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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Yumart Review: Denim Skirt + White Mesh Skater Dress

Hey lovelies~ For today's fashion review, I bring to you two adorable items from Yumart, a Taiwan-based Storenvy shop with cute, girly clothing and accessories! Yumart is one of the cutest stores that I've ever found, so I was literally jumping out of my seat when my package arrived, containing a denim waist bow skirt and a white polka dot mesh dress. Review ahead!

The Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi review of Yumart, a Storenvy shop selling cute, girly fashion from Taiwanese brands like Tokyo Fashion.

From the moment I first found Yumart, I was instantly obsessed. Everything from the store logo to the website to the actual products is super cute, and I knew that I had to try out their stuff!

There are so many Asian fashion Storenvy shops these days, but Yumart certainly stands out from the others. While a lot of the Storenvy/Tictail/etc. shops sell the same few products, Yumart sells cute clothes that are hard to find anywhere else! Their items are all originals from reputable Taiwan brands, packaged and shipped out from Taiwan.

Here's a screenshot of some of their new arrivals. They have tons of lovely stuff, with lots of flowy tops, lace accents, pastel clothes, and simple yet stylish designs.

Yumart sells tons of cute Asian fashion from brands like Tokyo Fashion, with adorable ulzzang-esque styles and flowy, lacey tops.

The lovely owner was so kind and friendly, and I picked out two of my favorite products, the denim waist bow skirt and white polka dot mesh dress, to review!

My package was shipped out in under three days, and delivery took just five days. The items arrived in perfect condition, with all original tags as well as a super-cute Yumart business card.

My order from Yumart shipped from Taiwan, with an adorable business card.
My order from Yumart contained a denim waist bow button skirt and white polka dot mesh dress, both from Tokyo Fashion, a Taiwan clothing brand.


The first item that I got was a denim skirt with a bow design and row of buttons along the front. Yumart sells this skirt in sizes small and medium, costing $20.

The denim waist-bow buttoned skirt from Yumart is a super cute, casual skirt for ulzzang fashion lovers.
Yumart's denim waist bow skirt is from popular Taiwanese fashion brand Tokyo Fashion.
Close-up of the hem on the blue denim waist bow skirt from Yumart.

The denim skirt came with all original tags. It's slightly wrinkled from delivery, but it looks and fits exactly as pictured and described on Yumart's product page.

Front, side, and back views of the denim waist bow skater skirt from Yumart, a shop selling cute Asian fashion from brands like Tokyo Fashion.

Brand: Tokyo Fashion
Color(s): Blue
Size(s): S, M

This skirt has a stretchy waistband and adorable bow-tie design. It's pretty short in length (35 cm for size small, 37 cm for medium), which is great for petite people like me. I got the skirt in size S, and it fits perfectly!

A cute ulzzang outfit, with the Tokyo Fashion denim bow skater skirt from Yumart and a tie-back crop top.
Yumart's denim bow skirt goes great with a simple white crop top for a casual-yet-cute ulzzang-inspired Asian fashion outfit.
Side view of the blue flared denim waist-bow skirt from Yumart, from the brand Tokyo Fashion.

Yumart's bow skirt is a casual yet girly skirt, with a super-flattering flared silhouette. It's made of a crisp denim fabric that helps it keep its shape, but is also pretty comfortable to wear. The quality in general is great, and I really can't find anything that I don't love about it!

Here, I'm wearing the skirt with a sleeveless white crop top, but I've found that it's quite versatile. You can wear it with a crop top or bustier top for a flirty look, or with a baggy T-shirt for a laid-back look.

Overall, I'm very pleased with Yumart's denim waist bow skirt! It's a wonderful fashion staple for anyone who is a fan of casual, comfy clothing with a touch of cuteness, and it looks like it'll last for quite a while.

Yumart's waist-bow denim skirt is super versatile and easy to style, making it a fashion staple for lovers of cute Asian clothing.
More photos of the cute ulzzang outfit, with Yumart's bow-tie denim skirt and a tie-back white crop top.
Full photos of this ulzzang-esque summer outfit, with a denim Tokyo Fashion skater skirt, a white crop top, and white spiked platform booties.
More photos of this cute ulzzang outfit, with Yumart's Tokyo Fashion denim bow skirt and a white sleeveless crop top.
Yumart's Tokyo Fashion waist-bow denim skater skirt is perfect for summer, with a cute, Asian fashion style.
A fun, cute summer or spring ulzzang-inspired outfit, with a white crop top and bow-tie denim skater skirt from Yumart.


