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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

{Fashion Review} Romwe - High-Neck Crochet Dress + Cut-Out Skater Dress

Hey guys! I've got another Romwe review today, featuring two dresses: a black mock-neck crochet dress perfect for parties and pink spaghetti-strap cut-out skater dress that's great for the beach. Read on for the full details!

The Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi intro picture for the Romwe fashion review featuring a black crochet dress and a cutout pink skater dress.

This time around, I got two items from Romwe: a black mock-neck crochet dress and a pink spaghetti-strap cut-out skater dress. I originally wanted a vest, but it was sold out, so I chose the pink dress as its replacement. Romwe was quick to help me swap items, and shipping took a little over two weeks.


First is the mock-turtleneck crochet dress, a sleeveless black dress with a lace neckline, hidden back zipper, and ribbon-accented back cutout. The dress currently costs $17.67 and is one-size only.

Rowme's high-neck black crochet dress is classy, feminine, and great for special occasions, graduation parties, or other gatherings.

The black crochet-neckline dress is accurate to Romwe's measurements and fits just as expected. For me, it's too long, and I'd rather have it be shorter, but I'm sure this dress would look great on someone taller. It fits fine throughout the top and waist area, and the fabric has a good amount of stretch.

The mock-neck lace dress from Romwe features a back cutout with a ribbon-tie design.

The material is quite comfortable and not see-through. The zipper works well, the stitching is fine, and the bust is padded, so it's easy to wear this without worrying about what to pair underneath. In general, the quality is good for such an affordable dress.

I do wish, however, that the ribbon in the back was made of a better material; on Romwe's site, the ribbon seems to be made of a shiny, smooth material. The actual ribbon is a rougher, lightweight material that looks fine, but doesn't have the same high-quality feeling of a satin-type ribbon.

Rowme's mock-turtleneck crochet/lace skater dress is elegant and beautiful, great for special occasions.The front of the high-neck crochet skater dress from Romwe features a delicate lace design and deep neckline.

This black crochet dress is perfect for dressier occasions, like parties, graduation, or semi-formal events. The style is very feminine and classy, and I especially love the ribbon-tie detailing and cutout design on the back. The lace neckline is detailed and intricate too, and the style is great in general!

Romwe's mock-neck crochet dress is comfortable and a great quality for the price!
Romwe sells many cute clothing in different styles, and this mock-neck cutout ribbon-tie crochet skater dress is a popular choice for parties.
More photos of the mock-neck crochet dress from Romwe, a perfect dress for special parties and celebrations.


The second item that I got this time from Romwe was pink spaghetti-strap cut-out skater dress. This dress is a Romwe-only item and costs $20 on the site.

The dress is only sold in size XS, but the measurements on the site suggest that it has quite a bit of stretchiness to it. I picked this dress because of the unique cutouts on the sides, the light pink color, and the flared skirt.

The pink cutout spaghetti-strap skater dress from Romwe is perfect for spring and summer, with a deep neckline, flared skirt, and side cutouts.

What I noticed first about the actual dress is the color difference: it's a bit lighter and more orange-toned than pictured on Romwe's website. I'd say it's closer to coral than pink, which is a bit disappointing for me because I'd prefer pink.

The fabric is quite interesting. It has a light, crisp feel to it, but it's also very stretchy. The back of the dress is ruched with a hidden zipper, and the bust is padded.

Romwe's original-design cutout skater dress can be worn as a beach coverup, or with leggings or shorts underneath. The back of the pink cutout skater dress from Romwe features a ruched design and invisible zipper.

I love the fit of the dress; it's figure-hugging through the top, with a flared skirt at the bottom. The sizing is true to the website, but the dress is definitely very short (72 cm), even for me. I'd need to wear it with shorts underneath, and someone taller would probably only have to wear it as a tunic or a top. The shape/silhouette is pretty flattering, I just wish the dress was a bit longer.

The neckline is low and daring, so I think I'll probably add a bralet or bustier underneath when wearing this out. I've also noticed that the hem is shorter at the sides and longer in the front and back. 

Regardless, the style is very fun and cute; it's a great piece for the summer, but because of its short length and revealing cut, it's more of a beach cover-up than a regular dress.

Romwe offers tons of spring and summer fashion styles, including this light pink spaghetti-strap cutout skater dress.
More photos of the flared pink cutout skater dress from Romwe.


 My thoughts on my Romwe order this time around were mixed, but overall I'm satisfied with the black mock-neck crochet dress and pink cut-out skater dress. The pink dress is very cute and fun, suitable for the beach but too revealing to wear alone. Of the two, I definitely like the black crochet dress more, and I think it's a wonderful pick for the price, great for special occasions! And, as usual, I had a pleasant experience with the whole ordering and delivery process.

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  1. Omg both dresses are beautiful
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