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Thursday, April 30, 2015

{Fashion Review} Romwe - Lace-Up Rose Print Dress

Nothing says "spring" better than a floral dress, and the multicolored rose print dress from Romwe adds a perfect twist to this springtime essential, with edgy mesh paneling, a delicate lace-up back, and an elegant blue-and-purple floral print! Review ahead!

The Eat My Knee Socks/Mimchikimchi intro picture for the fashion review of the rose-print lace-up dress from Romwe.

I'm now a big fan of Romwe's original designs, and after two successful experiences with Romwe-only clothing (reviews here and here), I felt that I had to try some more!

This time, the item I'll be reviewing is a multicolored rose print lace-up dress, which features a sheer mesh neckline, long sleeves, and lace-up detailing on the back. This dress originally costed $34.99, but it is currently sold out.

The rose-print floral lace-up back dress from Romwe, a unique dress that's perfect for spring!

Close-up of the blue-and-purple rose floral print on the unique Romwe lace-up back dress.

Close-up of the mesh paneling on the neckline of the lace-up back dress from Romwe.

One thing I've noticed is that Romwe's items tend to sell out pretty quickly. Two of the other items that I wanted were unfortunately out of stock before I could order them, so I'd say if you're looking at something you like, it's better to grab it before it's gone! On the bright side, their service is pretty great, and they were very nice in handling returns and exchanges.

Order processing took around a week, and shipping via USPS took 5 days, within the usual time range.

The rose print lace-up dress comes with the laces in the back unlaced, so you can lace them to fit your own preferences. I've found that Romwe's original design items are, overall, better quality than the rest, and packaged a little nicer too!

Romwe's original designs are one-of-a-kind, high-quality clothes at fair prices, like this floral lace-up dress.

My favorite part about this rose-print dress from Romwe is the corset-style lace-up detailing on the back.

The front of this Romwe rose-print floral dress features mesh paneling at the neckline.

This floral lace-up dress from Romwe has quite a few unique style points. My favorite part is the corset-style lace-up detailing in the back, which not only adds an interesting flair to the dress, but also allows you to adjust the sizing and fit along the waist. I also love the mesh paneling toward the neckline on the front and back, which helps to break up the busy floral print.

The blue, gray, and purple-tinted roses are beautiful, detailed, and clear. The fabric seems somewhat like scuba knit material, which has a good amount of stretchiness and shape!

With the long sleeves and the scuba knit fabric, this dress is a bit too hot for a summer dress, but it's perfect for early spring or autumn.

Side view of the blue-and-purple floral rose-print dress from Romwe.

The combination of sexy mesh paneling and flirty floral prints make this lace-up Romwe dress a hit!

Close-up of the unique corset-style lace-up detailing on the back of the Romwe floral dress.

Spring is the perfect time for floral dresses, and Romwe's mesh lace-up back dress adds a fun, unique twist to this classic style.

Personally, I think that the length of this multicolored rose print lace-up dress runs a bit long, but the length of the sleeves is perfect. The sizing overall is pretty accurate to the descriptions on Romwe's site.

The back of the dress is super figure-flattering and one-of-a-kind, while the front is a bit more plain. This dress is only sold in size XS, but, as mentioned before, the waist and torso area can be altered by tightening or loosening the laces on the back.

Dress for spring in this cute rose-print floral dress from Romwe, which features mesh panels at the neckline and a lace-up back.

Romwe has an extraordinary selection of original design clothing, like this mesh-paneled rose dress.

The rose print lace-up back dress from Romwe features a unique black mesh neckline.

Modeled photos of the lace-up back rose print floral dress from Romwe.

Multicolored Rose Print Lace-Up Dress: 5/5

Overall, I love this multicolored rose print lace-up dress from Romwe, and I think I'm falling in love with their original designs. The quality is fair for the price, and the style definitely isn't something I'd see every day. I really hope that Romwe brings some of its Romwe-only products back in stock, because they're such well-made and one-of-a-kind products, and I need more of them in my wardrobe!

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Find more unique fashion at Romwe.com!

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