit thinner and less bulky, but the thick plastic definitely adds more protection, and aside from that I've got no complaints.

Clash Cases has so many different styles to choose from, including subtle line patterns, bold tattoo-like designs, adorable cartoon art, photorealistic prints, and many more. Shipping and manufacturing is fast, packaging is cute, and overall I'm very impressed with Clash Cases! If you're in need of a new phone case, or if you want to grab more cases to swap around, check them out!

Clash Cases' printed phone cases impress me with their high-quality, sharp prints, vibrant colors, and durable designs.
Close-up on the detailed printed sushi rolls, floral print, and donut-print phone cases from Clash Cases on Etsy.
I'm very satisfied with the contrast floral X case, the sushi rolls case, and the donut-print phone case from Clash Cases, all of which are high-quality, detailed, and well-made.



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