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Monday, June 22, 2015

{Review} Milanoo - Floral Dress, Sequined Vest, + Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike Dupes!

Last week I received my latest package from Milanoo, including a sleeveless black floral dress, a mesh-paneled sequined vest, and a pair of black spiked Jeffrey Campbell Lita dupe platform booties. This is my third order from Milanoo, and I was super excited to get these items, especially the spiked shoes! Review ahead!

The Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi intro picture for the Milanoo fashion review, featuring a floral dress, sequined vest, and black Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike platform booties dupes.

I've written some reviews of Milanoo in the past, but to sum it up, I've had mixed feelings about their clothes but I've been completely in love with their shoes! This time, I got two pieces of clothing  a black floral skater dress and a mesh sequined vest  and one pair of shoes — the black Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike dupe booties.

Processing and preparation took about two weeks, and shipping took less than one week. The package was packed in a box as usual, with the individual items in their own bags.


The first item that I picked from Milanoo was a floral skater dress. This sleeveless, scoop-neck dress costs just $14.99 and is available in three sizes: M, L, and XL.

The sleeveless floral skater dress from Milanoo is a cute, Korean-made, ulzzang-style sundress.
Milanoo's floral dress has a soft fabric and scoop neck design.
Bright, colorful florals are perfect for spring and summer, like this sleeveless floral skater dress from Milanoo.

The dress has some slight color differences from the photos on Milanoo's product page; the photos almost make it seem like a muted navy color, while the actual dress is black and has a smoother look. I'm fine with either, so it's not an issue for me.

Sizing-wise, I think the measurements of the dress are a bit larger than described, and the fabric is super stretchy, soft, and flexible. The quality of the dress is also pretty good; aside from a faint factory scent, everything seems great. The material is comfortable and lightweight, perfect for summer.

The back of the floral dress from Milanoo features a simple scoop neck design.
Though simple, Milanoo's sleeveless floral skater dress is comfortable, versatile, and stylish.
This cute, ulzzang-style floral sundress can be found at Milanoo for just $15, and it's a great, versatile item for the summer season.

I'm usually the type to go for unusual, uniquely-designed clothes, so I wasn't expecting much style-wise from this scoop-neck floral dress. When I put it on, though, I found that I really liked it!

The design of this dress is very simple but also very versatile, and the added softness of the material makes it a good choice for a casual, effortless style. You can wear this dress on its own with some cute sandals for spring and summer, or add a light jacket or cardigan plus tights and combat boots for fall and winter. Although it's not my go-to piece for an edgy, attention-grabbing look, it's a dress that I see myself wearing pretty often, since it's so comfortable and easy to style.

Floral dresses never go out of season, and this floral skater dress from Milanoo is simple yet stylish enough to be the ultimate fashion staple.
I love the relaxed skater fit of this floral dress from Milanoo, and the fabric is super stretchy and comfortable.
A simple summer fashion outfit/OOTD featuring a sleeveless floral skater dress and a pair of edgy spiked platform booties.


My second item from Milanoo was a mesh-paneled sequined vest. This sleeveless top combines black and silver sequins with a sheer mesh neckline and sheer back paneling, combining the casual fit with the party-like sequin style. The vest is currently on sale at Milanoo for just $12.74.

Milanoo's sequined vest comes with the company's own unique tags and is fairly high quality for something costing less than $13.
This unique, festive sleeveless top features silver and black sequins combined with sleek mesh paneling.

I was really surprised to see that this vest came with Milanoo tags, since I didn't know that Milanoo produced some of their own styles. The straps are a bit too small in width for my preferences, and the cut of the sleeves is rather large, which makes it difficult to figure out what to wear underneath.

The quality seems fine, and the sizing is pretty much as described. For an item that's less than $13, the craftsmanship is quite impressive, and it's changed my mind about Milanoo's clothing in general.

