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Thursday, April 9, 2015

{Fashion Review} Black Floral Skater Dress from SheInside!

I'm back again with a review of another dress from SheInside! I decided to pick something with a little more color this time, so I chose this sleeveless floral skater dress, which features a unique allover floral print and contrasting black trim on a scuba knit fabric. Review ahead!

The Eat My Knee Socks + Mimchikimchi intro picture for the SheInside fashion review of the black sleeveless floral flare dress.

I've reviewed quite a few other items from SheInside before, which you can read about here:

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This time, I picked a sleeveless skater dress with a colorful grid and floral print. Preparation took about five days, and shipping via DHL took around four days.

The dress features an all-over floral design, flared skirt, and concealed back zipper. The neckline curves in to form a sort of racer-front, mock-neck style. The top of the dress also has a solid black trim, which adds a contrasting touch from the intricate florals.

The racefront, mock-neck style neckline on the black floral skater dress from SheInside.

Close-up of the intricate floral pattern on the black sleeveless skater dress from SheInside!

Front, side, and back views of the sleeveless floral skater dress from SheInside.

This sleeveless floral skater dress from SheInside is made of a scuba knit fabric, which gives it a slight shininess and smooth finish. The dress is comfortable and holds its shape well, unlike cheaper dresses made from thinner fabrics. (On the other hand, since it's thicker than the fabric for most dresses, it's also warmer, so it's probably not the best choice for a hot summer day.)

Almost everything quality-wise about this dress is great, except that the back zipper tends to get stuck quite often. All the other aspects are true to SheInside's site photos!

More photos of the contrast-trim black floral skater dress from SheInside, a fun dress for spring.

The flared hemline of the SheInside off-shoulder skater dress is slimming and cute.

The neckline on the black floral skater dress from SheInside shows off a bit of your collarbones with an eye-catching contrast trim.

Below are the measurements given by SheInside for this flared floral dress:

Bust: S: 72-82cm | M: 76-86cm
Waist: S: 62-72cm | M: 66-76cm
Hip: S: 82-92cm | M: 86-96cm
Length: S: 63cm | M: 64cm

The sizing measurements listed on SheInside's page for the sleeveless floral skater dress are accurate for the most part, and the fabric gives a good amount of stretch. 

The only incongruity is the length: the actual length of the dress is around 80cm, measured from a size small, rather than the 63cm suggested on the website. I'm pretty sure that this is a good thing, since 63cm sounds more like the length of a shirt than the length of a dress, but it's definitely important to be aware of the actual length.

The SheInside black floral skater dress, modeled with a Forever 21 cardigan and Guess heeled boots.

You can wear the SheInside black floral/grid-print skater dress on its own or with a knit cardigan.

This grid-and-floral-print flared dress from SheInside is a great springtime fashion pick that can be styled up or down.

You can wear this dress on its own, or pair it with a jacket, coat, or knit cardigan in chillier weather. Here, I'm wearing it with a black crochet cutout Forever 21 cardigan and quilted high-heel boots.

The floral pattern on this sleeveless floral skater dress from SheInside is pretty unusual, and I love the mix of light, pastel-colored flowers with bold, bright-colored flowers. The style is perfect for spring, and the dress is also sold in white.

The exact print varies slightly from dress to dress; mine, for instance, has more flowers on it than the one in SheInside's site photos, but either way, I think the design is really beautiful and elegant!

SheInside's floral/grid-print black skater dress is also sold in white.

More photos of the SheInside black floral skater dress, paired with a Forever 21 crochet cutout cardigan.

More spring outfit photos featuring the SheInside floral/grid skater dress, Guess boots, and a Forever 21 cardigan.

Another photo of the black scuba-knit floral dress from SheInside, which has a cute fit-and-flare silhouette.

The flared skirt is cute and gives a bit of a slimming effect, and I also like the neckline, which shows off a bit of the collarbones. The dress is a good length, although I wouldn't mind if it was an inch or two shorter.


As a big fan of floral prints, I have a lot of floral dresses, but this sleeveless floral skater dress is a step above most of the others. The high-quality print and smooth, slightly thicker fabric make it suitable as a flirty day dress as well as a dress for fancier events. I do wish that the zipper was better, but everything else about it is great!

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