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Friday, June 26, 2015

{Fashion Review} SheIn - Floral Dress, Denim Tennis Skirt, Sweater Set, + Crop Top & Maxi Skirt Set

Hey lovelies! I'm finally on summer break, which means I've got more time to do what I love most: shopping/sitting around/watching crime shows/eating writing reviews, of course ;) Today's fashion review features four lovely items from SheIn, including a pleated denim tennis skirtpastel sweater + shirt setblack lace crop top + maxi skirt set, and floral cutout suspender dress. Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway for a $120 SheIn store credit gift card, which can be found here! Review is up ahead after the jump.

Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi presents a special fashion review featuring a denim tennis skirt, pastel sweater and shirt set, lace FL&L Luau dupe set, and floral cutout suspender dress from SheIn/SheInside!

I'm back yet again with another review of clothing from SheIn/SheInside. I've got four items to review this time: a floral cutout spaghetti-strap dress, a light blue pleated denim tennis skirt, a pink sweater and sleeveless shirt set, and a black lace crop top and maxi skirt set.

The whole process of preparation and delivery took only two weeks total, which was a amazement for me, since my previous four-item order from them took a longer time to arrive.

I was really looking forward to getting these clothes, and I'll start off with the floral dress:


SheIn's navy-colored floral dress, which is currently sold out, caught my attention with it's interesting cutout design around the waist, which reminds me of suspender dresses. 

When I received the dress,  I was surprised to find that it's actually a two-piece set, with a buttoned cropped floral vest and matching floral circle skirt. The vest comes with four extended straps that can be fastened to buttons on the inside of the skirt, and the skirt has a hidden zipper at the back.

SheIn's floral suspender dress is a cute, fun dress for the summer.
Matching crop top and skirt sets are all the rage these days, and SheIn's floral suspender dress is perfect.

The cutout design of this floral suspender dress is very interesting, and the fact that it's a two-piece set makes it even better, since the top and the skirt can be worn separately.

This dress is pretty comfortable, and the length is perfect! The top fits true-to-size, and the fabric is crisp but also quite stretchy. The waist of the skirt, though, doesn't have much stretch to it, and it runs a bit larger than described. It looks great and fits fine when I wear the top and skirt as a set, but the skirt itself is a bit too loose for me to wear on its own.

For a cute, ulzzang-inspired summer outfit, try flirty floral dresses, like this cutout suspender skater dress from SheIn/SheInside.
SheIn's floral cutout dress is a two-piece suspender dress that can be worn together or as separates.
SheIn's cute floral suspender skater dress is a perfect, ulzzang-inspired item for the summer.

Quality-wise, there were a lot of loose ends, especially around the buttons, but otherwise the dress seems fine. It's a bit of a hassle to attach the straps to the buttons inside the skirt, but hey, anything for fashion, right?

It's safe to say that I'm kinda obsessed with floral dresses, and this floral suspender cutout dress from SheIn is one of the more unique ones that I've found!

Front and back views of the navy spaghetti-strap floral cutout skater suspender dress from SheIn, paired with black wedges for a summer OOTD.
SheIn's floral suspender cutout skater dress is amazing in both fit and style, perfect for a cute summer outfit.
Pair SheIn's navy floral suspender cutout skater dress with cute booties or wedge sandals for a flirty summer outfit/OOTD.


Another item from SheIn that I've had my eyes on for a while is the pleated denim skirt, which, style-wise, looks a lot like the tennis skirts from American Apparel. I reviewed a dupe of the AA tennis skirt from SheIn back in a previous review post and was amazed by the quality, so I couldn't resist the chance to get the same style in a versatile light-blue denim fabric.

SheIn's pleated denim skirt is a style dupe of the popular American Apparel pleated tennis skirts, but made from a different, unique fabric.
This ultra-versatile denim tennis skirt from SheIn has contrast-sewn pleats, a side zipper, and a button.

The pleated denim tennis skirt from SheIn came with a lot of wrinkles from delivery, and the pleats definitely need ironing. Whereas the pleats on the AA black skirt dupe were crisp and organized, the ones on this denim skirt are messier.

Since I was too lazy to iron these before taking pictures (#senioritis), here's what the skirt looks like, modeled with a watercolor-print top from Romwe, reviewed here, and white spiked booties, reviewed here.

