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Friday, July 3, 2015

{Fashion Review} Fanewant/Nicedress - Sheer Dress + Crochet Romper

Hey guys; how's your summer been? All I've been doing these past few days is shopping on the Internet and watching crime show marathons on TV. #dreamlifeamiright :') Anyway, a few days ago, my package arrived from Fanewant, aka nicedress.storenvy.com. I got a sheer mesh-paneled dress and a crochet-cutout romper. Review after the break!

Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi's Fanewant fashion review, featuring a white crochet romper and sheer dress from nicedress.storenvy.com.

So, one day, as usual, I was surfing the web, looking for cute clothes and new fashion stores. After some hunting, I came across Fanewant, or nicedress.storenvy.com. I'd never heard of the store previously, but I browsed through their pages and found that they had a lot of trendy, popular styles.

They sell a ton of cute clothes, from summery beach sets to sparkly party dresses, and I decided to test out the store. At first, I picked a white long sleeve mesh-paneled dress. A few days later, however, I recalled that I'd ordered the same style from WalkTrendy (review of that dress here) oh silly michelle u idiot, so I contacted the owner of Fanewant and asked if I could change my order.

The owner was super nice and quick to respond to my emails, and I ended up choosing a white romper with floral crochet detailing. Delivery took just about two weeks, which fell within the store's estimated 10-15 day delivery timeline.


Although I'd assumed that the long sleeve mesh dress would be the exact same as the WalkTrendy version, I was surprised to find that Fanewant's dress is actually different.

The sheer-paneled pearl-embellished dress from Fanewant is a dupe of the ASOS Arrogant Cat London dress.
Fanewant's sheer-paneled white dress is cute, simple, and perfect for semi-formal occasions.

The store didn't have any size charts for this dress, which would've been helpful. I decided to pick the dress in XS, but the label on the item that I received says S. This turned out to be a happy mistake, since the dress runs small in the shorter and upper arm area, so size S fit me fairly well. The dress is a bit large in the bust area for me, but otherwise the size is fine.

The dress looks pretty accurate to pictures, with the sheer sleeves, sweetheart neckline, and pearl-embellished fold-over collar. The material for the sheer panels is smooth, lightweight, and breathable, with a slight sheen. The solid parts of the dress are made of a soft white fabric that doesn't wrinkle easily and isn't see-through, which surprised me!

Front, side, and back views of the sheer-paneled white long sleeve dress from Fanewant/nicedress on Storenvy.

Quality-wise, the dress passes my standards. The sole issue that I have is that the concealed back zipper gets stuck a bit mid-waist, but otherwise I'm very satisfied with the craftsmanship.

Close-up of the flowy white hem on the long sleeve mesh-paneled white dress from Fanewant on Storenvy.
A cute white ulzzang-style sheer-paneled dress, with a sweetheart neckline, long sleeves, and pearl-embellished collar.
Back view of the cute white sheer-paneled dress from Fanewant/nicedress on Storenvy.

The hem of this long-sleeve white dress is flowy, with two layers so that it isn't see-through at all. The sleeves are a perfect length, and the neckline is beautiful.

The dress ends about three or four inches above my knees, which makes it a great dress for semi-dressy occasions, though I would've loved if it was a few inches shorter.

In terms of style, this mesh-paneled dress has a pure, graceful vibe to it. It looks great with white or pastel purses, shoes, or jackets for a sweet and cute look, or with dressier gold or silver accessories for a more elegant ensemble.

Overall, Fanewant's long sleeve mesh dress delivered a wonderful surprise to me, especially after a not-so-perfect experience with WalkTrendy's version. This dress is stylish and cute, made with nice material and sold for a reasonable price.

More photos of the white ulzzang-style mesh-paneled dress from Fanewant, with a sweetheart neckline and pearl-embellished collar.
More photos of the white mesh-paneled sweetheart neckline dress from Fanewant (nicedress.storenvy.com).
The white, sheer-paneled dress from Nicedress, aka Fanewant on Storenvy, features beautiful pearl detailing, long sleeves, and a sweetheart neckline.


The second item that I picked from Fanewant/Nicedress was a sleeveless white romper with floral crochet cutout detailing along the waist.

