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Friday, March 27, 2015

{Review} Soufeel Silver Charm Bracelet (Pandora Dupe!)

I've heard about Pandora charm bracelets for a long time, but never really felt the urge to splurge on a $250+ bracelet (student budget struggles ;-;).. Luckily enough, I had the chance to try out a charm bracelet from Soufeel, an online jewelry store that's pretty similar to Pandora, but a lot more affordable! I picked seven charms and one bracelet for a total that was less than $150. Read on for the review!

The EatMyKneeSocks intro picture for the Soufeel charm bracelet review!

I was recently given the opportunity to create and review my very own charm bracelet from Soufeel, an online jewelry shop that offers charms, bracelets, necklaces, and more that are very similar to those of Pandora, but at a much more budget-friendly cost. Soufeel charms are made of 925 sterling silver and can fit a wide variety of bracelets, including Pandora bracelets!

I chose the exclusive 925 sterling silver bracelet in addition to seven different bracelet charms. Since I wanted the bracelet to stick with an all-blue color scheme, I picked charms that were either light blue or silver. Here are the charms that I chose:

My package from Soufeel was shipped with DHL. I got the tracking number within two days of picking the items, and delivery time was just five days!

The items were placed in a giant cardboard box. The box was slightly squished in the process of delivery, but the package itself was protected in a bubble-wrap envelope. The bracelet and charms came in a white gift box with a light blue bow, which happened to match the color scheme of my bracelet! Also inside the parcel was a white Soufeel gift bag and a jewelry cleaning cloth. As a huge fan of small details like packaging, I was pleasantly surprised with Soufeel's intricate packaging.

The Soufeel charms and bracelet came packaged in multiple bags and boxes for protection.
The box was slightly crushed, but the package (in the bubble-wrap yellow envelope) was safe.
The Soufeel charm bracelet came with a Tiffany-esque white box and gift bag!
The Soufeel bracelet and charms came with a gift bag and ribbon-tied gift box.
The white box from Soufeel has a cute light blue ribbon/bow at the top, making for a perfect gift box.

The bracelet and the charms from Soufeel were all packed in separate plastic bags and placed into the white gift box. I got eight items in total, including the bracelet, as shown below:

All seven Soufeel charms, as well as the sterling silver bracelet, were packed individually in small bags, then placed into the white gift box.

When choosing the pieces for my bracelet, I started off by picking the sterling silver bracelet, which happened to be the priciest bracelet that Soufeel offers, costing about $30. That being said, it's still a lot cheaper than the Pandora version, which is $65. I got the bracelet in the smallest size (16 cm or about 6.3 in), but looking back, I wish I sized up, since the charms take up quite a bit of space, which makes the bracelet smaller.

I chose the 925 sterling silver basic bracelet from Soufeel, similar to bracelets from Pandora.
The 925 sterling silver basic bracelet from Soufeel.

The first charm I picked was a four leaf flower charm with light blue crystals in the center. This sterling silver charm has a simplistic carved floral design, and the small, glittering crystals add a pop of color. The quality is flawless and the charm is exactly as pictured!

The four leaf flower charm from Soufeel is simple, pretty, and cute.

I especially love the light blue rhinestone on the four leaf flower charm from Soufeel.

The blue rose clip charm was the second Soufeel charm that I chose. Like the previous charm, this one also features a flirty floral design with light blue crystals. Instead of being mainly silver, however, the blue rose charm is coated in an aquamarine color, with silver segments serving as the outlines of the petals. There were no color differences, and the quality was great!

Soufeel's blue rose clip charm is a light turquoise color with a blue crystal in the center of the rose.

The Soufeel blue rose clip is well-crafted and a lot cheaper than Pandora charms.

My favorite Soufeel charm has to be the crown charm, which looks like a king's crown, adorned with blue, white, and red crystals. The details on this charm were finely crafted, and the many multicolored rhinestones give it that touch of royalty. 

