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Friday, July 24, 2015

Snapmade Review: Custom-Printed Tank Top + Keychain

Recently, I was offered the chance to try out products from Snapmade, a web store that lets you create and order personalized apparel, phone cases, office products, accessories, and more. As someone who's never experimented with these types of stores before, I was super excited to test it out. I made my very own originally-designed tank top and keychain, which I'll be reviewing after the break!

A review of a Snapmade custom-printed racerback tank top and heart-shaped keychain, from Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi.

Snapmade lets you pick from products such as T-shirts, jackets, tank tops, mugs, bookmarks, keychains, phone cases, tablet cases, watches, hats, photo frames, pillows, pet tags, and ornaments. From there, you can choose color and size, then add all sorts of stickers, text, backgrounds, and even your own photos to the front and back of your products. They've got free shipping for orders over $19.99 and discounts for bulk orders as well.

Going through the customization process, here are some thoughts that came to mind:

-Snapmade's choices of colors and designs, apparel-wise, is rather limited. Some shirts only come in white or black, and I'd love to see a wider range of colors, and perhaps more styles as well.
-Their range of stickers, on the other hand, is pretty impressive. Snapmade has tons of designs that you can add to your products, from sports team logos to cheesy quotes to cartoon animals and everything in between. They've got heart stickers, anime stickers, food stickers...you name it. I didn't expect to find stickers that I'd like, but I actually found quite a few!
-Text-wise, they've got a good variety of fonts and colors to choose from as well!
-The whole design process is simple and straightforward, very easy to navigate.

Here's a screenshot of the design interface, with a sample design I made just for fun. I used one of their stickers in addition to their text tool for this design:

Photo of the design interface when customizing apparel and accessories on Snapmade; you can add cute stickers, text, images and more.
The quote is 100% my thoughts 100% of the time ;)
After playing around with different products (short-sleeve T-shirts, long sleeve shirts, mugs, jackets, etc.), I decided to design and customize a tank top along with a matching heart-shaped keychain.

I found a lot of cute stickers that I wanted to use, but in the end I decided to make it even more personalized by creating my own design! After messing around in graphic design programs for a bit, I finalized my design, placed it on the tank top and keychain, and finished my order.

I placed my order pretty late at night on July 5, and by 1:00 a.m. on July 6, it had entered production, which was really fast. By July 7, it had already arrived at the sorting center to be delivered.

I received my package on July 15, just ten days after placing my order. The package came in a small envelope.


One of the items that I created was a white hardboard heart-shaped keychain with my own design. The keychain ended up costing a little under $8.

Details on the custom-printed pastel heart-shaped Asian character keychain that I designed and ordered from Snapmade.
More photos of my custom-printed heart-shaped pastel print Chinese "love" character keychain from Snapmade.
My pastel heart-shaped custom-designed keychain from Snapmade turned out wonderfully and was very well-made.

My pictures are a bit light and really don't do the product justice; the actual colors are a bit deeper and more vibrant, exactly as I'd designed!

The graphic that I made has a blue-and-pink pastel background, along with a simple quote in white text and a faintly-printed Chinese character 爱. I was stuck between choosing this design and choosing to print a giant picture of Paul Walker, but I ended up choosing this.

Snapmade's customized heart-shaped keychain is sturdy, with a smooth printed surface. The print is done fairly well, with the colors, design, and placement just as I'd planned for it to be. My only suggestion is that Snapmade could make the color of the side customizable; I'd much rather have it be white than black.

Regardless, I'm very pleased with this keychain, and knowing that I made the design myself makes it feel really special! The quality is great, the print is perfect, and I couldn't be happier with this keychain.

Snapmade offers tons of customizable products, like this custom-printed original design pastel heart keychain that I made.
Snapmade's heart-shaped keychain makes a perfect gift, and I'm happy with how my original design turned out.


In addition to the heart-shaped keychain, I also ordered a white racerback women's performance tank top with the same design. I also added a simple graphic on the back with my name on it, because, well, why not? 8) This tank top ended up costing $21.95.

