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Saturday, June 27, 2015

{Fashion Review} Dresslink - Baroque Skirt, Maxi Skirt, Heart Choker, Star Sweater, + Lace Socks

I just received my second order from Dresslink, containing five items: a baroque-print bodycon skirt, polka dot maxi skirt, leather heart choker, star-print sweater, and a pair of sheer over-the-knee socks. And the amazing part is that all five items, combined with shipping, costed only $28! For such a cheap price, how was the quality? Read on to find out!

Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi's Dresslink fashion review, featuring a Harajuku choker, Wildfox dupe star sweater, lace stockings, baroque bodycon skirt, and sheer maxi skirt.

This is my second time ordering from Dresslink, a store that boasts an enormous selection of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and more for jaw-dropping prices. Most of their items are even under $10!

I've posted one previous review on three of their clothes, where I found that although the quality of the items usually isn't super amazing, it's still quite impressive considering the inexpensive prices. Plus, there are some items that are hidden gems, and they're definitely worth the price!

This time, I picked five items. Processing and delivery in total took a little under three weeks.


First up is the baroque-print bodycon skirt, a short, patterned skirt that comes in two different prints/colors, each for just $3.68! I picked the skirt in white, with a colorful print on the front.

The baroque skirt from Dresslink has a colorful palace print, perfect for parties.
Dresslink is a great shop for affordable clothing at wholesale prices, like this palace patterned bodycon skirt.

I really love the baroque-style print on the front of this skirt, which reminds me of a palace. The front of the skirt is very detailed and colorful, while the solid black back adds some nice contrast. The print and the colors look exactly as pictured in Dresslink's product photos.

Quality-wise, the skirt passes my expectations. It comes with an elastic waistband and is made of a very stretchy, flexible material. Sizing runs a bit small, but the fabric and the waistband have a nice amount of stretch. The material is thin, but not see-through at all.

This skirt looks great with solid-colored shirts and blouses for a look that's in-between dressy and casual. Here, I paired the skirt with a black sleeveless tie-front button-down shirt and black spiked platform booties (reviewed here).

I'm very pleased with this baroque, palace-print bodycon skirt; the print is elegant, classy, and beautiful, plus the skirt is comfortable to wear and fits well! I can't find any issues with it, and overall it's a great style steal for just $3.68.

An edgy-chic outfit featuring Dresslink's baroque palace bodycon skirt, a Forever 21 tie-front sleeveless shirt, and Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike dupe platform booties.
Pair intricately-patterned skirts, like Dresslink's baroque skirt, with simple tops like this Forever 21 tie-front blouse.
Dresslink's baroque bodycon skirt features a patterned front and solid back, along with a hip-hugging fit.
For an edgy party look, pair a skirt like Dresslink's baroque palace-print skirt with spiked platform booties.
Dresslink sells this baroque-style palace-patterned bodycon miniskirt for just $3.


Next up is the polka dot maxi skirt, a long skirt that has a solid lining and a sheer overlay. Costing just $5.62, this skirt comes in both black and white, with an elastic waistband and interesting polka dot design.

The hem on the polka dot sheer gauze/mesh maxi skirt from Dresslink.
Dresslink's polka dot maxi skirt, with a sheer mesh overlay.

Dresslink's product pictures for this polka dot mesh maxi skirt show two versions: one with a finished hem, and one with a raw-cut hem. The actual dress has a raw hem, so keep that in mind. The polka dots are small, like in the last few site photos rather than the first few.

The fabric isn't the best, but it's exactly as described and pictured on the site. The skirt fits very well, but it's a bit short even for me, so if you're taller, you'd have to wear it lower on the waist for it to be a maxi skirt. 

Depending on how high I pull it, the mesh overlay can come down to my ankles or end around five inches above. I like wearing skirts high-waisted, so I would've preferred if the outer skirt was longer.

The style of this skirt is definitely eye-catching, and the sheer polka dot overlay shifts and flows with every move, which creates a very lovely look, especially with a light summer breeze. I'm no expert coordinator, so I haven't figured out too many ways to wear this yet, but here I paired the skirt with a knit black-and-white crop top and black mesh wedges.

I think that the polka dot maxi skirt isn't a bad buy for the price, and the look of it is awesome. If the length was longer, I think I'd be in love!

Front, side, and back views of the black sheer mesh polka dot maxi skirt from Dresslink.
Maxi skirts are summer's most popular style item, and Dresslink sells a sheer mesh maxi skirt for just $5.
Full ulzzang outfit/OOTD featuring the polka dot mesh maxi skirt from Dresslink and a flowy cropped floral knit from H&M.
More modeled photos of Dresslink's polka dot mesh maxi skirt.
Outfit pictures with the polka dot maxi skirt from Dresslink, along with a floral H&M top.


The third item that I got from Dresslink was a heart choker, a black Harajuku-style faux-leather choker with a silver heart-shaped ring. This kind of choker has been on my wishlists for quite a while now, and Dresslink sells it for just $3.74 with free shipping!

Harajuku-style heart-ring leather chokers are super popular, inspired by punk, visual kei, and Creepyyeha.
Dresslink sells black faux leather heart ring Harajuku-style chokers for just $3 with free shipping.

