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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

{Fashion Review} Romwe - Strapless Lace Dress (Self-Portait Phantom Dress Dupe)

The snow is back, and so am I with another Romwe fashion review! I decided to kick it up a notch and try out one of their pricier items, this strapless embroidered lace dress, which is a dupe of the Self-Portrait Phantom dress. So, how does a $48 dupe compare to the $415+ original? Read on to find out!

Hey guys! Today I've got another review of trendy clothing from Romwe! Previously, I wrote a review of a red jacquard dress and lace-trim sweater from Romwe, which you can read here.

This time, I received a strapless embroidered lace dress, which features a nude lining with a black lace overlay. But, before I go on to the review, here's what you should know about the store:

Romwe Intro

Romwe is a huge fashion site that sells many dresses, tops, skirts, pants, leggings, jewelry, shoes, handbags and more. They run many deals and sales throughout the year, in addition to free shipping on orders over $50 as well as 60% off your first order.

I've heard many fashion bloggers rave about Romwe, and my previous experience with them was great, so I was ecstatic to get another item from them!

The Review

The item that I got this time from Romwe was a strapless embroidered black lace dress. Most of Romwe's clothes are quite affordable, but this is one of the pricier items, originally costing $93.16. Fortunately, the dress is currently on sale for $48.00, around half of the regular price.

The Romwe strapless lace dress, a dupe of the Self-Portrait Phantom mini dress.

Close-up of the lace embroidery detailing on the Romwe strapless lace dress.

The scalloped ends of the Romwe (Self-Portrait Phantom dress dupe) lace dress.

When I chose it, this strapless mini dress was marked as "ships in 24 hours", and sure enough, I got the tracking number for the shipment in less than a day after the order was placed.

Shipping from Romwe was amazingly quick, even quicker than last time. My package was shipped out on February 9th, and I received it on Valentine's Day, so shipping took just five days!

The style & look of this dress is what attracts me to it. The dress has a short, strapless silhouette, fully lined with a nude-colored fabric and an intricate black lace overlay. The back of the dress has an exposed zipper, and Romwe sells the dress in three sizes: S, M, and L.

The neckline on the strapless lace dress from Romwe.

I was looking up the dress online when I found that it's a dupe of the Phantom Dress by London fashion brand Self-Portrait. Judging from the site photos, the two dresses have the same cut, same lace design, and same colors. The difference? Romwe's dress is $48 (regular price $93), while Self-Portrait's original design costs $415. Even though I've never purchased a Self-Portrait dress, I wanted to see if Romwe's dupe was the same (or, at least, looks the same) as the nearly nine times more expensive original.

When I took the strapless embroidered lace dress out of the package, I first noticed how great the quality was.

The embroidered black overlay is made from a sturdy, structured lace fabric, same as pictured. The dress also has a thin silicone rubber strip lining the entire top seam on the inside, which helps keep it from falling. The bust is padded, so you can wear it on its own if you like.

There were no loose threads, splits, holes, etc; the dress came in perfect condition. The fabric feels thick without being heavy, and the lace overlay is very high-quality. Compared to the usual $15-25 dresses, this lace bandeau dress from Romwe definitely owns up to its higher price.

More photos of Romwe's dupe of the Self-Portrait Phantom strapless lace mini dress.

Romwe's dupe of the Self-Portrait strapless "Phantom" dress features black lace embroidery and a raw edge.

Style-wise, the dress looks almost 100% identical to the photos on Romwe's site, and also almost 100% identical to the Self-Portrait original Phantom bandeau dress! The shape, embroidery, and colors are the same as far as I can tell; the only noticeable difference is that Romwe's dress has a golden zipper on nude fabric, whereas the photos show a silver zipper on black fabric.

I really love the shape of this dress and the scalloped lace overlay. It's a formal dress, great for parties and special occasions. While I do feel like the style doesn't quite suit me, I love how unique this Romwe lace bandeau dress is.

The Romwe strapless lace dress has an exposed back zipper and strapless silhouette, like the Self-Portrait Phantom dress.

The sizing of the dress, however, wasn't as accurate as the sizing of the clothes I got last time from Romwe. I picked this dress in size S, which is listed to have the following measurements:

Bust: 89 cm (~35")
Waist: 64 cm (~25")
Length: 51 cm (~20")

When choosing this dress, I took a risk because the listed bust measurement is a lot bigger than my actual measurements and the listed length is extremely short.

Interestingly enough, both of my issues were solved with the actual sizing of the dress. The bust fits pretty well; it's not super-tight, but the inner silicone lining keeps it from slipping. I'd say the measurement is around 78-81 cm, not 89 cm as advertised, but this discrepancy was actually a benefit for me.

The length of this lace dress is also different from the site measurements. From the top of the side to the hem of the lace overlay (shortest length), the length is about 62 cm. From the middle of the front to the hem of the lace (longest length), it's around 70 cm. Personally, the dress is slightly too long for my personal preferences, but it's a safe length.

The waist sizing is roughly the same, maybe a centimeter or two smaller. There is no hook closure with the zipper, so it slides if I move too much. The original Self-Portrait Phantom dress also doesn't seem to have a hook closure on the back, so I'll let that slide.

More photos of the Romwe strapless lace dress/Self-Portrait Phantom dress dupe.

Overall, sizing-wise, be aware that the actual measurements of this strapless lace dress vary from the listed measurements. In my case, this turned out to be a good thing, but it's still something you should keep in mind.

All in all, I think this lace bandeau dress from Romwe lives up to its price. The sizing isn't very accurate, but the quality is stunning and the style is exactly as pictured. If you're looking for a unique-designed, elegant and classy strapless dress, check it out here!

Full view, hemline, and neckline of the strapless lace dress from Romwe.


My second experience with Romwe was good overall. Shipping was speedy, packaging was fine, and the strapless embroidered black lace dress that I got was stylish and high-quality. Although I wouldn't say that the dress suits me very well, it's a great steal for the price.

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Visit Romwe today for the latest in fashion trends, and be sure to take advantage of their deals and discounts!
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