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Thursday, April 2, 2015

{Fashion Review} Romwe - Sleeveless Pastel Watercolor-Print Blouse!

In celebration of blue skies, blooming flowers, warm weather, and all the other tell-tale signs of spring (seasonal allergies, I'm looking at you), I've prepared a review of a sleeveless watercolor-print blouse from Romwe! This Romwe-only design combines pretty pastel hues with an artistic abstract print to create the perfect springtime top. Read on for the full details!

The EatMyKneeSocks/mimchikimchi intro picture for the fashion review of the pastel watercolor abstract-print blouse from Romwe!

After three pleasant shopping experiences with Romwe, I decided to try out another item from them in hopes of spicing up my spring/summer wardrobe. This is my fourth Romwe experience; you can read my previous reviews below:

Like the asymmetrical leather-trim skort that I previously reviewed from Romwe, this sleeveless watercolor-print blouse is a top that is only offered and designed by Romwe.

This blouse originally costed $23.99, but it's sold out now. The sleeveless shirt features a folded collar, single row button closure, and light, pastel watercolor print. It's made from a sheer chiffon fabric, and each individual shirt is uniquely printed, so the colors will vary from piece to piece.

I got the tracking number within 2 days of choosing the item, and the package arrived about 9 days later. The asymmetrical leather-trim skort was packed with a Romwe bag.

The sleeveless pastel abstract watercolor-print blouse from Romwe came in a clear Romwe bag, folded nicely.

Romwe's original design features a pointed pastel collar with soft white buttons.

The sleeveless pastel watercolor-print abstract blouse is unique to Romwe and can't be found anywhere else!

Close-up of the buttons on the sleeveless pastel watercolor blouse from Romwe.

Close-up of the abstract printed hem on the pastel watercolor shirt from Romwe.

As much as I love black-and-white clothing, I have a soft spot for pastels, and I'm obsessed with the fun pastel colors on this watercolor-print blouse. The abstract painting-esque look of the print is beautiful too, and I can't wait to wear this out as the weather gets warmer.

This sleeveless pastel-colored shirt from Romwe fits loosely and comfortably. It's a bit more sheer than the site photos make it appear, so I layered this top over a white lace bustier.

Here are some front and back photos of the blouse:

A cute spring outfit with the Romwe pastel watercolor blouse, American Apparel pleated tennis skirt, and Jeffrey Campbell Lita boot spikes. Inspired by ulzzang and pastel grunge styles.

The back of the sleeveless pastel abstract watercolor-print blouse from Romwe.

With its combination of pastel pinks, blues, and yellows printed on a semi-sheer chiffon fabric, this watercolor-print sleeveless blouse from Romwe really reminds me of springtime. You can pair this shirt with washed denim shorts, pastel skater skirts, or white skinny jeans for a bright, fun outfit. I chose to pair the shirt with a pleated white tennis skirt.

The quality of this pastel-print blouse is pretty reasonable for the price. There are quite a few loose threads, but they're mainly on the inside, and you can easily solve the problem with a pair of scissors and a couple extra seconds. The material is light and airy, and the abstract watercolor print is clear, cute, and colorful!

Romwe's unique pastel watercolor-print abstract shirt pairs nicely with a simple pleated white tennis skirt for a cute springtime OOTD.

More photos of the ulzzang-inspired springtime outfit featuring the sleeveless pastel blouse from Romwe and the pleated white American Apparel tennis skirt.

Full outfit photos of this pastel grunge/ulzzang-inspired spring outfit, featuring the Romwe pastel abstract watercolor blouse, white pleated AA tennis skirt, and spiked white booties.

The abstract watercolor blouse from Romwe is perfect for spring with its pastel hues and sheer fabric.

Watercolor-Print Sleeveless Pastel Blouse: 5/5

Overall, I'm super happy with the watercolor-print sleeveless pastel blouse from Romwe. Delivery time was fairly quick, the product was packaged nicely, and I think this shirt looks even better in person than on the site photos! This was my second time picking a product that's an original design by Romwe (read about the first one here), and it's definitely the perfect top for spring.

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Check out Romwe for more cutting-edge fashion and unique designs!

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Front, side, and back views of the pastel watercolor-print blouse from Romwe, paired with an AA pleated white tennis skirt.


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