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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Born Pretty Store Review: Floral Ring, Layered Necklaces + More!

Hey guys! I just got back from vacation these past few days, and I came home to a bunch of packages, including my latest order from Born Pretty Store! I got five pieces of jewelry, including one choker, two body chains, one ring, and one layered necklace. Review ahead!

A review of jewelry from Born Pretty Store by Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi, featuring body chains, floral rings, layered necklaces, chokers, and more!
It's been around four months since my last Born Pretty Store review, which you can read here. Born Pretty Store sells necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, makeup tools, fashion accessories, nail art products and a lot more, with super-affordable prices and free worldwide shipping. Plus, you can use my code MFUT10 to get 10% off your purchase!

Here are the items that I got. Everything came in a separate little plastic bag, which was then put in a larger bag and placed in a bubble-wrap-protected envelope.

My jewelry and accessories package from Born Pretty Store was wrapped in individual bags and placed in a bubble-wrap-envelope for safety during shipping.
I got five jewelry items from Born Pretty Store this time, and each came in an individual plastic bag, labeled and secured.


One of the items that I got from Born Pretty Store was a 3-dimensional floral ring, sold in six different colors for $2.82 each. I picked this ring in color #4, a bright pink with dark pink edges.

Born Pretty Store sells this 3D floral ring in six colors, with an adjustable silver ring and bright fabric rose.
Born Pretty Store's floral rose ring features a 3D fabric rose on a silver ring.
Florals are perfect for spring, and Born Pretty Store's 3D rose ring is a cute spring accessory.
More photos of the pink rose-shaped fabric floral ring from Born Pretty Store.

The color in my pictures is a bit brighter than that of the actual product, but the actual ring looks exactly as pictured on Born Pretty Store's site! The width of the ring is adjustable, and it's sold in off-white, light pink, pink, dark pink/purple, red, and orange.

The rose was a bit flattened from delivery, but otherwise perfect and just as I expected. The only difference that I noticed was that the actual product has a black strip along the bottom, unlike the pictures.

This ring is definitely unusual because of the giant, 3-D fabric rose. I love the bright color and eye-catching design, and it's a wonderful accessory to have for spring or summer!

Modeled photos of the pink rose-shaped 3D floral ring from Born Pretty Store.
More photos of the ulzzang-style 3-dimensional fabric rose ring from Born Pretty Store.
Born Pretty Store's cute, spring-inspired, ulzzang-style floral rose ring is a great addition to a simple pastel outfit.


The second item that I got was a golden rhinestone-embellished body chain, costing $5.79. This body chain has a necklace-like portion that loops around the neck, along with four dangling gemstones and a chain that wraps around the waist.

Born Pretty Store sells a variety of jewelry and accessories for cheap prices, like this golden rhinestone-embellished body chain.
Close-up of the dangling gemstones on the golden body chain from Born Pretty Store.
More photos of the golden body chain from Born Pretty Store, featuring a geometric design and dangling rhinestones.

This gold body chain looks accurate to Born Pretty Store's photos, and comes with a lobster clasp around the necklace part as well as the waist part, so that you can adjust the length of both. 

For me, though, the chain along the waist was too large. Luckily, the clasp fits into any of the links in the chain, so I was able to get it to fit perfectly (though there ends up being a long dangling chain).

This is one of Born Pretty Store's slightly pricier items, yet it's still only $5! So far, the quality seems pretty good, and I'm impressed with the style and craftsmanship for the price.

I've never bought a body chain before, so I'm still rather clueless on what to pair this with. I've seen a lot of people wear body chains with bikinis and beachwear, but I found that this one looks good with all sorts of simple tops.

If you're looking for a body chain that's delicate yet eye-catching, this multi-layer golden body chain is a great choice, and Born Pretty Store has tons of other body chains too!

Photo of the golden dangling gemstone body chain from Born Pretty Store, modeled with a slim V-neck shirt.


I also got another body chain from Born Pretty Store. The second one that I picked was a layered silver shoulder chain, costing $8.07. This harness-style body chain has thicker chains around the neck and shoulders, along with thinner draping chains.

