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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Petite Cherry Lingerie Review: Leanne Bustier Set

Today I bring you a review of something a bit different: lingerie. I don't usually get my bras online because it's hard to tell whether they'd fit nicely or not, but when I saw Petite Cherry's website, I simply couldn't resist! I got their Leanne set, containing a cute mint-and-pink-colored lace-trim longline bustier bra and matching panties. Read on for the review, along with a link to get 10% off your first order!

A review of a cute lace lingerie set from Petite Cherry, brought to you by Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi.

Petite Cherry, formerly called Kaur's Laurel, sells cute, Asian fashion-inspired lingerie that's high in quality and low in cost. They've got a nice selection of unique and lovely designs, from cute sets to sexy sets and everything in between.

As you can tell from the name, their bras are targeted toward petites. Many of their bras only come in smaller sizes, though they do have selections going up to 42D.

My lingerie set from Petite Cherry came in a sleek black box with the cute store logo.
My bra set from Petite Cherry was packed like a gift, with tissue paper and a ribbon for a beautiful, cute look.

My package from Petite Cherry came in a simple black box with the store logo. The items were wrapped beautifully in a pastel pink tissue paper, with a lovely ribbon to finish the look. This would make a great gift for someone special (or for yourself, of course ;] ).

Petite Cherry's packaging is both cute and thoughtful; the bra and panties were packaged in a clear sealed bag, along with a wear-and-care guide.

The bra set that I got was also packed in a clear sealed bag to add extra protection during delivery. Inside the bag, there was also a fold-open bra care guide. 

The packaging was so thoughtful and adorable, and it totally brightened up my day! ;u;

And now, onto the bra set that I received:

Photos of the Leanne push-up bustier longline bra and lace-trim panties from Petite Cherry, a lingerie store specializing in Asian fashion-inspired bra sets for petites.

Leanne Push-Up Bustier Bra & Panty Set $36.99 $31.95

Color: Aqua
Material: Smooth
Lining: Extreme push-up
Shape: Demi, longline
Good for: Petites

Petite Cherry included a bra care guide along with my Leanne longline bustier bra set, packaged and wrapped in a gift box.
Petite Cherry, formerly Kaur's Laurel, sent me their popular Leanne pastel lace longline bustier push-up bra set to review, along with the matching panties.

Each of Petite Cherry's bras comes with matching underwear, which I really love, since a full matching set is 10000x cuter than mismatched separates. Stores like Victoria's Secret charge anywhere from $10 to $128 for matching panties, while Petite Cherry gives them to you for free!

The Leanne bustier set comes in a cute aqua/mint color, with light, pastel pink detailing. The colors, style, and design look exactly as pictured on their site, and the bra is just as gorgeous in person.

The Leanne push-up bustier longline lace-trim bra from Petite Cherry has an adorable rhinestone/gem in the center that adds a cute touch.
Petite Cherry's Leanne bra is designed as a longline, bustier-style bra, with 5 hook closures at the back for support and shape.
The Leanne bustier bra set from Petite Cherry has lovely sheer lace trim on the front and the back, along with removable padding and a 5-hook closure.
Close-up of the contrasting pastel pink ribbon and lace detailing on the mint green/aqua Leanne longline bustier bra from Petite Cherry.
Petite Cherry's ultra-cute Leanne bustier bra features constrasting pastel pink ribbon trim, sheer lace underlining, padded cups, and a dangling gemstone.

The Leanne bra has a lot of small details that add to its beauty, like the rhinestone in the center, the sheer longline lace bodice, the contrasting pink ribbon-and-lace embellishments, and the subtle lace trim at the top.

Longline, bustier or corset-style bras tend to be rather uncomfortable because of the length and the boning, but this bra is made of a very soft, flexible fabric that keeps its structure without being too restrictive. The padding is rather thick, but the softness of the material keeps it comfortable.

All of Petite Cherry's bras come with free matching panties, like this mint-colored lace-trim panty that comes with the Leanne bustier bra.
Close-up of the sheer scalloped lace trim on the mint-colored panty from Petite Cherry's Leanne bustier longline bra set.

The matching panties come in the same aqua/mint color, with sheer lace paneling at the top. Bras with band sizes 32-34 come with the S/M size panties, while size 36 comes with M/L, size 38 comes with L/XL, and so on.