(Note: it seems that the pictures on Soufeel's site for this crown charm have changed, and that the small white rhinestones have been replaced with red ones. When I chose it, the only red crystal was the one on the top, which is accurate to the product that I received.)

The crown charm from Soufeel is my absolute favorite bracelet charm.

Soufeel's crown charm is sterling silver with a mix of white, red, and blue rhinestones.

The details on the Soufeel crown charm are very well-executed and beautiful.

I wanted to add some highlights to my bracelet with dangling charms, so I picked the blue masquerade charm aswell as the silver leaf charm. The silver dangling leaf charm, which I initially thought was a wing-shaped charm, is sturdy and well-made. The white rhinestones give a dazzling effect to an otherwise plain charm. The mask charm was smaller and lighter than I'd expected. Compared to the others, this charm felt more fragile, and the light blue rhinestones aren't as shiny as the ones on the other charms.

The dangling silver leaf/wing charm from Soufeel, a Pandora-like store.

Another photo of the cute dangling leaf charm from Soufeel.

The masquerade mask charm from Soufeel.

Soufeel offers charms and bracelets similar to those of Pandora, such as this mask charm.

The flower basket charm from Soufeel was another silver charm with blue crystals. This one has an interesting curved design with a rhinestone-embellished ring around the center. The crystals were shiny, the quality was good, and the combination of silver and blue really works well on this bracelet charm.

Soufeel's floral basket charm is made from 925 sterling silver with blue rhinestones.

Soufeel's charms are affordable but well-made and accurate to photos. Plus, they can fit Pandora bracelets!

The last of the seven bracelet charms that I got from Soufeel was the big blue heart charm. Unlike the others that I picked, this charm has a bright medium-blue color heart in the center, surrounded by cute ridged edges. It's simple, eye-catching, and cute, and the craftsmanship is up to par with the other charms!

The last charm I got from Soufeel was this blue heart charm.

The Soufeel heart charm comes in a deep blue color with cute, detailed edges.

Another photo of the blue heart bracelet charm from Soufeel, a Pandora-esque jewelry store.

And, finally, here is my finished charm bracelet from Soufeel, featuring the crown charm, wing/leaf charm, blue heart charm, floral basket charm, deep-blue heart-shaped charm, rose charm, and mask charm! As mentioned previously, I didn't size up as much as I should have, so the bracelet ended up fitting rather snugly on my wrist after I added the charms. Nonetheless, I love how my bracelet turned out, and I think that the charms work really well together!

My completed Soufeel charm bracelet; affordable, high-quality, and beautiful!

If you're looking for a cheap alternative to Pandora charm bracelets, give Soufeel a look!

The charm bracelet from Soufeel is very well made and super-pretty!

More photos of the Soufeel charm bracelet, similar to Pandora charm bracelets.

The Soufeel charm bracelet, as worn.

Last photo of the Soufeel charm bracelet, a dupe of the popular Pandora charm bracelet style.

Overall, I had a very pleasant shopping experience with Soufeel and their custom charm bracelets. Shipping was fast, packaging was A+++, and all the charms looked exactly as pictured on Soufeel's website! Aside from the mask charm, which seems slightly fragile, the sterling silver charms are well-made and pretty great quality.

In total, the bracelet and charms from Soufeel cost a little under $150, which seems pricey for a bracelet, but when you consider that the charms are made of sterling silver (usually at least $15 for a basic charm) and that the Soufeel charms mimic the style of Pandora charms (usually anywhere from $30 to $75), it's actually a very reasonable price. Soufeel charms are also made to fit other jewelry bracelets such as Pandora bracelets, so if you've got a bracelet that needs some extra charms, you can find them for considerably lower prices at Soufeel!

Soufeel also offers 365-day returns and free worldwide shipping for all orders over $50. They have a bunch of new arrivals for the spring season, and newly registered customers can get 10% off any orders from the site. Mother's Day is coming up soon, and Soufeel charms and bracelets are perfect gifts for any special occasion!



*Disclaimer: The products in this review were provided by Soufeel, but all opinions expressed in this post reflect my honest and genuine thoughts.


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