A cute spring/summer OOTD with the SheIn denim pleated American Apparel tennis skirt dupe and white Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike platform booties dupes.
A spring/summer look featuring a watercolor pastel Romwe shirt and a pleated denim American Apparel-inspired tennis skirt from SheIn.
Summer is all about pastels and light colors, like this watercolor Romwe shirt and pleated light-blue denim tennis skirt from SheIn.

I really wish that the pleats were more crisp and stayed in place better, because I love the style of this skirt. Aside from the wrinkles, the skirt is true to SheIn's photos.

The quality of the skirt is good, and the fabric is fine as well. The measurements are accurate to SheIn's product description, but I do wish that the skirt came in more sizes, since the small is still too big for me.

Overall, the light blue pleated denim tennis skirt from SheIn is a okay buy for the price, though it takes some effort to iron the pleats and make them look like how they're pictured on the site. I'm disappointed by the pleats and I wish that SheIn carried smaller sizes for this skirt, but this skirt has the potential to be a fashion staple.

This pleated denim skirt from SheIn is inspired by the American Apparel tennis skirts, which have been all the rage around Tumblr and Instagram these days.
Full pictures of the ulzzang-inspired spring/summer outfit featuring a watercolor Romwe blouse, a pleated AA-inspired denim tennis skirt from SheIn, and a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike dupe booties.


Although it's summer already, I still wanted to try out the pink sweater and shirt set from SheIn. This two-piece set combines a ruffled sleeveless blouse with a long-sleeve cable-knit sweater for a cute, pastel-colored look that's great for fall and winter.

The pink pastel cable-knit sweater from SheIn, featuring long sleeves and a cute design.
SheIn's pastel pink sweater has a unique lattice cutout design in the back to add to the look.
SheIn's pastel sweater came with a white ruffled embroidered vest, a cute layering essential for any fashionista.
This white embroidered sleeveless blouse has a cute ruffled hem and is the perfect layering item under oversized sweaters.

First off, there's a noticeable color difference between the actual product and the store photos. The photos on SheIn's site make it seem like a dusty pink sweater with a blush-toned shirt, whereas the actual set has a light pink sweater paired with a white blouse. Personally, I'm a bigger fan of the actual colors, so this was a happy surprise for me.

The cable-knit sweater features a lattice cutout design in the back, and the white sleeveless blouse features embroidery on the fold-over collar and the ruffled hem.

There was a distinct factory scent when I opened the bag, but nothing that won't go away with a wash. The shirt is rather sheer, but that is accurate to SheIn's pictures, and since it's meant to be a layering piece anyway, I don't mind. The sweater is pretty comfortable and knit fairly well.

I love how this sweater-and-shirt set looks together, and the items can certainly be worn on their own, so it's almost like getting two pieces of clothing for the price of one! For me, the shirt was long enough for me to wear as a tunic-style dress, or pair with leggings or tights in chillier weather.

A cute, sweet, ulzzang-inspired outfit for fall, winter, or spring, featuring a pastel sweater and ruffled blouse set from SheIn along with white knee-high socks.
A cute, sweet, ulzzang-inspired outfit for fall, winter, or spring, featuring a pastel lattice-back sweater and ruffled blouse set from SheIn along with white knee-high socks.
SheIn's coordinated two-piece set includes a pink sweater and white ruffled vest that go together perfectly for a cute ulzzang look.

This two-piece set gives off a very cute and sweet look, so I decided to pair it with white knee-high socks and edgy white spiked shoes for a little contrast in style.

I'm generally not the biggest fan of oversized clothing, but the loose fit of this sweater looks very nice when paired with the right items, and the sleeveless embroidered blouse is a great addition. I'll probably be wearing these quite often, whether as a set or as separates.

For someone like me, coordinated sets like this sweater and shirt set, which costs just $22, are the perfect solution for those lazy days when I want to look nice but have no effort (every day, tbh), and I'm very impressed by both the style and quality!