Milanoo's sleeveless sequin-and-mesh top can be dressed up or down and is great for holiday parties.
An edgy party look with the sequined mesh vest from Milanoo, along with a pair of rocker-style spiked Lita dupe platform booties.
Here, I'm wearing the sequined mesh vest from Milanoo with a pair of mesh-paneled leggings.

Here, I'm wearing this sequined vest with a pair of black mesh-paneled leggings/tights and black spiked platform booties (reviewed here in this post!) for a somewhat edgy party look. The sequins are really eye-catching and festive, and the sheer mesh insets on the back, neckline, and hem balance out the look of this sleeveless top.

Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of loose, baggy clothes, so the fit of this vest isn't my favorite. I do think that it's worth the price though, especially for anyone who likes sequins. I'd say that this vest looks best with tight-fitting pants or leggings to contrast with the baggy fit.

For an effortless party style, pair a festive sequined top with simple, edgy leggings.
An edgy, rocker-style outfit featuring a sequined mesh vest from Milanoo and a pair of black spiked platform booties.


And last but certainly not least are the black spiked Jeffrey Campbell Lita dupe platform booties. These shoes were the most anticipated item in this order, especially because I ordered the same spiked booties in white a while ago and loved them! You can check out my review of the white version here.

These edgy black platform booties have a lace-up front, faux leather material, and silver studded heel. The heel height is pretty tall (almost 5"), but the platform height (1.8") makes them a bit easier to walk in.

As with the rest of Milanoo's shoes (or so I've experienced), these came unlaced with the laces in the package, so you have to take some time and lace them up yourself. Tedious? ...Yes. Worth it? Hell yeah!

Milanoo sells these black spiked booties, a dupe of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike shoes, for just a fraction of the price.
these spiked black high-heel platform booties from Milanoo are a dupe of the popular, edgy Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike shoes.
these spiked black high-heel platform booties from Milanoo are a dupe of the popular, edgy Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike shoes.
Milanoo's dupe of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike platform booties is made of surprisingly good quality, with a lace-up front and high-heel design.

These Lita Spike dupes were on sale for $41.99 last time, but now they've got an even bigger discount, and they're just $37.79. The quality is just like that of the white booties, but these black ones came with a more noticeable scent. The smell was quite strong at first, but I let the shoes sit outside for a day and it's pretty much gone now.

Aside from the scent, there is almost nothing else about these spiked booties that I can complain about! The quality is good, the spikes are sturdy, and the style is just as amazing as I'd expected. Some of the studs aren't aligned perfectly, but I've seen the same issue with much pricier shoes, and it's not a big problem for me.

Milanoo's black spiked platform booties are a fairly nice dupe of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita booties, which cost $190 as opposed to $37. I love the combination of smooth, flat studs and large, spiky studs, as well as the overall shape of the shoes. The heel and platform heights are also pretty close to those of the Jeffrey Campbell originals, and these shoes work wonders for slimming the legs and added a height boost.

These spiked booties are definitely a show-stopper, and they work well with all sorts of skirts, shorts, leggings, dresses, and pants if you're looking to add an edgy, rocker vibe to any outfit. Whether in black or in white, these shoes are undoubtedly one of my favorites.

Add a touch of rocker vibes to any outfit with these black spiked platform booties from Milanoo, a dupe of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita style.
Milanoo's black spiked platform booties are a good dupe of the Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike booties, a popular fashion essential for any girl who loves edgy style.
Milanoo's black Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike platform booties dupe, paired with sexy black leggings with mesh paneling.
Milanoo's black platform shoes are an awesome, edgy dupe of the popular Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike shoes.

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Overall, this was my happiest experience with Milanoo, and I like all three of the items that I got. The floral dress and sequined vest were made of surprisingly impressive quality for the price, and mostly accurate to photos. The black spiked platform booties were my favorite, of course, and I couldn't be happier with them! (Beware: I'll probably be wearing them in 90% of my future outfits haha :') ) You can read more about Milanoo in my previous reviews here.



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