The Leanne bustier bra from Petite Cherry is truly stunning, with cute 3D lace trims and contrasting pastel pink details.
Petite Cherry sells high-quality, cute and sexy Asian fashion-inspired lingerie for low prices, like the Leanne bustier bra set.
If you love cute, feminine lingerie, Petite Cherry has a ton of affordable bra sets, like the Leanne longline bustier lace-trim pastel bra and panty set.


The Leanne bustier bra set is super cute and feminine, and I love everything about it! The light pastel colors, the dainty lace details, the shiny gem in the center — I have no other words to describe it other than it is perfect! I've got a major soft spot for bustier-type bras, and this one is both the cutest and the most comfortable one that I own. Since it's so detailed and lacy, though, it can look rather bumpy under thinner tops, and you have to be careful what you wear with it. It's probably not an everyday go-to bra, but it's certainly a stunning piece to wear on special occasions.

I got this bra in my usual size and it fits very well. The bra is thickly-padded and gives a lovely push-up effect, and the padding is removable in case you don't want as much lift. I love the effect it gives, and how the longline bodice adds shape to it. The straps are removable as well, so you can swap them with simpler straps for daily wear, or with straps of other styles and whatnot to change up the look.

The quality is great, especially for the price of just about $30 for a full set! The bra is made from a smooth, soft, and cushion-y material, and the lace trim looks delicate but is actually quite sturdy. The panties are also well-made and comfortable. I recently bought a white bustier bra set from H&M for about the same price, but it wasn't nearly as comfortable or sturdy as this set. Considering how similar-quality bras at VS cost $40-$100+ without matching panties, I'm amazed with Petite Cherry's low-cost, high-quality product!

The Leanne longline lace-trim bustier bra and panty set from Petite Cherry is super cute and gorgeous, with mint-and-pink-colored lace trimming and sheer panels.


Shipping took under two weeks, the packaging was fantastic, and the bra set exceeded all my expectations for design, fit, and quality.

Petite Cherry sells many other bra sets in styles ranging from ultra-sexy to ultra-cute, and I want them all! I honestly could not be happier with my package from them and I 100% recommend them to anyone who wants gorgeous, high-quality lingerie without the sky-high prices.

Looking to buy lingerie from Petite Cherry? Sign up using my link and get 10% off your first order!



  1. It is very sexy and lovely. Big hug from Colombia.

  2. I love this set *O* I might just need to get it LOL I did a review on Petite Cherry's bra set as well! Would love if you could check it out :)
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  3. Omg it's so pretty~~ I've been on that website before and I can't choose just one to buy T-T

  4. It seems that they sent you items that were made correctly, and I'm happy for you!

    I want to warn potential customers of this business though...

    I bought a few items. One item was made defectively, and it's quite obvious. I notified them of the defect and sent pictures with at least 2 different angles. They then sent me instructions on how to return it. I paid for shipping and handling out of my pocket... not a penny reimbursed by the company. Their return policy says they won't. I was upset, but was ok with it as long as a replacement item was sent back. So, over a month goes by and I hadn't heard from anyone. I politely asked if they had received it and they said that they hadn't. Another month goes by and I send another e-mail. I was still polite, but I let them know that I was upset. Someone by the name of Bree told me they were going to send a replacement item. More than a month goes by again and nothing, still. Finally, I e-mail them again. I'm unpleasant at this point and tell them that if they plan on stringing me along for nothing they should just tell me so. No one replies. Then, ironically, two days later I get my "replacement." Well, surprise, surprise, it's the SAME item. Exact same one. I know it is because I kept pictures of when I received it the first time. Same strap is messed up. So, at this point, I'm quite upset.

    Anyway, I'm writing this because I don't want anyone else to be played as a fool like I was. It was a 3 month ordeal of horrible customer service. Maybe it was the representative I dealt with. Her name is Bree... so if you brave buying from them, beware if you contact customer service and your representative is her. I'd recommend asking for someone else to help you. Better yet, try finding a different company to buy from.

    I hope this helps someone at least.

    1. Aww, I'm so sorry to hear that! That sounds so frustrating D:

      I actually ordered another set from Petite Cherry and almost everything went fine; shipping was timely, packaging was cute, the quality was great, and the item was just as I'd expected and 100% identical to the shop's photos, except they gave me the wrong color. At first I was pretty upset, but when I mentioned the problem to customer service (my representative was also Bree), they were super friendly and willing to exchange for another set in the right color. Sometimes they do take a while to respond to emails, but other than that I've had two wonderful experiences with them, so I encourage anyone who's interested in their items (and this applies to any store) to read a bunch of reviews rather than make their decisions based on a sole few dissatisfied (or super satisfied) reviews.

