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Friday, February 6, 2015

{Review} Milanoo - Wig, Lace Dress, and Spiked High-Heel Booties!

I'm very excited to be writing my first review of Milanoo, an online apparel group that sells everything clothing-related from everyday fashion to wedding gowns and cosplay items! I'll be reviewing three items, including a curly brown wig, lace bell-sleeved dress, and spiked white high-heeled platform booties. Read on for the details.

The EatMyKneeSocks intro picture for the Milanoo wig, shoes, and fashion review.

What is Milanoo?

I've done quite a few clothing hauls and reviews before, but Milanoo is quite different from most online fashion boutiques. Taken from their site:

Specializing in clothing, Milanoo is more than a website with clear categorization of its products aiming to create a memorable customer experience and provide excellent service. It is also a cultural website that is dedicated to creating various themes: wedding dresses and evening gowns, cosplay costumes, sexy apparel, fashionable clothes and family themed clothes.

As stated, Milanoo sells trendy clothing, cosplay items, costumes, wedding gowns, and everything fashion-related from pajamas to formal wear. Sounds cool, right? Well, let's see how the actual items are.

My Milanoo Experience

Shipping took around three days or so via UPS Express, which was great! Processing, however, was on the slower side, and it took over 15 days before the order shipped out.

The Review

I have never worn a wig before, so I choose this long brown wig to test it out and see how I feel about wigs in general.

The wig was packaged nicely and arrived without any flaws. It's slightly wavier/curlier than the site photos, but the length is accurate. The color is a medium-dark brown that has some reddish-brown highlights in sunlight, which I really love!

Quality-wise, this wig is also pretty great. The hair is soft, smooth, and natural-looking, and the wig feels comfortable. The curls do get messed up if you try to brush them or move them around too much, but that rings true for wavy/curly hair in general.

Unfortunately for me, this medium-brown wig just didn't compliment my obnoxiously round face. The wig is a bit too curly for me, and the bangs are too short for my personal preferences, so it looks rather awkward when I wear it.

Even though this long brown wig doesn't fit my face shape, I think it'd look great on people with smaller jawlines and v-line faces! It gives off a sweet, cute, ulzzang-esque look, so if that's something you enjoy, check out this wig from Milanoo! Even if this one isn't your style, Milanoo has many other wigs in different cuts and colors, to suit everything from dramatic cosplay to everyday, natural hairstyles.
Photos in the ulzzang-style curly long haired brown wig from Milanoo.
Excuse my face ^^;
More photos of the brown wavy long wig from Milanoo, held in sunlight.
The curly brown wig from Milanoo. There are a lot of flyaway hairs here because I tried to brush it, haha. (Tip: don't run a comb through curly hair.)

Long Curly Brown Wig: 4/5
Great quality, color, and style, but it just doesn't suit me.

Another item I got from Milanoo is this off-shoulder bell sleeve lace dress, a bohemian, vintage-style white dress with a lace overlay and wide butterfly sleeves. The top of the dress has an elastic band, so you can wear it normally or stretch it to fit like an off-shoulder or one-shoulder dress.

The bohemian white lace bell sleeve dress from Milanoo.

The lace overlay and silk-like lining on the off-shoulder white lace Milanoo dress.

Close-up of the bell sleeves on the white lace summer bohemian dress from Milanoo.

This lace dress gives off a very summer-y vibe, and since I've been trying to lighten up my closet and stop wearing dark colors all the time, I picked out this dress to try.

When I first tried it on, however, I was very disappointed. The dress has two layers: a white, silky lining and a lace overlay. Sadly, even with both layers, the fabric is pretty much see-through.

On the bright side, the sheerness isn't too much of a problem if you have something along the lines of a white or nude-colored slip. I don't have any, so I instead wore a white lace bustier and white pleated tennis skirt underneath.

Modeled photos of the Milanoo bell-sleeve lace off-shoulder dress, worn with Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike dupes and a pearl kitty headband.

Off-shoulder neckline of the lace Milanoo dress, worn with a crystal rose quartz choker from JollyChic.

More modeled photos including the white lace Milanoo dress, white platform spiked booties, and white pearl cat headband.

Aside from the sheerness, the dress is true to the site photos. As you can see, it runs a little long and baggy on me, and, as someone who's never tried the bell-sleeve trend before, I'm still not used to the sleeves. 

