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Saturday, May 2, 2015

{Fashion Review} SheInside - Ripped Jeans x Sequined Crop Top

Get ready to rock in this fun, edgy outfit featuring the sequined silver eye pattern crop top, a dupe of the Reverse Eye Candy top, and the high-waisted ripped black skinny jeans from SheInside! Read on for my review.

The Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi intro picture for the SheInside fashion review, featuring a Reverse eye candy crop top dupe and black ripped skinny jeans.

Hey guys~ Today I've prepared a fashion review featuring two new items from SheInside! I picked out a sequined silver eye pattern crop top along with high-waisted ripped black skinny jeans for a fun, rock-inspired outfit.

The package shipped through DHL, and delivery was fairly quick, as usual. I got the clothes within two weeks of placing the order, and the entire process went smoothly.

The first item, the sequined silver crop top, costs only $13.57 at SheInside right now. The front of the top is covered in silver sequins with a bold blue eye pattern in the center, while the back is completely black. This edgy crop top also features a slight mock neck-style neckline with a contrasting black trim and zipper embellishment.

The sequined crop top from SheInside is a dupe of the Reverse Eye Candy crop top for a much cheaper price.

SheInside's silver sequined crop top features an eye pattern, black contrast trim, and zipper embellishment.

Quality-wise, I'm more than satisfied with this sequined silver crop top, especially for the price. One common issue that I've had with clothes that have sequins is that the sequins tend to fall off really easily, but the sequins on this top are attached very securely.

The material is comfortable, the stitching is even, and there are no loose threads, so I'd give the quality a rating of 5/5!

Here's what the sequined eye pattern crop top looks like, as modeled:

The sequined crop top from SheInside is nearly identical to the Reverse Eye Candy silver crop top.

Pair this edgy cropped sequin eye pattern top from SheInside with high-waisted jeans or skirts for a slimming, grunge look.

The style of this sequined crop top is actually the same as the "Eye Candy" crop top from Reverse. I believe Kendall Jenner wore the top a while back, and I've searched for it online, only to find that it was sold out. 

Luckily, SheInside carries the same style for a much cheaper price ($14 compared to $48). The only major difference that I've noticed between SheInside's dupe and the Reverse original is that the black collar is thicker and longer on the original, and the zipper is a bit different, otherwise it's virtually the same.

The top is very short, but accurate to the measurements on the website, and it looks great paired with high-waisted pants or a skirt.

Rock and grunge-inspired outfit featuring the ripped black skinny jeans and sequined eye pattern crop top from SheInside.

For this outfit, I'm wearing the sequin top with a pair of ripped skinny jeans that are also from SheInside. These black high-waisted pants are very versatile, and the asymmetric rips/holes provide an edgy twist.

Originally, I actually wanted a different pair of ripped jeans, but there was a mix-up and I ended up with these instead. They're fairly similar in terms of sizing, fit, and color, but the style is different.

Add a touch of grunge to your outfits with edgy ripped skinny jeans, like these high-waisted jeans from SheInside!

Full outfit featuring the silver Reverse Eye Candy sequin crop top dupe and high-waisted ripped jeans from SheInside, along with a cropped denim shirt.

Ripped jeans are simple, casual, and stylish; these high-waisted black ripped jeans are from SheInside, and only cost $16.

These high-waisted ripped jeans are very soft and stretchy. For skinny jeans, these are surprisingly quite comfortable. The skin-tight fit and black color also help create a slimming effect, and the style of these jeans works with nearly any top!

There were quite a few loose threads, however, and the button isn't too sturdy. The quality isn't perfect, but for just $16 it's not too bad either. I do wish that I got the original jeans that I picked, but I'm happy with these as well, and they go great with the sequined eye pattern crop top!

Front and back views of this edgy, grunge-inspired outfit. On top: the silver eye pattern crop top from SheInside. Bottom: ripped black jeans from SheInside.

SheInside's Reverse Eye Candy crop top dupe and ripped black high-waisted jeans make for a perfect outfit.

For less than $30, you can get the sequined eye pattern crop top and the black ripped high-waisted skinny jeans shown here, from SheInside.

For the perfectly stylish, edgy, and slimming party outfit, try pairing an eye-catching crop top like this Reverse Eye Candy crop dupe from SheInside with ripped skinny jeans and a shirt tied around the waist.

In total, it takes only $29.90 to get both the sequined eye crop top and the ripped black skinny jeans from SheInside. The sequined crop top is exactly as pictured and perfect in every way. The ripped black pants have some minor flaws, but overall the fit and style are great, so I'm happy with it!

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