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Thursday, March 19, 2015

{Fashion Review} UNIF "Ish" Velvet Leggings Dupe from SheInside!

Aaaaaaaand I'm back again with another fashion review! This time it's the black velvet cutout leggings from SheInside! These leggings are a dupe of the Ish Pants by UNIF, featuring the same double zipper design and hollowed knee cutouts. The UNIF original has been sold out everywhere I've looked, so I was psyched to find the same style at SheInside for just a fraction of the price! Review ahead.

Intro photo for the EatMyKneeSocks fashion review of the UNIF Ish Pants dupe velvet leggings from SheInside!

I'm beginning to lose track of how many clothes I've gotten from SheInside, but I believe that this is my fifth shopping experience with them.

For those of you who haven't read my previous SheInside reviews, feel free to check them out:

I've been hunting for the UNIF Ish velvet pants/leggings since last year, but I was never able to get my hands on them. Luckily, SheInside sells these black velvet cutout leggings that are the exact same style as the UNIF leggings.

The velvet leggings were marked as a priority shipping item, and delivery was quicker than I expected. I received the tracking number after five days of placing the order, and the package appeared in my mailbox after only three days!

Close-up of the double zipper detailing on these black velvet cutout leggings from SheInside, a dupe of the UNIF Ish pants.

Close-up of the shiny, soft black velvet fabric on these UNIF Ish pants-dupe SheInside leggings!

The first thing that caught my attention right after I took the leggings out of the bag was the fabric. These black zippered cutout leggings are made from one of my favorite materials of all time: velvet!

The velvet is soft, smooth, stretchy, and shiny, and the leggings feel super comfortable. The fabric is relatively thick, so you can actually wear these leggings as pants. There are also two pockets at the back, just like the UNIF Ish pants.

Quality-wise, the leggings are almost perfect, but I'm not too fond of the elastic waistband on the inside, which causes the top edge of the back to curl out a bit. You can see this in the left picture below:

Back, side, and front views of the zippered cutout black velvet leggings from SheInside, a dupe of the UNIF Ish leggings.

Otherwise, these black zippered velvet cutout leggings from SheInside surpass my quality expectations. The stitching is neat, the zippers work smoothly, and the velvet material is ultra plush and comfy.

The leggings fit fine, and I'd say they're fairly slimming. SheInside sells these for sizes XS through XL, and they fit true to size.

As mentioned earlier, these leggings/pants are a dupe of the Ish velvet pants by UNIF, which cost around $82 compared to SheInside's dupe for $25. The look and style of these zippered velvet cutout leggings is 100% identical to the photos and, as far as I can tell, identical to the UNIF original.

The SheInside leggings look just like the UNIF velvet Ish pants, with two zippers at the top and edgy knee cutouts.

The SheInside leggings are very slimming and have the same design as the UNIF Ish pants.

There are two pockets at the back of these UNIF Ish pants-dupe leggings from SheInside, making them edgy and functional.

The style of the black zippered velvet leggings instantly caught my attention, and they don't disappoint! The velvet leggings are dark and edgy with a grunge-rock vibe, not your ordinary black leggings. Noting this, it's definitely a bit tough to incorporate these leggings in an everyday, casual outfit, but these are great for adding a splash of style.

Aside from the elastic waistband, I can't find anything that I don't love about these velvet cutout leggings from SheInside! The price tag of $25 seems a bit high for leggings, but considering that these can double-up as pants and have such a unique look, the pricing is pretty fair. Quality is up-to-par as well, and I'm so glad that I got these!

Lastly, here are some all-black full-outfit photos with these velvet zippered SheInside leggings, a JollyChic sweater, and a crossed Free People top! The full OOTD post for this look will be up soon, so stay tuned!

Grunge-rock all-black outfit featuring the UNIF Ish Pants dupe from SheInside, an off-shoulder sweater, and a Free People layering top.

More grunge-rock outfit details including the UNIF Ish pants dupe velvet cutout leggings from SheInside.

These SheInside velvet cutout leggings provide the same style of the UNIF original Ish Pants at a much more reasonable price.

Bonus pictures of my upcoming grunge-rock OOTD, featuring these UNIF Ish Pants dupes from SheInside!
Dirty mirror pics woo!


 I've had another great shopping experience with SheInside, and I really love these zippered velvet cutout leggings! Although I'm not a huge fan of the stitching on the elastic waistband, everything else about these leggings is flawless! They're true to photos, comfortable, slimming, and all-around edgy and stylish.


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