Close-up of the silver layered shoulder chain harness from Born Pretty Store, an edgy accessory.
More close-ups of the silver shoulder chain harness from Born Pretty Store.
Born Pretty Store's silver body chain fits like a shoulder harness, with a necklace-style loop along with loops around the arms.

The necklace part has a lobster chain on the back and is adjustable, while the thicker arm chains are a fixed size. For $8, this shoulder harness is a lot pricier than Born Pretty Store's general selection of jewelry, but the quality so far seems very good. The chains are super sturdy, and the design looks just as pictured.

Style-wise, this chain gives off an edgier vibe, and probably looks best with strapless tops or dresses. I wouldn't wear this as an everyday accessory, but rather as a statement piece with a simple white or black dress.

Though it's tough to find the occasion to wear this, I love the unusual, edgy feeling of this layered shoulder chain, and, as with most of Born Pretty Store's items, the price is relatively cheap for the quality and design. 

Photos of the edgy silver shoulder chain harness from Born Pretty Store, modeled with a pearl-and-gemstone-studded bustier top.


 I've been obsessed with layered jewelry recently, like the two layered body chains I reviewed above as well as the next item, a three-layer moon, sun, and stars necklace. This triple-tiered necklace is sold in silver for $2.99.

Photo of the sun, moon, and stars 3-layer necklace from Born Pretty Store.
Born Pretty Store's 3-layer silver necklace features a star pendant, sun pendant, and moon pendant.
Close-up on the sculpted star pendant on the silver 3-tier layered necklace from Born Pretty Store.
Close-up of the rhinestone-studded crescent moon necklace from Born Pretty Store.

Born Pretty Store's three-layer silver chain necklace features three dangling pendants: a star, a sun, and a rhinestone-embellished crescent moon. Each pendant is attached to a different-length chain, and the chains are all connected with a lobster clasp closure at the top.

The connected triple-chain design of this necklace makes it easy to achieve the popular layered necklace look using just one piece, so it's the perfect solution for someone lazy like me who wants that layered look without having to find, buy, and pair together different necklaces that match. I also like how all three pendants have a connected theme.

This piece was one of my biggest surprises, because I really didn't expect that a $3 necklace could turn out so nice. It's also one of my favorites from this time's order and a necklace that I'll be wearing quite often, because it's unique but still easy to wear with all sorts of outfits, from casual to dressy.

Modeled photos of the sun, moon, and star 3-tier layered silver necklace from Born Pretty Store, worn with a blue velveteen bustier-style crop top.


The fifth and final item that I got was a leather choker with a rhinestone-embellished star pendant. This choker costs just $2.99 and comes with a lobster clasp and extender chain.

Close-up of the sparkly rhinestone-embellished star pendant on Born Pretty Store's leather star pendant choker necklace.
Born Pretty Store sells this black leather star pendant choker for just $3, a wonderful price for the quality.
Close-up on the cute pearl embellishment on the rhinestone-studded star pendant leather choker necklace from Born Pretty Store.

The leather strap was bent from delivery, but otherwise in good condition. It's thin and light, but seems to be of pretty good quality, with no funky smell or factory scent.

One of the unique points of this choker is the metal pendant and dangling pearl on the edge of the chain. The chain is very long, so it can be adjusted to fit any neck perfectly.

I really love choker-style necklaces, and I've gotten a few from Born Pretty Store previously. This one seems to be the highest quality of the few, and the glittering star pendant gives it a more feminine, dressy look than many of the other chokers that I have.

I'd rank this star pendant choker as my favorite item from Born Pretty Store so far. The quality is the same as that of chokers pricing $10-$20, and I'm very impressed with the craftsmanship!

Modeled photos of the grunge/Harajuku-style star pendant leather choker necklace from Born Pretty Store, worn with a boat-neck off-shoulder Forever21 floral top.


This was my fourth package from Born Pretty Store, and I'm happy with all of the jewelry items that I got! The items looks accurate to the store photos, the quality surpassed my expectations, and I'm impressed again with Born Pretty Store's pretty-yet-inexpensive jewelry!

Looking to buy affordable jewelry from Born Pretty Store? Use my code MFUT10 for 10% off your purchase!


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  1. Wow all the items you got look really nice! :) I like the choker the best since i'm a big fan of wearing them haha~
    i've never seen a shoulder chain before but it looks so cool


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