The choker has three buttons to adjust the length; for me, the smallest length is slightly loose, but comfortable. The silver heart ring is a bit larger than I'd expected, but the choker looks just as pictured.

I've seen leather heart chokers like these in so many different stores lately, sometimes even pricing up to $25, so I'm impressed that Dresslink's $3.74 version looks just like the others! I did notice a weird smell when I first took the choker out of the bag, but after letting it sit for a few days, the smell is pretty much gone.

The quality is great; the faux leather material is soft, sturdy, and durable, and the choker stays in place pretty well.

Style-wise, this leather heart choker has a punk-inspired, Harajuku-esque vibe. It adds a cool flair to any outfit, and the simple black-and-silver color combination is easy to pair with clothing.

The Harajuku black leather heart ring choker, modeled with a black Wildfox dupe sweater.
Dresslink's Harajuku-style faux leather heart choker is the perfect edgy accessory.
The Harajuku black leather heart ring choker necklace from Dresslink, modeled with a Wildfox Seeing Stars Lennon sweater dupe.


My priciest item from Dresslink was the star-print sweater, which is still shockingly affordable, costing only $10.16. The sweater is sold in black or pink, but the pink color was sold out when I made my order, so I went with black.

Dresslink's black-and-white oversized sweater has distressed edges and a ripped hem, like the Wildfox sweaters.
Dresslink's $10 star sweater is made of a nice quality, with all tags attached.

This star-print oversized sweater came with tags and washing labels, which was a happy surprise to me. The sweater features a black-and-white star pattern, baggy fit, and distressed, ripped detailing on the sleeves and along the hem.

Dresslink's $10 sweater is a style dupe of the Wildfox Seeing Stars Lennon Sweater, which costs around $198. Aside from the sleeves being a bit shorter and the neckline being smaller, the sweater looks a lot like the Wildfox original, and it looks 100% true to Dresslink's product images.

Although the sweater had a bit of a factory scent at first, the quality otherwise seems quite nice. The fabric is super soft, comfortable, and warm. The distressed parts are a bit fragile, but I found the same issue with a $200+ Wildfox original sweater that I have, so I'd have to say that this $10 sweater is absolutely worth the price.

Here, I'm wearing the distressed sweater with the leather choker and the sheer stockings from this Dresslink package for a Harajuku-inspired outfit. 

I'm very satisfied with this star-print sweater. It's a wonderful, casual style, a sweet buy for the price, and I wish that Dresslink still had it in pink!

The dark grunge outfit, featuring the Dresslink Wildfox Seeing Stars Lennon sweater dupe and the Harajuku-style leather heart choker.
A dark, edgy, Harajuku-inspired outfit - the black-and-white ripped sweater from Dresslink, a black leather heart choker, and over-the-knee lace stockings.
Full photos of this edgy, Harajuku-esque outfit featuring lace-trim silk socks, Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike dupes, a Wildfox Seeing Stars Lennon sweater dupe from Dresslink, and a leather heart ring choker.
Pair an oversized, ripped sweater with feminine lace-trim socks for an edgy, Harajuku-inspired outfit.
Dresslink's dupe of the Wildfox Seeing Stars Lennon sweater is very soft and comfortable.
Full photos of this edgy, Harajuku-esque outfit featuring lace-trim silk socks, Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike dupes, a Wildfox Seeing Stars Lennon sweater dupe from Dresslink, and a leather heart ring choker.


The fifth and final item in this Dresslink package was the sheer over-the-knee socks. Costing just $1.62, these silk, lace-trim stockings are sold in black, white, pink, red, and purple; I picked black.

The lace-trim silk over-the-knee socks from Dresslink are sexy and affordable.

The quality of these lace-trim silk socks is wonderful; they're very smooth, stretchy, comfortable, and so far they seem to hold up pretty well. Because of how stretchy they are, I can wear them as knee socks or stretch them up to thigh-high socks without any hassle.

Overall, these sheer lace socks from Dresslink are a great choice for anyone who likes the style. The socks look exactly as pictured, as with a high majority of the other items that I've gotten from Dresslink. They're a wonderful, sexy item for a mindblowing price!

The lace-trim silk knee socks/stockings from Dresslink, modeled with studded black Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike dupe booties.
The ultimate girly-grunge look, with lace-trim sheer stockings and spiked black platform booties.
More photos of the lace-trim sheer silk socks from Dresslink, paired with spiked platform booties.
The lace-trim silk sheer knee socks from Dresslink, worn with black studded/spiked high-heel lace up platform booties, for the blend of sexy and edgy.
More photos of the lace-top stockings from Dresslink, an affordable and sexy fashion accessory.
Front, side, and back views of the lace-top silk knee socks from Dresslink, along with spiked high-heel lace-up platform booties.


My second Dresslink package was better than the first, and I love all five items. It's tough for me to pick a favorite, but it'd probably be between the leather heart choker and the lace-trim stockings.

If you're interested in getting stylish fashion at wholesale prices from Dresslink, definitely check out their flash buy products, which are a collection of popular dresses, tops, skirts, and more, sold for just $0.01 for limited periods of time each day! And if you're in need of swimsuits for the summer season, take a look at their hottest swimsuits, or check out my latest swimsuit wishlist!

As always, thanks for reading!


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