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Sunday, June 28, 2015

{Fashion Review} Romwe - Hooded Sweatshirt Dress + Floral Halter Dress

I was cleaning out my closet the other day, and I found that I have so many floral dresses! But since there's no such thing as too many floral dresses for me, I got two more dresses from Romwe to supplement my flowery fashion collection: a dressy floral halter dress and a casual hooded floral dress. Review ahead!

The Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi clothing and fashion review of the halterneck flared floral skater dress and zip-up hoodie sweatshirt ulzzang dress from Romwe, two fun floral styles for the summer.

When it comes to online shopping, I'm always drawn to dresses — they're stylish, flirty, and easy to coordinate. So I got two more dresses from Romwe for today's fashion review, including a white floral hooded sweatshirt dress and a gray-and-pink floral halter dress.


The first floral dress is a hoodie-style short sleeve dress with a contrasting front zipper, drawstring hood, and fit-and-flare shape. The dress is white with colorful floral-and-lace panels on the sleeves and inside the hood.

Romwe's hooded floral lace zip-up dress is a cute, sweet, ulzzang-esque dress for the spring and summer.
Romwe's hoodie-style zip-up skater dress has cute, colorful floral lace panels on the sleeves and inside the hood.
Close-up of the form-fitting shirred waistband on the hoodie-style Romwe dress.

This $16 hooded floral dress has a mix of casual, sporty, and girly vibes, making it a great everyday dress for spring and summer. With the hoodie style and the front zipper, it can also be worn as a vest, and it's versatile enough to switch from a fun, flirty dress to a swimsuit cover-up.

The fit of the dress is very flattering; there's a thick band around the waist section that's super form-fitting and tight, but the fabric is very stretchy, so it's comfortable as well!

Front and back views of the ulzzang-style floral lace hooded zip-up dress from Romwe.
Romwe's white floral zip-up hooded sweatshirt dress is a casual, sporty-chic dress that can also be worn as a vest or beach cover-up.
Close-up of the colorful floral lace print and paneling on the shoulders/sleeves and hood of the ulzzang-style Romwe zip-up sweatshirt dress.

I love the soft and stretchy cotton fabric, which is the perfect thickness. It's not too thick so as to be too hot to wear during the summer, but it's still thick enough to be solid and opaque. With white dresses, I'm always scared that the material will be too see-through, but that's no issue with this dress from Romwe.

This dress is a wonderful combination of style and comfort. The sizing is wonderful, too; the length is perfect and the waistband is pretty slimming. The hood is a bit small, though I don't mind, since I like the look of it better with the hood down.

A cute, flirty summer ulzzang outfit featuring the white zip-up floral hoodie dress from Romwe and white platform high-heel booties.
Romwe's hooded sweatshirt dress has a lovely, slimming, flattering fit-and-flare silhouette.
Romwe's hooded sweatshirt dress is a cute and casual floral dress.

I did find one issue with this dress: the pink/red dye from the lace-and-floral panels tends to transfer, leaving a slightly pink stain on the white part of the dress. Hopefully, a wash will get rid of the stains and help fix the dye in place, because I love this dress otherwise and would really hate to have the color ruined.

Other than that, the quality of this dress is beyond expectations. The zipper works quite smoothly, and there are virtually no loose threads.

Putting aside the color transfer issue, I am utterly obsessed with this hoodie-style floral dress. It's so easy to wear and goes with any type of shoes, from wedged sandals to cute floral sneakers to heels and short boots. It's undoubtedly among my favorites from Romwe.

Front, side, and back views of this summer ulzzang outfit/OOTD, with the white zip-up floral hooded Romwe skater dress and white spiked platform heeled booties.
More photos of Romwe's sweet floral lace zip-up hoodie dress, a cute ulzzang fashion pick.
Florals are hot for the spring and summer seasons, and this hooded sweatshirt-style dress from Romwe combines flirty florals with comfort and style.


The second Romwe dress that I got this time around was a floral halter dress, costing $29.67. This dress has a soft gray-and-pink floral pattern, a mock-neck design, and a flared silhouette.

Romwe's floral halter dress is elegant and sophisticated, perfect for a summer picnic.
Close-up of the mock neck halter design on the gray-and-pink floral patterned skater dress from Romwe.
Close-up of the detailed, elegant floral pattern on this shiny Romwe skater dress.

This halterneck floral dress is made of a smooth, thin material with a subtle sheen to it. The floral print is distinctive, detailed, and elegant.

The colors on this dress are beautiful and look much prettier on the actual dress than in Romwe's photos. I especially love the soft pink flowers, which add a hint of contrast.

Front and back views of the halterneck floral dress from Romwe, a cute summer fashion pick.
Close-up of the flared hem on Romwe's floral halter skater dress.
Close-up of the flattering, slimming mock neck halter design on Romwe's floral skater dress.

The fabric is lightweight yet fairly structured, allowing it to hold the flared shape, and the dress has a concealed back zipper. The cool, smooth feeling of the fabric is awesome for a hot summer day, and the dress isn't see through at all.

My problem with this dress came with the fitting. Firstly, the dress is too long for my tastes. I measured it to be about 83 cm in length rather than 80 cm as described. The waist is also slightly larger, though it still looks fine when worn.

The dress is too big for me in the bust area, which makes it difficult for me to wear. The bust measurement is relatively true to descriptions, though, so just blame me for being careless :')

Unlike the hooded dress, this halter dress doesn't have a lot of stretch to it, so be sure to pay attention to the measurements before picking a size.

Romwe's floral halter skater dress is perfect for picnics, graduation, summer parties, and spring gatherings.
Romwe's floral halter dress is elegant yet cute, with a mock-neck detail and subtle floral design.

It's a shame that the dress doesn't fit the way I'd like, since the colors, style, and print are even better than I'd anticipated. 

This halter dress is suitable for a spring or summer party, and it looks like it's pretty high-quality, with no loose ends or other quality issues. The shiny finish on the dress, though not shown in the product images, makes the dress more alluring and more elegant-feeling.

Romwe's floral halter dress is one of those items that looks even better in real life than in photos. Aside from it being too big for me, I've got no other complaints about it. With its smooth and light material, soft flare shape, and dreamy floral pattern, it's good for dressier occasions during the spring and summer seasons.

More photos of the gray-and-pink halterneck floral skater dress from Romwe.
Spice up your summer and spring wardrobe with a flirty flared floral dress, like Romwe's halterneck dress.
A beautiful summer picnic outfit, combining Romwe's halterneck floral skater dress with studded platform booties.
Romwe's floral halter dress has a very unique gray-and-pink floral design, along with a flared skirt and mock neck detailing.


This was one of my happier Romwe orders, and I think that both the white floral hooded sweatshirt dress and the gray-and-pink floral halter dress are gorgeous floral pieces. 

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