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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

{Fashion Review} SheInside - V-Neck Sweater, Cropped Shirt, Floral Romper, + Lace Dress

I'm here today with my biggest SheInside review yet, with four different styles that I've been longing to try. The items in this review include a oversized white V-neck sweater, a cropped white button-down shirt, a black floral halter romper, and a long-sleeve white lace shift dress. (p.s. Don't forget to enter my $75 SheInside store credit giveaway, which ends this Saturday, June 6!) Review is after the jump.

The Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi intro picture for the SheInside fashion haul and review, featuring a V-neck sweater, cropped shirt, lace shift dress, and floral halter romper.

After many previous experiences with SheInside, I felt that I should get a little experimental and try out some of their items that I wouldn't usually wear, like oversized sweaters, shift dresses, and rompers!

Preparation was slower than usual this time, perhaps because they had to prepare four items rather than just one or two, but shipping was around the same time as before.

Without further ado, here are the items that I chose!


I've been seeing the popular preppy V-neck sweaters everywhere lately, so I chose the white V-neck sweater from SheInside, which is actually a somewhat cream-like color. Costing just under $25, this sweater has a deep V-neckline, oversized fit, and contrasting black trim on the neckline and the sleeves. The sweater is also sold in black, and comes in one size for a relaxed, baggy fit.

SheInside sells the popular white-and-black preppy V-neck sweaters, a rising trend among fashion bloggers.The preppy oversized V-neck sweater from SheInside features contrasting trims on the sleeves and the neckline.

The quality of the sweater is worth the price. It's very warm and cozy, and you can wear it with the V-neck in the front or in the back for different styles.

I love the one-size-fits-all sizing on this oversized V-neck sweater, since it eliminates the need for me to worry about which size to choose. The length is perfect; you can tuck the sweater into low-waisted jeans, wear it over leggings or a skirt, or if you're shorter like me, you might be able to wear this as a sweater dress.

The neckline is very deep and pairs well with a tank top or bralette underneath. Here, I wore the sweater with a black lace bralette, striped over-the-knee socks, and a silver key necklace from Born Pretty Store (review of the necklace here).

Ulzzang-inspired outfit featuring the white preppy oversized V-neck sweater from SheInside, a key pendant necklace, striped over-the-knee socks, and a lace bralette.
SheInside's V-neck sweater is cozy, casual, and cute, with a baggy fit, contrasting trims, and deep V-neckline.
The front of the reversible preppy oversized sweater from SheInside has a deep V-neckline and contrasting trim.

The chic, preppy style of this oversized white V-neck sweater is really a must-have, and the cute-yet-casual vibe makes it a great fashion staple. The sweater comes with a bit of a factory scent, but otherwise it's absolutely perfect!

A cute, ulzzang-inspired black-and-white outfit featuring the SheInside striped V-neck sweater, striped knee socks, a lace bralette, and a key necklace.
More photos of the preppy V-neck sweater from SheInside, paired with a lace bralette.


The second item that I got was a cropped white button-down shirt, which is also the cheapest item of this SheInside fashion haul, costing only $12.67. The top came with the tag cut off and had some wrinkles, just from delivery.

SheInside's white cropped button-down shirt features a crisp, fold-over collar and buttoned design.

I picked this button-down crop top because I wanted a super-versatile top to pair with all sorts of skirts and such. This cropped shirt has a fold-over collar, long sleeves, and buttoned front.

The sleeves on the shirt are too short to be worn as long sleeves, but they look nice when rolled up. The fabric is very crisp and a bit sheer, so you'd have to layer something underneath.

Style-wise, this cropped shirt looks true to SheInside's photos. It's very simple and easy-to-wear, it goes great with high-waisted skirts or shorts, and it's an absolute fashion staple for layering.

Simple black-and-white outfit featuring the cropped button-down shirt from SheInside and an American Apparel-dupe black pleated tennis skirt from SheInside.

The quality, admittedly, isn't perfect, but it's not too bad for the price. I'd suggest ordering a size or two up, because the shirt is very short in the front and in the sleeves. 

Although it's not the most comfortable or the most well-made item that I've gotten from SheInside, I'm glad that I picked this white button-down crop top, because it pairs so well with nearly everything!

More photos of the SheInside/SheIn cropped button-down shirt and black pleated tennis skirt.
Front, side, and back views of the cropped white collared shirt and black pleated tennis skirt from SheInside, aka SheIn.Cute, ulzzang-inspired outfit featuring a cropped button-down top and black pleated American Apparel-dupe tennis skirt from SheInside/SheIn.


