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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bezel Box Mini Review: Jewelry Subscription Box

It seems like you can get anything in a subscription box these days, from food to beauty products to DIY arts-and-crafts products and everything in between. After falling in love with Kawaii Box subscriptions, I went on the hunt for more unique monthly boxes, and found Bezel Box, a company that delivers your monthly dose of trendy statement jewelry. Last month, I received my first Bezel Box Mini, which I will be reviewing in this post!

Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi's jewelry review of the Bezel Box Mini jewelry subscription box.

Hey guys! For all of those in the USA, I hope you had a great Fourth of July! I haven't done a lot of jewelry reviews, but today I've got a new review of a monthly jewelry subscription package.

The Bezel Box Mini costs $19.97 per month, with free shipping. Each mini subscription package contains two pieces of Bezel Box's stand-out boutique jewelry. As someone who loves cute accessories but rarely has the time or effort to shop for it, I decided that this would be my perfect chance to try out some rare and unique styles!

The Bezel Box Mini is packed beautifully and shipped via USPS First Class mail, which takes just 1-3 days.
Bezel Box sells beautiful boutique jewelry in monthly subscription boxes, with statement necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

The Bezel Box Mini was sent out via USPS first class mail with immediate tracking notification. Everything arrived in just two days, and the jewelry was packed wonderfully in a black-and-pink box, with pink wrapping tissue inside.

With the Bezel Box Mini came a card with information about the pieces inside. The pieces that I got were the Armada Pastel Bib necklace and the matching Armada Pastel Earrings.

Inside the Bezel Box Mini is a card with information about the necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings included in the monthly subscription.
Each Bezel Box Mini subscription box comes with a fashion-forward quote, along with two pieces of statement jewelry.

On the back of the information card was a printed side with a quote on it. The quote on mine, in case you can't read it in the picture, says:

"Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness."

One of my favorite things about subscription boxes is the packaging. Everything is always organized so nicely, packed as if it were a personal gift. It's like getting a specialized present in the mail once a month!

Now, onto the jewelry. The Bezel Box Mini subscription included the matching Armada Pastel necklace and earrings.

My first Bezel Box Mini came with the Armada Pastel bib necklace and matching Armada Pastel earrings.


The Armada Pastel Bib necklace is gorgeous, with a bright blend of pink, green, and yellow beads and gems, along with silver and gold details. This necklace features a golden lobster clasp on the back, with an extender for adjustable length.

Bezel Box's Armada Pastel Bib is a beautiful, bold, bright statement necklace with colorful beads and gems.

Bezel Box promises on its site that all of its jewelry are lead and nickel free, making it safe for skin and free from any hazardous chemicals. I've known that lead can be dangerous even in the tiniest amounts, though I never learned of the harmful side of nickel. I then read an article on Bezel Box's blog and found that nickel can cause anything from rashes and itchiness to dry patches and blisters! I guess you really do learn something new every day. (And I guess this means I have to clean through my jewelry collection...)

Aside from the lead-and-nickel-free benefit, this necklace itself already surpasses what I'd expect for a box under $20. Quality-wise, it's heavy and well-made. The chain and clasp are both very sturdy, and all the beads and jewels are attached securely.

Close-up of the bright pastel beads and jewels on the Armada Pastel Bib necklace, a statement piece from the Bezel Box Mini.
Close-up of the golden lobster clasp on the Armada Pastel Bib chain necklace from the Bezel Box Mini.
More close-ups of the Armada Pastel Bib necklace, included in the Bezel Box Mini jewelry subscription box.

The Armada bib necklace is a great accent piece, with its bright colors and bold design. I would'nt have thought to try out this style of jewelry on my own, so I'm really glad that this Bezel Box Mini gave me the chance to.

Needless to say, this necklace instantly brightens up any outfit. It looks great when paired with simple patterns or solid-colored tops and dresses. Here, I'm wearing the Armada Pastel Bib necklace with a white romper that I reviewed in my previous post.

Before receiving this Bezel Box Mini, I'd never really bothered to wear statement jewelry, but this necklace surprised me with how stunningly beautiful and high-quality it is!

The bold Armada Pastel Bib statement necklace in this month's Bezel Box Mini, paired with a white crochet-cutout romper for a stunning summer look.
More photos of the statement gold chain Armada Pastel Bib necklace from the Bezel Box Mini, paired with a white crochet-cutout romper.


The Bezel Box Mini offers many combinations of jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. Mine came with the Armada Pastel Earrings, which have green gems and gold detailing to match the Armada Bib necklace.

The Bezel Box Mini came with the Armada Bib necklace and the matching Armada Pastel earrings.

Unfortunately, I don't have my ears pierced, so I can't wear earrings. Likewise, I'm not very experienced with reviewing the quality of earrings, but the Armada earrings seem to be very sturdy and well-made.

I love that the Bezel Box Mini paired the earrings with the necklace of the same series, which takes the hassle out of putting together a cute matching look. The earrings have a simple design, paired with a beautiful color and shiny gemstone.

Close-up of the jade-green Armada Pastel earrings in the Bezel Box Mini subscription.
More photos of the bold, simple Armada Pastel earrings included in the monthly Bezel Box Mini subscription, along with the matching bib necklace.
Close-up of the green-and-gold detailing on the Armada Pastel earrings from the Bezel Box Mini.
More pictures of the colorful gem Armada Pastel earrings from this month's Bezel Box Mini jewelry subscription package.


Even though I couldn't wear the earrings, I'm still happy with my very first Bezel Box Mini! The quality of the items is amazing, the style is stunning, and the whole idea of getting a beautifully-packaged gift box every month is super exciting. This was a fun experience, and I'm going to be on the lookout for more cool subscription boxes!



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