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Friday, July 10, 2015

WalkTrendy Review: Pink Halter Dress + White High-Low Dress

Hey everyone! Today's review is of my third order from WalkTrendy, an online fashion destination that offers free shipping on each item! I got two dresses this time: one pink chain-embellished halter dress, and one white high-low dress with side cutouts. Continue reading for the full review!

The Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi fashion review for the WalkTrendy pink halterneck chain dress and the white high-low hem side cutout dress.

I chose two dresses from WalkTrendy this time, including a pink halter dress and a white asymmetric-hem dress. Processing of the order took about five days, and shipping took less than two weeks.


The first dress that I got was a short, sleeveless pastel pink halter dress with a golden chain neckline. This dress costs $29.99 with free shipping and is sold in sizes XS-XXL.

The pink halter dress from WalkTrendy has a unique chain necklace detail along with cutouts on the neckline.
Close-up of the golden chain necklace on the WalkTrendy halterneck dress.
Close-up on the elastic waistband and ruched detailing on the pink WalkTrendy halter dress.

This dress has a thick elastic waistband and ruched design. The fabric is smooth and soft with a bit of shine, and it doesn't wrinkle easily.

Front, side, and back views of the simple, cute pastel pink chain halter dress from WalkTrendy.

On first glance, the dress looks exactly as pictured on WalkTrendy's site! On closer examination, the waistband seems slightly different, but nonetheless it's quite accurate to pictures.

The thick elastic wastband is very stretchy and gives the dress its shape. The top is a bit too loose for my liking, though the neckline is adjustable.

Close-up of the hem on the pastel pink WalkTrendy chain halterneck dress.
WalkTrendy's pink halter dress is great for summer, with a cute ruched waist and unique cutouts.
A review of this pink halterneck dress from WalkTrendy, which features unique neckline cutouts and a golden chain necklace detail.
More photos of the cute pink halter dress from WalkTrendy.

I chose this dress because of the unique neckline details. There's a thick golden chain, with fabric wrapped around it in a way that creates a lovely cutout design. The chain itself adds a nice touch, like a golden necklace. It looks great with matching golden bracelets or rings!

The quality is also very good, though the fabric looped around the chain needed some adjusting when I first got it. The fabric is thick enough to be opaque, but not too thick. It might get a bit hot in the summer, but overall I like the thickness.

The measurements on this halterneck dress fit WalkTrendy's product description, and for me it's a great length. Halter dresses rarely fit nicely on me, but this one fits quite well!

More photos of WalkTrendy's pink halterneck chain-embellished mini dress.
Front and back views of the halterneck pastel pink cutout dress from WalkTrendy, paired with Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike dupe platform booties.
Review of the cute pink halter dress with chain necklace detailing and neckline cutouts from WalkTrendy.

Overall, this pink chain halter cutout dress from WalkTrendy is a great buy, with a cute style that can be dressed up for a summer party or dressed down for a day at the beach. You'd definitely need a good strapless bra to wear with this, though, so keep that in mind.

More photos of the pink halterneck chain-detailed dress from WalkTrendy, reviewed on Eat My Knee Socks.
A cute ulzzang outfit, with the pastel pink halter dress from WalkTrendy and spiked white platform booties, a dupe of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike platforms.
More photos of the cute pastel pink halter dress with neckline cutouts from WalkTrendy.


The second dress that I picked was a high-low dress with cutouts at the waist and the back. WalkTrendy sells this dress in white and black, sizes XS-XXL; I got it in white.

WalkTrendy's white high-low dress has unique cutouts on the front and the back.
Close-up of the waist cutouts on WalkTrendy's white asymmetric-hem dress.
Close-up of the double-layered high-low hem on WalkTrendy's asymmetric cutout dress.

Compared to the pink halter dress, this white high-low dress wrinkles a lot easier. The fabric is thinner as well, but the dress is lined and there's a second layer for the skirt, so it's not too see-through.

Since high-low dresses look best with a bit of breeze, I actually went outside for once to take these photos! :D

A stunning white summer OOTD, with the white asymmetric-hem dress from WalkTrendy, along with edgy grunge white platform spiked booties.
Back view of the white high-low hem cutout dress from WalkTrendy.
Front view of this white summer outfit, with the high-low cutout dress from WalkTrendy, along with bohemian-chic jewelry and spiked white platform booties.

The cutouts are a bit higher than pictured in WalkTrendy's product images, but otherwise the dress looks exactly the same! The fabric is just the right weight to be flowy and angelic without being sheer.

