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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

{Fashion Review} WalkTrendy - White Mesh Dress

I've been tired and sick for the past few days, so it certainly cheered me up when my latest package from WalkTrendy arrived in my mailbox! After a very pleasant first experience with the store, I chose another item: a white, long-sleeved, mesh-paneled dress. Continue reading to hear the full details!

The Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikmichi intro picture for the WalkTrendy white sheer dress fashion review.

This is my second experience with WalkTrendy, an clothing online store, and you can read about my first WalkTrendy review here. Last time, I got a that mock-neck keyhole cutout skater dress that I absolutely loved, so I was super excited for my next item!

As with last time, delivery and preparation was fairly quick; my order was prepared in 3 business days, and delivered in 11 days. Packaging was simple but nice, and the dress that I chose came with WalkTrendy tags.

This time, I picked a long sleeve white skater dress with sheer, mesh sleeves, a hidden back zipper, and a pearl-embellished fold-collar design. This item was one of several on my WalkTrendy fashion wishlist. The dress costs $29.99, and, like all of WalkTrendy's items, comes with free worldwide shipping.

WalkTrendy sells affordably-priced, trendy clothing with free worldwide shipping, like this white sheer mesh dress.
Close-up of the delicate rhinestone and pearl embellishment on the pointed fold-over collar of this WalkTrendy white dress.
Close-up of the flowy, sheer white fabric on the mesh-paneled skater dress from WalkTrendy, a dupe of the Arrogant Cat London Skater Dress

This sheer, long-sleeved white dress is very pretty, although the quality isn't the best. The zipper tends to get caught every now and then, and I wish there was a hook closure at the top. The bodice is a bit sheer, while the mesh neckline and sleeves are actually slightly more opaque than pictured on WalkTrendy's site. In general, the fabric runs on the thinner side.

On the other hand, even though the fabric is thin and lightweight, the dress is pretty sturdy, and the stitching is good. There weren't any loose threads, tears, nicks, or marks that I noticed, and the fabric is fairly comfortable. The mesh sleeves are soft and flexible, not scratchy at all, which I love!

WalkTrendy's white, mesh-paneled skater dress has a unique sheer neckline with a pearl-embellished fold-over collar.
Front and side views of the long-sleeve mesh-paneled skater dress from WalkTrendy, a dupe of the popular Arrogant Cat London Skater Dress style.

My main issue with this pearl-embellished dress is the sizing. The dress runs small, which I'm quite used to, but the solid fabric through the waist and torso area, combined with the sturdy stitching, really doesn't give it much stretch. I chose the dress in size XS, my usual size, but to my dismay, I could only zip it up past my waist; the top was too small for me.

Admittedly, I should've known not to choose size XS. The measurements of the actual dress are actually very accurate to those on WalkTrendy's site, so I don't blame WalkTrendy for the dress not fitting me.

I typically tend to ignore measurements (aside from length), since most clothes that I buy have enough stretch in the material to accommodate a slight range of sizes, but for this dress, I definitely encourage you to look at WalkTrendy's measurements and measure yourself to make sure that it'll fit right. When in doubt, size up!

Other than that, the sleeves are also a bit shorter than I'd like, but the sheer mesh fabric has good amount of stretchiness to it, so it's not a big issue. Unlike the photos, however, the skirt of the actual dress has a top layer that's about 3-4 in. longer than the layer beneath it, so the overall length of the dress ends up being longer than listed. I would've preferred if the layers were the same length.

The quality and sizing on this white mesh WalkTrendy dress is different from the pictures, but it's still a cute, flirty white dress.
WalkTrendy's mesh-paneled white dress features long, sheer sleeves, a sweetheart neckline, a flowy double-layered skirt, and a pearl-embellished point collar.

Despite some of the flaws I mentioned above, the dress still looks cute, and with a few minor tweaks it'd be great!

The white, flowy look of this dress gives off an innocent, angelic vibe, and the sheer paneling on the neckline and the sleeves adds delicacy to this piece. I especially like the rhinestone and pearl embellishments on the fold-over collar, and the small pearl buttons on the sleeves.

The solid white cuffs on the sleeves are very long, so you can fold them inward or outward, depending on which style you prefer. Here, I folded them inward for a simple, clean-cut look.

WalkTrendy's photos are photos of the Arrogant Cat London Skater Dress, priced at around $271.83, nearly ten times the price of WalkTrendy's affordable option. I wouldn't treat it as a style dupe, though, because the differences are quite noticeable. Nevertheless, treated as its own dress, it's very pretty and feminine. You can wear it with a pair of heels for a cute date look, or with platform booties for a stand-out fashion statement.

The WalkTrendy white mesh dress, modeled with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita-dupe spiked platform booties.
For a cute, innocent, ulzzang or dolly-esque look, try wearing simple white dresses with cute accents and embellishments.More photos of this outfit, featuring a white mesh dress from WalkTrendy and white spiked platform booties from Milanoo.

The long-sleeved, mesh-paneled white dress from WalkTrendy wasn't as perfect as I'd hoped, and I'm very sad that it doesn't fit...Nonetheless, it's still quite a cute piece. Do be aware that the material is rather sheer, the double-layered skirt is of different lengths, and the waist doesn't give much stretch. If you pick the right size, though, this dress could work well. As with my previous experience, the whole ordering, processing, and delivery process went smoothly, and I'm happy with that.



  1. Looks really really pretty on you!:)

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