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Sunday, March 15, 2015

{Fashion Review} Leather-Trim Asymmetrical Skort from Romwe!

The snow is melting, the weather is warming up, and it's finally starting to look like spring around here, which makes it the perfect time to wear this asymmetrical leather-trim skort from Romwe! These white-and-black shorts offer an interesting twist on the popular origami skorts, plus they're an original design that's only offered by Romwe. Interested? Read on!

The EatMyKneeSocks intro photo for the Romwe asymmetrical leather-trim skort review.

I'm back today with another fashion review featuring these lovely shorts from Romwe! This is my third order from them; you can read my past reviews by clicking on the links below:

I found these white shorts from Romwe and was instantly intrigued. Asymmetrical skorts have been trending quite a bit recently, and Romwe's leather-trim version adds an edgier flair to this popular style. These shorts have an unique front with a contrasting black leather hem, creating a clean-cut, minimalist style.

This leather-trim asymmetrical skort is one of Romwe's original items, originally priced at $42.36. It's currently sold out, but you can find similar styles on Romwe such as the graffiti letter-print asymmetrical shorts, plain black asymmetrical skort, plain white asymmetrical skort, rose print origami skort, and scribble-design origami skort, all around the $12-15 price range! 

The package from Romwe arrived within 12 days of receiving the tracking number, just under two weeks. The asymmetrical skort came in a Romwe bag, as pictured below:

The leather-trim origami skort from Romwe came packaged nicely in a Romwe bag.

As I mentioned earlier, these leather-trim asymmetrical shorts are uniquely designed by Romwe, and they aren't sold anywhere else, which justifies the higher price.

Here are some more photos of the skort, laid flat:

Here is the leather-trim asymmetrical Romwe skort, a minimalistic pair of simple yet chic shorts.

Close-up of the Romwe tag on the leather-trim skort, an original Romwe design.

Close-up of the black leather trim on these white asymmetrical origami shorts from Romwe.

The quality of these asymmetrical white leather-trim shorts from Romwe is nearly flawless. No loose threads, holes, tears, stains, etc., and the material is soft, stretchy, and comfortable! What bothers me a little, however, is that the fabric runs on the thinner side, which is particularly noticeable at the back. Aside from that, this skort meets all my standards for quality.

Size-wise, these shorts are a bit loose on me but they are true to the measurements listed on Romwe's website. The material stretches quite a bit as well, and the hidden zipper on the back makes it easy to wear.

And, of course, I really love the style and cut on these leather-trim shorts. The contrasting black-and-white is sleek yet simple, and the asymmetric cut, paired with the high-waisted fit, creates the illusion of taller height. The skort has pockets at the sides as well, so it's comfortable, functional, and stylish!

Here, I wore this asymmetrical white skort with a loose-fitting gray T-shirt, black "Hello" cap, and black wedge shoes. (*also: I've been gaining weight ever since the holidays, so brace your eyes for my fat legs lol)

The leather-trim asymmetrical skort from Romwe is easy to wear and very comfortable!

The leather-trim white-and-black origami Romwe skort, paired with a simple gray shirt.

More photos of the contrast-trim leather shorts from Romwe!

You can wear this leather-trim asymmetrical origami Romwe skort with a shirt over it or tucked in.

Full ulzzang-inspired outfit featuring the Romwe leather-trim asymmetrical original design skort, black wedges, a gray burnout T-shirt, and a Stylenanda-inspired Hello cap.

As you can see, this Romwe asymmetrical white leather-trim skort is slightly baggy on me, but nevertheless, I love the minimalistic look of it! You can wear it with a shirt layered over it, or with a shirt tucked in, depending on your preferences. If you're a fan of bold, effortless style, I'd say that these shorts hit the mark!

Alternatively, I switched out the cap and shoes for over-the-knee faux-suede boots and a black trench coat for chillier weather: (excuse the dirty mirror)

Alternative outfit coordinate featuring the Romwe asymmetrical origami skort, over-the-knee faux suede boots, a Zara black trench coat, and a gray T-shirt.


My third online shopping experience with Romwe was up-to-par with the previous two, and I love the white and black leather-trim asymmetrical skort, aside from the slightly thin fabric. This time, shipping took a relatively normal amount of time and the product was packaged very nicely. This skort is truly a one-of-a-kind design by Romwe, and hopefully it comes back in stock soon!

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Visit Romwe today for the latest in fashion trends, and be sure to take advantage of their deals and discounts!
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    lydia from

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