The second item that I got from Yumart was a polka dot mesh dress. This dress, like the skirt, also costs $20, and is sold in two colors (black and white) and one size only.

Yumart's white polka dot mesh dress is from Tokyo Fashion Qme, a popular Taiwanese clothing brand.
Close-up of the hem on Yumart's white polka dot mesh sheer skater dress.
Close-up of the sheer mesh polka dot sweetheart neckline on Yumart's Tokyo Fashion Qme dress.
Yumart sells this white mesh polka dot skater dress from Tokyo Fashion Qme just for $20.

As with the skirt, the dress came with all original tags attached. I didn't know whether I wanted the dress in black or white, but I ended up picking white since I don't have a lot of white dresses, and white dresses seem to be super popular for the summer season.

Front, side, and back views of the fit-and-flare white mesh polka dot dress from Yumart.

Brand: Tokyo Fashion Qme
Color(s): Black, White
Size(s): One-size

The material for the dress is stretchy and high-quality. While many white dresses or white clothes in general tend to be too see-through to wear alone, this polka dot mesh dress is made of a relatively thicker and more substantial fabric, so it's not sheer at all, but it's also lightweight and breathable!

A sweet, romantic ulzzang outfit with the Tokyo Fashion Qme white polka dot mesh dress from Yumart.
Back view of the romantic white sheer mesh polka dot fit-and-flare skater dress from Yumart.
A sweet ulzzang Asian fashion outfit with the Tokyo Fashion Qme white polka dot flare dress from Yumart.
Yumart's white mesh polka dot fit-and-flare dress has a lovely skater silhouette and sweetheart neckline.
Close-up of the white sheer polka dot mesh neckline and spaghetti-strap sweetheart bodice on Yumart's mesh skater dress.

The dress is quite short in length, just about 75 cm as described on Yumart's product page. Taller people might want to be wary of this, but for me the dress cuts off at the perfect place, and I couldn't be happier with the length.

The dress has a fit-and-flare silhouette with a sheer polka dot neckline, along with short sleeves with a solid white trim. The zipper on the back makes it easy to wear, though it tends to bunch up a bit at the top when I wear it.

One of the things that surprised me about this white mesh dress is that the top half is actually made of two separate layers: a mesh overlay with the short sleeves and polka dot design, and a solid white layer with a sweetheart neckline and spaghetti straps. The straps are adjustable too, which was unexpected (but appreciated).

For $20, this white polka dot mesh dress is an amazing find. It's a sweet, simple, adorable white dress that's both extremely comfortable and extremely cute. The quality is a lot better than I'd expected, too!

Full ulzzang spring/summer outfit, with the white polka dot flare dress from Yumart, along with white spiked booties.
Yumart sells tons of cute Asian fashion, like this white mesh dress from Tokyo Fashion Qme.
More photos of the cute ulzzang outfit, with the white mesh polka dot skater dress from Yumart and the white spiked platform booties.
Yumart is a super cute Storenvy shop with cute Asian fashion, like this white mesh dress from Tokyo Fashion Qme, a Taiwanese brand.
Full photos of this all-white ulzzang outfit, with the sweetheart polka dot skater dress and white spiked booties.
Yumart's white mesh skater dress has a sweetheart neckline, flared bodice, and cute ulzzang-inspired look.


Yumart sells adorable clothing, bags, and accessories from popular Taiwan fashion brands, and everything is priced affordably, with many items selling for $20 or under.

I'd rate my experience with Yumart as a 10/10, or even a 11/10 if possible! Their site is cute and easy to navigate, the prices are reasonable, shipping is lightning-fast, the items look exactly as pictured, and the quality is quite impressive. If you're into cutesy, sweet, ulzzang-esque fashion, I really recommend Yumart!



  1. I'm so glad you reviewed that dress! I was looking at it but I was wary of it being one size only...I'm quite petite but also quite busty for my short Asian frame xD So I was wondering how the top fit? You said it was made of a stretchy material, which is good! Also, how tall are you? I'm just about 5'3 so I don't think this dress should be too short

    1. The top fits true to the descriptions on Yumart's site; it fits well on me but there's definitely room for it to stretch. I'd say it stretches from 68cm to about 88cm maybe? And I'm 5'2". Hope I helped! ^^

    2. Sadly, I think this dress will be a bit too snug for me but thank you for your reply! It has been a lot of help ^_^

  2. Ahhh the items you picked are so cute :) I really love the length of the dress~ i'm really short too (5'1") so it sucks when dresses are just too long on me. Defs gonna check the store out~

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