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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

{Review} TeaCupCastle - "Moon Princess" Quartz + Charm Necklace!

This week I received a lovely necklace from TeaCupCastle, an Etsy shop that sells handmade jewelry and accessories! The item that I picked was the Moon Princess necklace, a beautiful Sailor Moon-inspired necklace with a clear crystal point quartz and gold crescent charm. Review ahead.

Eat My Knee Socks intro picture for the TeaCupCastle Moon Princess necklace review.

TeaCupCastle is a very unique shop, full of adorable jewelry such as rings, necklaces, chokers, earrings, and more! Their items are handmade and the prices are fair and reasonable. TeaCupCastle also sells a lot of Sailor Moon-inspired jewelry, including the necklace that I received.

Here's a glimpse of some of their lovely products:

Some of the unique, handmade jewelry and accessories from TeaCupCastle on Etsy.

The store has so many quirky, whimsical pieces that I love, including the Wild and Free necklace and Black Magic choker pictured above.

TeaCupCastle kindly sent me their Moon Princess necklace, inspired by Princess Serenity from Sailor Moon. The store owner was very prompt and friendly in responding to my questions.

Shipping from Los Angeles was quick, and it took just under a week for the necklace to arrive at my doorstep in New Jersey! The package arrived in an envelope with bubble wrap to keep it safe. Inside was the necklace, which was placed in a sheer organza drawstring bag with a sparkly silver pin.

The package from TeaCupCastle came with a business card, and the necklace, placed in a clear organza bag with a silver pin.

Also in the package was the super-cute business card for TeaCupCastle:

The adorable business card for TeaCupCastle.

Shipping & Service: 5/5

Now, onto the necklace!

The Moon Princess necklace features a clear crystal point quartz and golden crescent moon charm on a silver chain with a lobster clasp. It costed $18, but it's sold out now since there was only one available, like with most of the items in the shop. 

The Moon Princess necklace from TeaCupCastle, featuring a clear crystal point quartz and a gold moon charm

Close-up of the clear crystal point quartz on the Moon Princess necklace.

Close-up of the golden crescent moon charm on the Moon Princess necklace from TeaCupCastle.

The beautiful clear quartz and gold moon charm on the Sailor Moon-inspired Moon Princess necklace.

Simply put, this necklace is gorgeous. The crystal point quartz is beautiful, and the golden moon charm adds a special touch. The design is really cool, and I love how the quartz hangs lower than the moon charm. The moon charm is around 3-4 inches past collarbone-length, while the quartz hangs three inches lower from an extended chain. It's a very unique piece of jewelry, but it's also so versatile, and it instantly adds a highlight to any outfit!

This is what the Moon Princess necklace looks like when worn:

The Moon Princess necklace, modeled with a black dress.
The Moon Princess necklace, modeled with a cream-colored sweater.
More photos of the Moon Princess quartz and charm necklace from TeaCupCastle.

Isn't it beautiful? The quality of the necklace is also perfect. The chain and clasp are sturdy, and the moon charm and clear quartz are both very well-made. I'm amazed with the craftsmanship, especially for such a reasonable price!

Style & Quality: 5/5

Overall, I had an absolutely wonderful experience with TeaCupCastle. Everything from service to shipping to style and quality was great, and I give 5/5 for every category!

Overall: 5/5

The adorable business card and stunning Moon Princess necklace from TeaCupCastle.

 →   →  ♥      

TeaCupCastle's jewelry is truly one of a kind, so check out the shop, & if you see something that catches your eye, act quick and purchase it before it's gone!
 →   →  ♥      

Thank you so much to TeaCupCastle for sending me this lovely necklace to review!



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