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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

{Fashion Review} Customized Floral Tulle Dress from eShakti

Hey guys! Today I've got a brand new fashion review of eShakti, a women's fashion store that focuses on high-quality, customizable clothing! I picked a floral tulle layer sateen dress, a black fit-and-flare dress with a sheer floral overlay. Review ahead, along with an exclusive discount code!

The EatMyKneesocks intro photo for the eShakti floral tulle dress fashion review.

Since I'm considered relatively short and thin here, it's sometimes hard for me to find clothes that fit right. I've never tried ordering custom-fit clothing before, but when I was contacted by eShakti to try out their customizable garments, I was really intrigued by the idea, and I took up the opportunity in a heartbeat.

Today I'll be reviewing a floral tulle layer sateen dress from eShakti, but first, here's a brief description of the store:

What is eShakti?

This was my first experience ever with eShaktiTo start off, here's their mission statement:
eShakti believes that all women have the right to wear affordable fashion that is made for them and makes them look their absolute best.

eShakti markets itself as the only online women's fashion site that sells sizes 0-36W and offers custom size options. Their fashion gives off a vintage, 60's mod-style, and everything in the store can be customized to fit your size and style needs.

The Review

A lot of eShakti's clothing doesn't really suit my style, but the floral tulle layer sateen dress caught my eye. This dress costs about $110, with options for custom size and style for an additional $7.50. It's a fun, flirty dress, and the floral details make it perfect for spring. The dress is made from a sateen fabric with with a sheer tulle overlay, giving it a formal touch.

After submitting my custom order, it took about 10 days to process before shipment. Shipping was really fast and only took 2 days! 
The dress was packed very nicely in a box with tissue paper and small clips.

Close-up of the keyhole neckline on the floral tulle dress from eShakti.

Close-up of the sheer tulle overlay and hemline of the floral eShakti dress.

First off, I have to say that the quality of this dress is great; it's everything I'd expect from a dress of this price! The material is smooth and crisp, the flowers are very well-made, and the tulle overlay skirt is structured yet lightweight. I especially love the small details, like the hook-and-zipper closure on the side and the extra button for the front, provided in case the first button falls off.

This black floral dress has a sheer tulle overlay, a fitted bodice, a high scoop neckline, and keyhole detailing. The material gives off a bit of shininess, and it's the perfect thickness for spring.

The fit-and-flare floral tulle dress from eShakti features a delicate keyhole neckline.

eShakti's floral tulle dress, along with their other clothing, can be custom-fit to your figure.

The skirt of the floral tulle dress from eShakti features a contrasting floral design and sheer overlay.

eShakti's floral tulle dress is very figure-flattering and slimming.

And, of course, seeing that eShakti focuses on customizable clothing, I took up the opportunity to customize the dress. eShakti not only allows you to put in your custom measurements, but also allows you to customize the style of the clothing, including sleeve length, dress style (mini, midi, etc.), and other options such as adding/removing pockets.

I decided to customize both the style and fit of the dress. I put in my desired measurements and also selected the option to remove the pockets on the dress.

When entering my desired measurements into 
eShakti's custom order form, I noticed that there was no specific length option. I could select things such as mini, midi, etc. for the dress length, but couldn't put in an exact measurement.

The dress was accurate to all the measurements that I provided, and I absolutely love how it fits! I purposefully listed my waist measurements a bit smaller than my actual waist so that it'd be more form-fitting, and it turned out great; I'd honestly say this is one of the best-fitting dresses I've ever worn.

Unfortunately, since there was no option to specify an exact length, the dress was too long for my personal preferences. It's meant to hit right above the knees, which it does, but considering that eShakti is a custom clothing company, I really wish they offered the choice to shorten the length of the skirt. If only I could've turned this into a mini dress, it would be perfect!

Everything about the floral tulle dress from eShakti is perfect aside from the length.

The back of the black floral tulle dress from eShakti.

eShatki's custom floral tulle dress is perfect for semi-formal occasions, parties, picnics, and spring gatherings.

The floral tulle dress from eShakti has a form-fitting bodice with a sheer flare skirt.

eShakti's floral tulle dress is high-quality, customizable, and stylish.

Last photo of the floral tulle sateen dress from eShakti.


I had a very pleasant experience overall with 
eShakti and their customizable clothing. The dress that I picked was customized exactly as I specified, shipped super quickly, packed nicely, and made with great quality and craftsmanship! My only wish is that I could've specified the length and turned this into a mini dress, but otherwise, the dress was amazing.


If you're interested in high-quality custom clothing, give eShakti a try! They're currently offering $40 off first orders for new users. Plus, you can use my discount code eatmykneesocks from now until 4/26/2015 for 10% off your purchase!


 Check out eShakti on social media! 


eShakti.com offers custom-made fashion at high quality and reasonable prices.




  1. wow, that dress looks gorgeous! :D
    i like the concept of eshakti ^^ for customized clothing they're really affordable....still too expensive for me though ;;

  2. Such gorgeous items! ● ⋏ ●

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