If you're lazy like me, coordinated sets are your biggest fashion friend, and this pastel pink sweater/white ruffled blouse set from SheIn/SheInside is a wonderful fall or spring item.
Full photos of the sweet, pastel ulzzang-inspired outfit for fall, winter, and spring, featuring a pastel pink SheIn sweater, a white ruffled layering blouse, white knee socks, and white Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike platform booties dupes.
For an effortless, casual-yet-cute ulzzang or dolly outfit, match pastel-colored oversized sweaters with simple white ruffled blouses.
Full photos of the sweet, pastel ulzzang-inspired outfit for fall, winter, and spring, featuring a pastel pink SheIn sweater, a white ruffled layering blouse, white knee socks, and white Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike platform booties dupes.


My final item from SheIn, also my most-anticipated item, was the black lace crop top and maxi skirt set. This set appears to be a dupe of the Luau Crop Top and Luau Maxi Skirt from For Love and Lemons, a brand that I really love, but can't afford to get every item from. 

While the original top costs around $154 and the skirt costs around $233 ($387 total), SheIn currently sells a dupe that's on sale for just $44! There were no reviews of the product, so I was scared that it'd look nothing like the pictures. When I received the package, I found that...

SheIn sells a lovely dupe of the For Love and Lemons Luau Crop Top and Luau Maxi Skirt set for a much cheaper price, and the coordinate is perfect for summer.

...it looked almost exactly as pictured! Sure, there are some slight discrepancies with the pattern placement, but you can't really tell unless you look very closely.

The top is made of a sheer black mesh fabric with floral lace embroidery along the front and the sleeves, as well as a hidden side zipper. There's a partial nude lining in the front, while the back is just mesh. The skirt has a partial lining with floral embroidery, a hidden side zipper, and a long, sheer hem with a side slit.

SheIn's dupe of the For Love and Lemons Luau maxi skirt features the same nude-colored bodycon skirt with a sheer, lace-embroidered mesh overlay.
For Love and Lemons' popular new Luau crop top and maxi skirt set makes the perfect beach or resort outfit, and SheIn's dupe of this lace-and-mesh set gives the same style for a much cheaper price!
One of the key fashion points on SheIn's lace crop top/maxi skirt set is the sheer back and floral lace detailing, like that of the For Love and Lemons Luau set.

There's no other way to put it; this crop top and maxi skirt set is absolutely gorgeous. It's a wonderful set for summer, with the flowy skirt, sheer back, and mesh detailing. Matching crop top and skirt sets are all the rage nowadays, and this For Love and Lemons Luau dupe from SheIn is a wonderful buy.

The sizing is a bit smaller than described, but the fabric is very stretchy. The material runs on the thinner side, but the nude lining isn't see-through, and the lightness of the fabric adds to the look. My only possible complaint is that I wish the skirt was a bit tighter.

Length-wise, this set hits me at around the same place as it does on the model in the photos, but seeing that I'm not exactly a 5'10" supermodel, I think it'd probably run short on taller people, unless they wear the skirt lower on their waist. With a pair of heels or wedges, this set is the perfect length for me.

Honestly, for $44 as opposed to the $387 original, this For Love and Lemons dupe crop top and maxi skirt set sold on SheIn is like a dream come true. I'm completely obsessed with it, and I hope that SheIn continues to add more amazing items like this!

Matching crop top and skirt sets are all the rage in fashion nowadays, and SheIn's lace-and-mesh set is a perfect dupe of the popular For Love and Lemons Luau crop top and maxi skirt set, sold at Nastygal, Free People, Revolve, and many other stores.
For Love and Lemons' Luau crop top and maxi skirt set is super-popular and great for the summer and for the beach; you can grab an affordable dupe from SheIn!
Get ready for summer in this black mesh crop top/maxi skirt set from SheIn, a dupe of the For Love and Lemons Luau set.
SheIn's For Love and Lemons' Luau lace set dupe offers the same delicate, feminine, beach-ready style for an affordable price.


Despite being disappointed by the pleated denim tennis skirt, I am super pleased with the floral cutout dress, sweater and shirt set, and my favorite, the lace crop top and maxi skirt set

For anyone who's looking to give SheIn/SheInside a try or get more cute clothes from them for FREE, check out my $120 SheIn gift card giveaway, ending soon! And if you want to read more about my previous packages from SheIn, check out my previous reviews here!


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