I ordered a custom-printed white racerback women's performance tank from Snapmade, adding my own pastel design.
Snapmade's racerback women's bamboo performance tank is made of a soft, comfortable cotton.

Unfortunately, the print on the tank top didn't turn out nearly as nicely as the one on the keychain. I used the same graphics for both, and yet the difference in color quality is pretty noticeable. Here's a side-by-side comparison:

I received my matching self-designed tank top and keychain from Snapmade really quickly, and here's my review of how they turned out.

The print on the tank top turned out a lot lighter and less vibrant than I'd wished, so it's pretty hard to see from afar. If I'd known this beforehand, I would've darkened the photo to make up for it.

The white racerback tank top is super duper ultra mega stretchy and comfortable. It also runs thin, though. $22 is a bit pricey in my opinion, but if my print turned out better, I wouldn't mind the price. Maybe Snapmade's personal stickers and text would look better in person?

Anyway, lesson learned: if you're looking to make your own designs, my advice is to pick something darker and perhaps simpler; don't be afraid to go bold with the colors, since they seem to turn out more faded.

Below is a sample outfit that I created with my customized Snapmade products, along with a pleated purple/lilac American Apparel tennis skirt dupe from Miuxin (use my code "mimchikimchi" for 10% off!), a white Coach purse, a "love" necklace from Be Happy Live Pink (use my code "michelle" for 5% off!) and white spiked booties that I reviewed here

A cute, pastel-grunge outfit with my custom-print Snapmade tank top, custom-designed Snapmade heart keychain, American Apparel dupe lilac tennis skirt from Miuxin, white spiked Jeffrey Campbell Lita dupes, a Be Happy Live Pink necklace, and a Coach purse.

Though I was initially upset with how the print turned out, it actually still looks pretty nice up close, and I'm still glad that I got it. I'm the type of person who almost never shops for graphic tees or tops, but having a self-made design definitely feels different.

Now, here are some modeled outfit photos with my Snapmade custom-designed tank top and keychain!

Modeled outfit photos of this pastel grunge-inspired OOTD, featuring the custom-print pastel tank top from Snapmade and an American Apparel dupe lilac/purple tennis skirt from Miuxin.
Side view of the Snapmade custom-print tank top and the American Apparel dupe purple pleated tennis skirt from Miuxin.
More photos of the white custom-print pastel-grunge tank top that I made with Snapmade.
A cute, pastel-toned outfit with the white Snapmade custom-print tank top and an AA dupe lilac pleated tennis skirt.
A cute pastel-grunge outfit, with a custom-print Snapmade tank, American Apparel lilac pleated tennis skirt dupe, heart keychain, spiked white booties, and a Coach white purse.
More photos of the Snapmade custom-print tank top that I created, modeled with an American Apparel dupe pleated tennis skirt in lavender and a white Coach purse.
Close-up of my custom-designed Snapmade women's performance tank, along with a pastel purple American Apparel dupe tennis skirt.
A cute, pastel outfit featuring a custom-print Snapmade tank, a pastel purple/lavender/lilac American Apparel tennis skirt dupe, and spiked high-heel shoes.
More photos of the Snapmade pastel-print customized tank top, modeled with a pleated purple American Apparel dupe tennis skirt.
A cute, pastel-grunge Harajuku-inspired outfit, with the custom-print Snapmade tank, a pleated purple American Apparel tennis skirt dupe, a Coach purse, a golden necklace, and spiked white booties.


Despite the disappointments with the color on the tank top, it still made me happy to receive my package from Snapmade. There's certainly something special and heartwarming about having your own personalized, customized items! 

Aside from the tank top issues, everything else was great: the design process was fun and simple, production and shipping was fast, and the keychain was every bit as perfect as I'd wished! I had a lot of fun designing my own apparel and accessories; thank you to Snapmade for giving me this opportunity!



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