This dress only costs $27.99, and for such a lovely style I'm impressed by the price. The quality of the outer fabric isn't the absolute greatest, but the inner lining is soft, smooth, and comfortable.

Asymmetric hems, or high-low hems, have always been one of my absolute favorite trends. Maxi dresses often aren't very flattering on me, since I'm rather short and all. I tend to reach for short dresses, but I love high-low dresses because they add that kind of graceful, goddess-like touch.

WalkTrendy's high-low dress ends at the perfect length for me, both at the front and at the back. With strappy summer wedges or heeled platform shoes, it's super eye-catching and truly gorgeous!

WalkTrendy's white high-low dress is perfect for the beach or for parties, and makes the great addition to an edgy, boho-chic outfit with golden accessories and studded shoes.
More photos of this all-white summer/spring outfit, with a high-low dress, spiked Jeffrey Campbell Lita platform dupes, and bohemian jewelry.
More photos of the flowy white high-low asymmetric hem dress from WalkTrendy.
Get ready for summer with an all-white look, like this blend of edgy and bohemian, with a flowy high-low dress and spiked platform high-heel booties.

Sizing-wise, the dress fits wonderfully, though the fabric doesn't have much stretch to it, so if you're thinking of ordering it, be sure to measure yourself carefully. I'd recommend sizing up, since the waistband gets a bit tight.

This high-low dress is so unique yet versatile, and you can style it so many ways. Wear it over a bikini as a beach cover-up, with a leather jacket and boots for a autumn look, with flash tattoos and golden jewelry for a boho-chic vibe, or with killer pumps and statement accessories for a bold party look.

Words cannot express how much I love this white asymmetric-hem dress, so I'll let the pictures do the talking!

More photos of the lovely all-white summer OOTD, with the WalkTrendy asymmetric-hem cutout dress, a white Chicnova leather bracelet, and white spiked Jeffrey Campbell Lita platform heels dupes.
An edgy all-white summer outfit, with a cutout-detailed high-low hem dress and spiked high-heel platform booties.
High-low dresses are perfect for the summer, with a flowy, graceful hem that adds a romantic look to any outfit.
More photos of WalkTrendy's romantic white cutout high-low asymmetric-hem dress.
An all-white summer OOTD, with a white asymmetric-hem cutout-detailed dress from WalkTrendy and spiked Jeffrey Campbell Lita platform booties dupes.
An edgy-chic all-white summer/spring street-style OOTD, with a flowy, graceful, romantic high-low cutout dress and spiked high-heel booties.


The pink halter dress and white high-low dress were actually the only items that I selected, so I was surprised to find a small bag with a ring set and necklace included! I'm not sure if this was a free gift or a mistake, but needless to say it made me pretty happy!

So, the ring set that I got was the 8-piece multi-color set from WalkTrendy. Priced at $10.79, this set has a combination of silver, golden, and black rings in various designs.

WalkTrendy sells this 8-piece ring set, with a combination of silver, bronze, and black rings.
Ring sets are your key to creating the ultimate boho-chic look, and WalkTrendy's set of eight has a great combination of girly, edgy, and bohemian vibes.

I love ring sets, since you can really get creative with them and pair them however you like, or wear them separately with other jewelry! The rings in this set are pretty well-made. There are ones with rhinestones, ones with carvings, ones with painted details, and some simpler ones as well.

I noticed that a few of the gold/bronze-toned rings leave a bit of color transfer on my fingers afterwards, but otherwise I've got no problem with these.

The 8-piece ring set from WalkTrendy, as modeled, with bohemian, romantic details.


The second piece of jewelry that I got was a golden necklace with turquoise beads and a feather pendant. This necklace is currently on sale for $8.54 at WalkTrendy.

Close-up of the gold and turquoise feather pendant choker necklace from WalkTrendy.
Close-up of WalkTrendy's gold-and-turquoise beaded feather pendant necklace, a perfect boho-chic accessory.

The necklace is delicate and lightweight, but well-made, with a lobster clasp at the back. It has a short loop around the neck, with an extended chain and feather pendant at the front.

I never expected to get this golden feather necklace, but I really, really like it!

The golden, boho-chic feather pendant necklace from WalkTrendy, as modeled.


My third experience with WalkTrendy was undoubtedly my favorite. The pink halter dress was cute and well-made, the white high-low dress was perfect, and the two bonus accessories definitely brightened up my day! The simplest way to put it? I'm already looking at what to order next. ;)


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