The other two items that I got, namely the black floral halter romper and the long-sleeve white lace shift dress, are both dupes of popular items from Free People. Just for fun, I went into stores to try out the actual Free People items and see how SheInside's affordable alternatives compare.

The floral romper is a black, sleeveless halter-neck romper with a white, red, and green floral print. It has a deep V-neckline, low back, and flowy hem.

The halterneck floral romper from SheInside has a smooth material and bright floral print.

I found out that SheInside's photos for the floral halter romper (~$29) are actually photos of the Smooth Talker romper ($118) from Free People, but the actual product is quite different.

The major difference is the fabric. The Free People romper is made of a soft rayon material with a lighter, rougher feeling, while SheInside's floral romper is made of a thicker, smoother material. The original is flowier, but SheInside's romper is beautiful as well.

The skirt of the halterneck floral romper from SheInside.For a fun, cute summer jumpsuit, try SheInside/SheIn's halter floral romper, a dupe of the Smooth Talker Romper by Free People.

The neckline is pretty deep, although it is adjustable, and the halterneck straps can be tied to make it lower or higher based on your preferences. The quality, although different from the picture, is fairly nice; the romper is very comfortable, with a white lining inside and hidden zipper on the back.

I don't really have the figure to pull this off, but it's a very fun item. My favorite part of it is the back, with the low-cut design and tied straps. I could see this being a great item for the summer, especially on the beach.

If you're looking for a dupe of the Free People Smooth Talker romper, this may not be it, but if you're looking for a cute, fun jumpsuit for the summer, SheInside's floral halter romper is worth a try.

SheInside's floral halter romper is a dupe of the Free People Smooth Talker Romper, but with a smoother fabric and altered fit.
SheInside's halter floral romper is perfect for the beach, with it's low back, deep V-neckline, and bright florals.
Front, side, and back views of the halterneck floral romper from SheInside, a dupe of the Free People Smooth Talker Romper.


My final item from SheInside this time was a long-sleeve white lace shift dress (~$19), a dupe of the Secret Origins pierced lace tunic ($128) from Free People.

The lace dress was actually nearly exactly as pictured, just with a slightly lighter color and thicker collar. It has long sleeves, a white crepe skirt, a stand-collar design, and cutouts on the front and back. The material is lightweight, sheer, thin, and slightly stretchy, and the pattern of the lace and the stitching is pretty close to that of the Free People dress.

SheInside's long sleeve lace shift dress is a dupe of the Free People Secret Origins pierced lace tunic.
SheInside's lace shift dress is a cute, romantic white dress with long sleeves, a stand-collar design, and cute cutouts.

The quality is fine, and the fabric is surprisingly a lot like the fabric of the original, soft and flowy. The sizing is fairly accurate, but there's one thing that I'm not too satisfied with: the length.

While SheInside lists the length to be 78 cm, the actual length is longer, and the hem is longer in the front and back, shorter at the sides. Otherwise, I love everything else about this dress, and I'd consider it a nice dupe of the Free People dress for a much cheaper price!

Close-up of the neckline on the lace shift dress from SheInside, a dupe of the Free People Secret Origins pierced lace tunic for a cheaper price.
SheInside's lace shift dress is a soft, flowy, romantic dress that looks great with a black or white slip underneath.
The back of the lace shift dress from SheInside/SheIn, with its detailed lace design and white crepe hem.

Aside from the length issue, I'm very satisfied with this lace dress. The fabric is very comfortable, and the combination of the cutout and stand-collar on the front is gorgeous.

This dress works well with a white or black slip underneath, and it's a great piece for spring or autumn. You can pair it with boots and knee socks (#eatmykneesocks ;)), and add a fur vest or suede jacket for a sweet, romantic look.

For a romantic springtime look or a fun date, try matching a white lace shift dress, like this Free People dupe from SheInside, with a pair of rocking white booties and romantic curls.
SheInside's lace crepe-hem dress is a great dupe of the Secret Origins pierced lace tunic by Free People, with a romantic design that's perfect for a springtime date.
More photos of the romantic, bohemian-esque white lace cutout dress from SheInside, a dupe of the Free People Secret Origins pierced lace tunic.


This was yet another pleasant experience with SheInside, and I'd say that my favorite item out of this batch is the oversized white V-neck sweater. Check out my previous SheInside fashion reviews here, and be sure to enter my SheInside store credit giveaway!



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