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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Romwe Review: Caged Shift Dress + 3D Rose Skirt

I've been super busy recently, receiving orders all day, everyday, so expect a lot of fashion reviews coming up! #shoppingaddiction #help :') Yesterday, I got a package containing my latest Romwe order, including their original caged shift dress and 3D rose skirt. Review ahead!

The Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi review of the Romwe original-design caged shift dress and pastel 3D rose skater skirt.

For my newest Romwe order, I decided to finally try out two of their most popular original designs, a black caged shift dress and a 3D pastel pink rose skirt. These are two different styles, both of which I've thought about getting for quite a while, and now I've finally received them, within just two weeks of placing the order!


Romwe's caged shift dress, currently on sale for just $14.99, is an all-black smock-cut dress with unique cutouts at the neckline and a double-layered body. This dress is one of Romwe's original designs, and it's also one of the first Romwe items that I ever saw.

The caged shift dress from Romwe is an original design with a bandeau neckline, cutout-design, and concealed zipper.
Close-up of the caged cutout neckline on the bandeau shift smock dress from Romwe.

The caged black shift dress is made of a lightweight, flowy fabric. The material by itself is rather see through, but the dress has two layers, so it's not a problem.

Compared to other Romwe originals that I've gotten, this one didn't have specific Romwe tags. The fabric is great for summer or spring, and the dress has a concealed zipper on the back for easy wearing.

The actual product looks pretty much as pictured on Romwe's site, though the length of the second layer is longer than described. Romwe lists the length of the dress as 75 cm for size S, which is accurate to the length of the inner layer, but the outer layer is around 5 cm longer. Personally, I'd prefer if the length was shorter.

Back view of the caged cutout neckline on Romwe's original-design shift dress.
Front, side, and back views of the black caged shift dress from Romwe, a great dress for the summer and spring.
More photos of the caged bandeau smock-shift dress from Romwe.
Romwe's uniquely-designed black caged shift dress has an edgy cutout neckline and flowy skirt.

Style-wise, the dress meets all my expectations. I'm not too big on shift dresses in general, but the neckline on this dress is quite stylish. The dress can be worn on its own, or with a thin belt to cinch the waist for more shape.

For the price, I'd say that this black caged shift dress is a worthy buy if you like the style. I'm not thrilled by the length, but I'm not disappointed either. The cutout detailing is what caught my attention, and it looks gorgeous in person!

Close-up of the cutout strappy caged neckline on Romwe's original shift dress.
More photos of the flowy caged asymmetric-hem shift dress from Romwe.
Full outfit featuring the caged cutout shift dress from Romwe and Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike dupes.
Romwe's unique original-design caged neckline shift dress is a classy-chic dress for the summer and spring seasons.
More photos of the cutout caged-neckline smock shift dress from Romwe.


The second item that I got was a 3D pastel pink rose skirt, another original Romwe design. Currently sold for $19.67, this skirt has an elastic waistband and allover rose design.

Close-up of the original Romwe tags on the pastel pink 3D rose embellished skater circle skirt.
Romwe's pastel pink 3D rose skirt has an allover rose embellishment, along with an elastic waistband and flared fit.

This rose-embellished circle skirt comes with unique Romwe tags. The skirt is light and comfortable, and the measurements are true to size and exactly as described.

The waistband is super stretchy, so even though Romwe only has the skirt in size S at the moment, it can still fit a variety of sizes. The length is perfect for me, and the skirt looks great with simple white tops.

Front, side, and back views of the 3D rose-embellished pastel pink skater skirt from Romwe.
A romantic summer outfit, with a 3D pastel pink rose skirt from Romwe, a white lace bustier, and a floral necklace.
Dress up for a romantic summer date with a flirty pastel skirt, cute bustier top, and floral necklace.
Back view of the flared pink rose skirt from Romwe, a 3D rose-embellished circle skirt.

Here, I'm wearing the pastel pink rose skirt from Romwe with a white lace bustier, studded golden bracelet, and golden floral necklace for a flower-filled spring or summertime ensemble.

Though it's a spring/summer-styled skirt, it can be matched for nearly all seasons. You can add a kimono or cardigan for slightly chillier days, or pair the skirt with tights and a sweater for fall or winter weather. It's not the easiest item to coordinate, but when paired well it looks super cute!

I'm actually happier with this pink rose skirt than I thought I'd be. I was afraid that the length would be a little too long for my preferences, or that the combination of the shape and the 3D roses would look odd, but the skirt is very pretty and eye-catching! It's a great piece to have for a romantic date or flirty summer outfit.

Full photos of this ulzzang-inspired summer date outfit, featuring a pastel pink rose Romwe skirt, a white lace bustier, a studded bracelet, and a golden floral necklace.
Side view of the romantic pink circle skirt from Romwe, with an allover 3D rose embellishment.
Full outfit photos of the romantic 3D rose circle skirt, white bustier top, white spiked booties, and golden accessories.
A summery date outfit, with a pastel pink 3D rose skirt, floral necklace, floral lace bustier top, and white spiked platform booties.
Romwe's original-design pastel pink 3D rose skater skirt looks great with a simple bustier for a cute, flirty summer or spring outfit.


Both the black caged shift dress and the 3D pastel pink rose skirt that I got are wonderful Romwe originals, with a nice combination of style and quality. Though the dress was a bit too long for me, I'm satisfied in general with this order. Shipping was also fairly quick, and everything was packaged nicely!

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  2. the black dress looks amazing on you! ^^

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