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Saturday, February 28, 2015

{Fashion Review} Black V-Neck Lace Dress from SheInside! (Free People Reign Over Me Dupe)

Hey lovelies, how was your week? It's been pretty rocky for me, so I'm celebrating the arrival of the long-awaited weekend with a new SheInside review! I got a black v-neck lace dress that looks just like the Reign Over Me dress from Free People, but it's only a quarter of the price! Review and comparison ahead!

Intro picture for the Eat My Knee Socks review of the Free People Reign Over Me lace dress dupe from SheInside!

As much as I've been hoping to brighten up my wardrobe, I've found that I simply can't stay away from dark colors, which is perhaps why this is my fourth piece of black clothing from SheInside! You can read my previous SheInside fashion reviews here, here, and here, which include a black collared bodycon dress, American Apparel dupe tennis skirt, and lace bodycon dress!

This time, the item I chose was a black long sleeve v-neck lace dress. The dress caught my eye with its embroidered floral mesh overlay, deep v neckline, and sheer back detailing. SheInside also sells this lace dress in red and white. I debated for a really love time between the three colors, but finally chose black since no one's posted a picture of the black dress yet!

Style-wise, this dress appears to be a dupe of the Reign Over Me dress made by Free People. The Reign Over Me lace dress costs $128, while the SheInside dupe is currently on sale for $29.99! I tried on the Free People original back in January, so I'll be doing a little comparison in addition to the review.

Speaking of the review, here it is!

The Review

This is what the long sleeve lace dress from SheInside looks like when laid flat:

The black v-neck lace dress from SheInside, a dupe of the Free People Reign Over Me dress.

As you can see, this black long sleeve v-neck lace dress has a very deep v-shaped neckline, scalloped lace hem, and slightly flared fit. The dress is partially lined in the front and the skirt, while the sleeves and back panel are sheer. There is a hidden size zip for easy wear.

The quality of this Free People-esque lace dress from SheInside is nearly flawless. There were a couple of loose threads, but aside from that, I have absolutely no issues with the material or craftsmanship. 

The Free People Reign Over Me dupe from SheInside, worn with the strappy front bra from FP.

OOTD featuring the v-neck SheInside lace dress, Free People strappy front bra, and over-the-knee boots.

SheInside's dupe of the Free People Reign Over Me lace dress features a deep v-neck and embroidered overlay,

The deep v-neck lace dress from SheInside is very comfortable and flowy. The lace detailing is executed very well, and I have to say that it looks pretty high-quality for a dress of its price!

Comparison #1 - Quality: Compared to the Free People original, which is more than four times the price of SheInside's lace dress, the quality and material is actually very, very similar!

Comparison #2 - Neckline: Looks-wise, the neckline on the SheInside lace v-neck dress is identical to that of the Free People original. The actual Free People lace dress, however, had small hook closures on the neckline, so that you could hook together the front so the neckline isn't as deep or showy. If you just want to wear it as a deep v-neck dress, then this isn't a problem for you, but if you don't want to show so much skin, you'd have to wear something underneath.

I wore this dress with faux suede over-the-knee wedge boots. and a strappy Free People bralette underneath the dress, since the neckline is a bit low for me.

More photos of the v-neck lace dress from SheInside, a Reign Over Me dress dupe.

The scalloped lace hemline on the SheInside dupe of the Free People Reign Over Me lace dress in black.

Continuing on the topic of style, I think this black long sleeve v-neck lace dress from SheInside is super pretty and delicately stunning. The sheer embroidered lace overlay gives it a very distinct flair, and the tiny crochet trims on the sleeves and neckline add to the delicacy and beauty of this piece.

The highlight is definitely the unlined sleeves and back panel, which are virtually the same as pictured! The only style flaw that I've found is that the embroidery on the sleeves isn't completely symmetrical.

Comparison #3 - Overall Looks: I love how it looks; nearly identical to the site photos & the Free People Reign Over Me lace dress!

The highlight of this lace SheInside dress is the sheer back panel, identical to that of the Free People original.

More pics of the Free People "Reign Over Me" lace dress dupe made by SheInside!

And, finally, sizing. I got this black long sleeve v-neck lace dress in size S. These were the listed measurements for my size:
Shoulder: 36 cm
Bust: 84 cm
Waist: 66 cm
Length: 83 cm
Sleeves: 57 cm

For the most part, the fit was great, and, as with my previous experiences with SheInside, most of the measurements are accurate to the sizing in the product description. The length is fine, and the torso area pulls in just enough to accentuate the waist without detracting from the flowy feel of the dress. The bust runs a bit small, but the deep v neckline makes up for that.

I wish that the sleeves on this dress were longer. They're about 57 cm, just as advertised, but I have slightly longer arms, so the sleeves are sadly a bit too short for me. 

Comparison #3 - Sizing/Fit: Compared to the Free People Reign Over Me lace dress in size XS, the SheInside v-neck lace dress in size S is pretty much the same in terms of fit and measurements. The only difference is the sleeves; the original has longer sleeves, while SheInside's run a bit short.

Close-up of the black embroidered floral lace hemline on this SheInside bell-sleeved dress.

SheInside's dupe of the Free People Reign Over Me lace v-neck dress is less than a quarter of the original price!

Mesh and lace detailing on SheInside's Free People-dupe black lace dress.


I'm once again impressed with SheInside and their quality, style, and overall accuracy! The long sleeve v-neck lace dress is exactly as pictured and as described, even though I wish the sleeves were longer. I'd say it's an awesome dupe of the Reign Over Me dress from Free People, but make sure to measure yourself and follow the size descriptions on SheInside's site!

For $29.99, it's a great buy, and if you're a fan of lace dresses, check out this dress from SheInside, also offered in red and white!

More OOTD photos in the black v-neck FP dupe from SheInside, paired with the Free People strappy front bra and faux suede tall boots.

The Free People strappy front bra, SheInside dupe sheer lace dress, and over-the-knee boots.

SheInside's black v-neck lace dress is the same in style as the Free People Reign Over Me dress!

Quality: 5/5

Well-made, detailed, and elegant!

Sizing: 4/5

Accurate to product descriptions, but the sleeves are short for me.

Style: 5/5

Identical to photos; perfect!

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SheInside offers 20% OFF your first order in addition to a bunch of other great deals, so be sure to check them out for the latest in fashion and style!
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Photos in the Free People Reign Over Me dupe from SheInside, a beautiful black lace dress with a deep v-neckline.

Thank you to SheInside for the wonderful dress!



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