The crochet romper from Fanewant has a cute summery floral crochet cutout along the waist, along with a low-back design.
Close-up of the inner lining and shorts under the white crochet floral romper from Fanewant.
Close-up of the floral crochet/lace detailing along the waist of the white Fanewant romper.

The romper was pretty wrinkled when I took it out of the bag; nothing that a wash wouldn't fix, though.

The fabric is thin and lightweight, so I was afraid that the romper would be see-through. Fortunately, it's completely lined; still a bit sheer, but it works fine with nude-colored undergarments.

Front, side, and back views of the cute summery white crochet-cutout romper from Fanewant/Nicedress on Storenvy.

Fanewant's white crochet-detailed romper combines simplicity with style. The all-white romper has a fairly simple front and shape, but comes with cute floral cutouts along the waist, as well as a sexy low-back design. The straps are completely adjustable, so you can alter them to your own wishes.

Photo of the white crochet-detailed romper from Fanewant, modeled with a statement necklace from my latest Bezel Box jewelry subscription.
Close-up of the flared hem on the white crochet-detailed romper from Fanewant on Storenvy.
Side view of the summery white crochet romper from Fanewant.
More photos of the solid white Fanewant romper with floral crochet cutotus, along with a necklace from Bezel Box.

The measurements for this item were provided on Fanewant's product page, though the actual product sizing is a bit different. I got the romper in size XS, and while the bust and hip measurements are quite true-to-size, the waist on the actual romper is a bit larger, while the length, though adjustable, is shorter.

On the topic of quality, the material wrinkles rather easily, but the romper overall is comfortable and perfectly suited for summer. The outer shell is constructed from a crisp-feeling fabric, while the inner lining is smooth, soft, and flexible. 

Because it's a romper rather than a dress, it's totally safe to wear on its own, without fearing a light summer breeze ;) The romper is made with a separate layer of shorts underneath, which adds extra protection.

Fanewant's sleeveless white romper looks great as a standalone piece, though you can certainly spruce up the outfit by adding some statement jewelry. Here, I'm wearing a bright, bold necklace from my latest Bezel Box subscription (review on that coming up soon!) to add some color contrast.

I'm quite pleased with this romper, and my only wish is that the fabric could be a bit thicker and less see-through. The flower-shaped crochet cutouts on the waist add a cute accent, the romper is very comfortable, and it makes me look a lot taller (which is always appreciated ;)!

More photos of the white Fanewant crochet-cutout romper, modeled with a Bezel Box necklace.
Front and side views of the cute, short white romper with crochet-floral-cutout details, from Fanewant, aka nicedress.storenvy.com.
A cute summer OOTD: a white crochet-cutout romper, paired with a bright necklace from Bezel Box.
More photos of this summery outfit, featuring Fanewant's white crochet romper and Bezel Box's pink statement necklace.
For a cute summer outfit, pair a white romper, like this crochet-detailed romper from Fanewant, with bright and colorful jewelry or accessories.


Well...what can I say? This was my first time ordering from Fanewant/nicedress.storenvy.com, and both the sheer-paneled dress and the floral crochet romper turned out to be beautiful pieces. Their prices aren't the cheapest, but they're still within a reasonable range. Delivery was within the expected timeframe, and communication with the owner was prompt and friendly. In general, I had a happy experience, and I love the pieces that I got!



  1. Happy 4th of July! Hope you have a wonderful time! Also I wanted to know if you will be buying anything else from this store sometime soon. I absolutely love the romper and can't wait to see more pieces! <3

    1. Thanks, happy 4th of July to you too!
      I don't know if I'll be buying anything really soon, though I'm quite sure I'll buy something from here sometime in the future :)

  2. long sleeve mesh dress is so cute ^^ I want it hehe >3<

  3. I have a question...I ordered a dress from here over the weekend and I'm not 100% sure where you are based but I have a small concern it will not be here in a decent amount of time...and they have not been responding to emails!

    1. i know this blog post was from last year, but I am just a tad worried it won't be here when they said it will..do you remember how long it took? I know you said it came in the 10-15 days as expected, but was it closer to 2 weeks?

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