    2. It's not a few. Are you being paid for this? This looks really bad.


    I also want to contribute to this as I've had an awful experience with them. I purchased beautiful underwear by the end of September, however - it's mid december now and I still haven't gotten them!! First they promised to resend the package, but not giving me any money back for the long wait, not any kind of discount. This Bree, whom I wrote with is extremely impolite even though I've been nice to them.

    However now I got enough and I am asking for my money back, I will see how they will reply to me. I'm expecting a lot of struggle, as they basically never get back to me.

    So I warn you potential costumers, and sincerely hope this won't happen to any of you!


    1. Oh wow, I'm so sorry to hear about your experience! Like I've said before, I've personally had two great experiences with Petite Cherry, both in terms of the products and the customer service, so I can't really relate to what you're saying, though I definitely think that what happened to you is horrible, and I hope your issue gets resolved soon!

      That being said, I definitely encourage potential customers or anyone interested in the store (or any store, for that matter) to read up on a bunch of reviews before being too quick to come to a judgement/conclusion. Every store has its share of good and bad reviews, of perfect experiences and horror stories, etc., so try to get a variety of opinions before making a decision!

    2. The same thing happened to me Nicole. They also never re-sent the items. I am out $100 and they say that they sent them, but they never provided me with shipping details and my order on the website is still listed as 'unfulfilled'. I wrote them two emails and have yet to garner any response. I cannot get a refund through PayPal due to the fact that they provided some tracking number. I never got the items and they never sent me the tracking number, or else I would have made sure that the item did not sit on the front step! I have never had this issue before and am so angry. Will never buy from them again. buyer beware.

      I placed and paid same day an order on November 24th. On December 18 after questioning where my order was I finally received an order fulfilled notice. It is now December 29th and I have not heard from anyone or received a tracking number and my order number does not exist with any mail carriers. I am severely ticked off. I have emailed and live chat requested them multiple times and I have yet to hear from anyone about the status of my order. As someone who works for shipping for a company I can confidently say that it should not take this long to even receive a TRACKING NUMBER for your package. DO NOT order from them. I've asked for a refund on my shipping. It's WAY past the allotted time they told me it would take.


  6. Did you receive your package in the mail in a discreet cardboard box, or did you get it in the black Petite Cherry box? Thanks in advance for the answer! xox

  7. The company never sent my items and I am out by $100. I will never buy from them again. They also have not answered my emails and have offered no refund or replacement product at all.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear about what happened! If the payment was sent through PayPal and you never received the tracking number you may be able to open a claim. If that doesn't work, you can try contacting your bank directly and telling them it was an unauthorized purchase; if you never received the items your bank may be able to get your money back!

    2. The sama happened to me. I bought it for a present but it never came. The place is a fraud, don't ever use. I think they are sending items only to bloggers, they are basically thieves with nice pictures.

    3. They provided a tracking number from USPS. I called USPS and they said that somehow the item had never been dropped off in China, but that they had it listed as delivered, so some error on USPS's end. Also, Petit Cherry never sent the lingerie, so I was still out $100 and Paypal took their side because of the USPS error. Unfortunately I am extremely busy at work and could not chase it up in time before Paypal made a decision in their favor. ?Not sure how to get proof either. Regardless, I will NEVER buy from them again. They are a fraudulent company. BEWARE!

  8. samething happen to me , they forgot to send 1 of my items and I inform them and i still did not get my bra or my money back and the worse parti tried calling them and they never answer or try to talk to me about what they did

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  11. I wish I had read this page before purchasing from them. I did very basic research and watched a YouTube video which talked all good things about them. Then I jumped to make a quick purchase with them, and after long wait, I finally got them and pissed off at how poor quality those underwear look. I did not even count if I got everything. When I requested for a refund, they don't respond, never. I filed a complaint against consumer rights group, but the association does not take cases that involve companies outside the US. I already paid my credit card, and don't know if I still can dispute my payment. Warn everyone not to purchase from them.

  12. Soooo I was very frustrated with this site because they don't respond to any of your emails or messages that you send to them , I placed an order March 5 and it arrived a week ago ! Everything I ordered was exactly like the picture and it came neatly packaged. The waiting is a butthole but it's worth it . I'm very happy I'll shop with them again .

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