When paired nicely, however, this lace dress is quite beautiful, and I think it'd work great in the spring or summer! The off-the-shoulder style is really pretty, and the white lace overlay adds a feminine, fairy-like touch.

I also tried wearing the dress as a top by tucking it into a skirt, and in my opinion, that didn't look too bad either.

You can also wear this lace beel-sleeve off-shoulder dress from Milanoo tucked into a skirt like this white pleated American Apparel style tennis skirt!

More photos of the lace bell-sleeve Milanoo dress, worn with a white pleated tennis skirt and a crystal choker necklace.

Continuation of this all-white OOTD featuring the lace bell-sleeve Milanoo dress, Jeffrey Campbell Lita dupes, and a white AA tennis skirt.

Last photo in the Milanoo white lace bell-sleeve off-shoulder dress.

So, despite my initial disappointment with the quality, this bell sleeve lace dress from Milanoo is actually quite lovely. It's a vintage-y, bohemian style that I've never worn much of before, and I'm sure I'll be wearing this quite often when summer arrives! The more I look at it now, the more I like it. But, of course, I really wish that it wasn't so sheer.

Off-Shoulder Bell Sleeve Lace Dress: 3/5
Looks beautiful once you figure out how to wear it, but the material is see-through.

The last item from Milanoo was this pair of white spiked high-heeled platform booties. These shoes are made from a white faux-leather material with a mix of round and spiked silver studs on the back and the heel.

The spiked back and heels on the studded white platform booties from Milanoo.

Side views of the spiked white high-heel booties from Milanoo, similar to Jeffrey Campbell's popular Lita booties.

More front and side views of the white spiked platform high-heel booties from Milanoo.

These white spiked booties are very similar to Jeffrey Campbell's Lita Spike platform shoes, but are much more affordable.

This style has been popular for quite a while, as it resembles the Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike platform booties. I debated for a long time between getting these shoes in black or in white, but eventually chose white because I don't have any white boots, and I figured it'd help me out with my stop-wearing-so-much-dark-colors-all-the-time campaign ;D

These spiked high-heeled booties are, without a doubt, my favorite item from Milanoo. Firstly, the quality is great, and the studs/spikes are fastened securely. It's rather heavy due to the chunky heel, platform, and spikes, but the style is ultra flattering and gives an amazing height boost!

The white spiked platform booties from Milanoo, as worn.

Milanoo's affordable white spiked high-heel platform booties are great for making you seem taller.

Final photos of the Milanoo white spiked platform booties, worn with the lace bell-sleeve dress and a white pleated tennis skirt.

If I were to be super picky, I'd say that the sole of the shoes is a bit too orangey in color, which makes it look cheaper. But that's something I can easily forgive, because I love the look of these shoes.

These white booties are everything that I asked for, and for a price of just $41.99 (as opposed to the real Jeffrey Campbell booties that sell for $190), I'm beyond satisfied! Of course, I'm sure the quality isn't as great as the real product, and it is made from faux leather rather than real leather, but as someone who was simply looking for style, these spiked booties are perfect!

White Spiked High-Heel Booties: 5/5
One word: perfect!


My first experience with Milanoo was pretty conflicting, but overall I'm glad I decided to try it out. While the wig wasn't as flattering as I'd hoped, the quality is great. On the other hand, while the lace off-shoulder dress met my requests for style, the material was much too sheer and simply not up-to-par. Thankfully, the white spiked booties cheered me up, and I'm looking to possibly get them in black as well!

Milanoo definitely offers extensive selections of fashion items, and I think they're worth a shot, but be careful when ordering, and make sure to read the customer reviews, because not all products are 100% as pictured.

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Milanoo is an online destination for anything and everything fashion-related, including everyday trends, cosplay costumes, evening wear, and wedding gowns. Check them out and see what you think!
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  1. oh dear, you ordered from milanoo?
    good to hear that you didn't have a bad experience with them, and the items you got look good too. but they're pretty famous for ripping off customers and selling 2$ taobao items for 15$ ...be careful if you order again from them D:

    1. Aw thanks for the advice! c:
      And yeah, I've heard quite a few terrible stories about them so I'm relieved that my order went well. Tbh a lot of stores here in the US sell extremely overpriced stuff that I can find on Taobao for way cheaper, so I'm used to it xD

  2. omg you look like a member of snsd in your pics ^^ it's such a shame that the dress is so sheer ;; at least the lita look a likes turned out well!


  3. does the size for the heels run small or something? or is it true to size?

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