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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

WalkTrendy Review: Leaf-Print 2-Piece Set + Sheer Maxi Dress

Hey lovelies! Sorry for the whole spam of posts recently; I'm going on vacation soon and figured I'd get as many reviews in as possible before I leave! This time I got two more pieces of summer-ready clothes from WalkTrendy, with a colorful leaf-print two-piece set and black sheer maxi dress. Review after the break!

A review of a leaf-print halter crop top and skirt set and sheer leather-trim maxi dress from WalkTrendy, brought to you by Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi.

Today I'm reviewing another WalkTrendy package, including a leaf-print halter crop top and shorts set and a sheer black faux-leather trim maxi dress.

Processing took about six days, and shipping took just eight days this time!


I've been obsessed with matching two-piece sets lately, which is why I got this green leaf-print set from WalkTrendy. This set is sold in XS-XXL and is currently on sale for $22.43 with free shipping.

WalkTrendy's leaf-print 2-piece set includes a teal-green backless halter crop top and flowy skort set.
WalkTrendy's items come with custom tags, like this leaf-print two-piece summer set.
WalkTrendy's aqua/teal leaf floral patterned two-piece set includes flowy printed shorts.
Close-up on the blue-green floral leaf print on WalkTrendy's two-piece summer beach set.

This matching crop top and shorts set has a unique leaf print in a bright greenish-teal color. The color is a bit more blue-ish than pictured on WalkTrendy's site, but the pattern is the same. Personally, I like the blue-ish color better than true green, so I'm happy with the color difference.

The backless crop top has a self-tie neckline and elastic band around the back. The front is double-layered, with one layer that's flowy and one that fits more tightly. The matching shorts have a zipper on the back, along with a flowy fit.

WalkTrendy's leaf floral print two-piece crop top and shorts set is a lovely choice for the summer.
An edgy beach outfit, with the two-piece halter crop top and flowy skort set from WalkTrendy, along with black spiked Jeffrey Campbell Lita dupes.
WalkTrendy's leaf-print two-piece set comes with flowy high-waisted patterened shorts that look like a skort or skirt.

The leaf-print crop top is pretty short and fits tightly, but the elastic band gives it a good amount of stretch, and the self-tie neckline makes it adjustable. Halter tops usually don't fit well on me, but this one fits surprisingly nicely.

The shorts are very wide and almost look like a skirt. The fabric itself doesn't have any stretch, so you should pay a lot of attention to the measurements that WalkTrendy provides. Personally, the shorts are a bit too long for me, and they're longer than pictured in WalkTrendy's product photos, but they're still wearable.

Quality-wise, this set is fairly decent for the price. The material is thin and lightweight, giving it that flowy feeling that's perfect for a summer beach look! The zipper on the back of the shorts gets stuck sometimes, but otherwise I haven't found any quality issues.

I love two-piece sets because it's like getting two items for the price of one, and they give you a lot of outfit possibilities. This leaf-print two-piece crop top and shorts set from WalkTrendy is a fun, bright summer piece that really gives off the beach-ready vibe, and for the price I'm quite happy.

Two-piece sets are great for the summer, and WalkTrendy's bright, colorful teal/aqua leaf-print set combines a flowy shape with a lightweight fabric.
Full photos of the aqua-green leaf/floral-print two-piece halter crop top and high-waisted shorts set from WalkTrendy.
WalkTrendy's two-piece halterneck crop top and shorts set features an allover teal-colored leaf print.
WalkTrendy sells tons of cute, colorful clothes for summer, like this two-piece leaf-print crop top and matching shorts set.
Full photos of the aqua-green leaf-print two-piece crop top and shorts set from WalkTrendy, worn with spiked black lace-up booties.
More photos of WalkTrendy's summer-ready two-piece crop top and shorts set, perfect for relaxing on the beach.


In addition to the two-piece set, I also got a black maxi dress with faux-leather trimming. This dress is sold in sizes XS-XXL for $26.99 with free shipping.

Close-up of the faux leather trim on the halter neckline of WalkTrendy's sheer side-split maxi dress/romper.
WalkTrendy's sheer black maxi dress has a unique romper underlay, shown here.

One of the interesting things about this black maxi dress is that the inner layer is actually shorts rather than a skirt, so it's more of a romper than a dress.

The fabric doesn't have much stretch, so be careful when ordering. I got the dress in XS, and the sizing runs small; it took me a good fifteen minutes or so to zip it up. (I need to diet...) The shorts underneath are also rather short, so my recommendation would be to size up, especially if you're taller.

This dress has a self-tie neckline, along with faux-leather detailing around the neckline and the waist. The back and the skirt are sheer, while the shorts inside and the front aren't see-through at all.

While the length of the inner layer runs short, the length of the sheer skirt cuts off perfectly for me, so I can wear it with flats or with heels!

Black maxi dresses combine elegance and sexiness, like this leather-trim black bodycon maxi dress/romper from WalkTrendy.
Close-up of the flowy side-split sheer hem on the WalkTrendy maxi dress, modeled with high heel spiked faux-leather black booties.
Full photos of the WalkTrendy leather-trim side-split sheer maxi dress/romper, worn with spiked black booties.
Side view of the sheer-back black maxi dress from WalkTrendy, a stunningly sexy summer pick.

I really like how this dress looks when worn. It's super flattering; the leather-look waistband and tight, bodycon-esque fit make my waist look slimmer, while the super-short romper lining, though uncomfortable, makes me look taller. The side split design and sheer maxi skirt overlay add a sexy touch as well!

The quality overall is what I'd expect for the price, and there aren't any flaws that I've noticed. The zipper is hard to get past my waist, but that's moreso because I've gained weight recently :')

Though I'm not sure I'd have the guts to wear this out often, I like the style and vibe of WalkTrendy's side-split faux-leather trim maxi dress. The shorts/romper underlay and simple-yet-sexy design set it apart from many other maxi dresses, and it looks great with a pair of black heels or platform shoes!

WalkTrendy's sheer side-split leather-trim maxi dress has a thigh-high split and a romper-style underlay.
Close-up of the flowy sheer hem on WalkTrendy's leather-trim maxi dress, paired with spiked high-heel platform booties.
Close-up of the side-split detailing and romper underlay on WalkTrendy's black leather-trim maxi dress.
Full photos of this edgy summer outfit, featuring the PU-trim side-split maxi dress with romper underlay from WalkTrendy, along with Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike platform dupes.
WalkTrendy's leather-trim side-split maxi dress has a unique shorts/romper-style underlay that makes it sexier than your average maxi dress.
Full photos of WalkTrendy's leather-trim side-split maxi dress, modeled with high-heel spiked/studded black Jeffrey Campbell dupe booties.


WalkTrendy hasn't failed to impress me with their items, and both the leaf-print set and the sheer maxi dress are lovely pieces that I'm glad I got! The quality is fairly nice, the styles are nearly 100% accurate to product photos, and the shipping and processing time only took two weeks total. Now, I just gotta lose some weight so I can fit into these better...


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