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Saturday, February 21, 2015

{Haul + Review} JollyChic #3 - Stylenanda, Free People, For Love & Lemons, Nastygal, Black Milk Dupes + More!

I guess I must be addicted to online shopping, since I just received another fashion haul from JollyChic! I tried to pick out some interesting items, including patterned lace tights, a shiny faux-leather skater dress (Black Milk dupe), a cropped knit top, an oversized pink cardigan, a lace top + skirt set (For Love & Lemons-inspired), a tie-back crop top, and a bell-sleeved floral dress (Free People dupe). Photos & details ahead!

Eat My Knee Socks intro photo for the 3rd JollyChic fashion haul, featuring dupes of Black Milk, Stylenanda, Free People, Nastygal, and For Love & Lemons.

This is my third haul from JollyChic; you can read about my previous fashion hauls here and here! Both of my previous shopping experiences were nice, so I decided to try out some more items from this store.

For a more detailed description of JollyChic, check out my first review, but other than that, here's all you need to know:

JollyChic is an online shopping site based in Hong Kong that sells clothing, footwear, bags, accessories, etc. They have special discounts from time to time, and they offer free express shipping on orders over $69 in the U.S., Europe, or Singapore and free express shipping on orders over $99 in all other countries. I love their variety of items and wide selection of different style clothing!

My 3rd JollyChic Experience

The processing and preparation period was very short this time, and my order was shipped out within three days! Delivery with DHL took four days, quick and speedy since my order qualified for free express shipping.

The items were all packaged separately in clear plastic bags, then combined in a large envelope. Each item came with a JollyChic tag.

My order:

All the items I got from my third JollyChic fashion haul, including a wet-look skater dress, pink crop top, lace floral shift dress, pink oversized cardigan, white tie-back crop top, lace tights, and lace crop top/skirt set.

The Review

➊ Black Lace Patterned Tights

These black lace patterned tights are the cheapest item that I got as part of my third JollyChic fashion haul, costing only $3.99! The fishnet-esque stockings feature vertical stripes with a floral lace panel.

These lace black tights came in perfect condition, and the quality is great for the price. I love the pattern of these Harajuku-style tights, which is exactly as pictured!

My only complaint about these black lace patterned tights from JollyChic is that they're a bit short, even on me. They're very stretchy, but the floral panel hits me right on the knee and slightly below the knee, not slightly over the knee as pictured. Nevertheless, I love these patterned stockings, and I'm amazed that they only cost $3.99!

The floral lace striped tights from JollyChic.

These stockings have vertical fishnet stripes and a floral panel insert.

These JollyChic Harajuku-esque black lace tights are great for spicing up an outfit.

Black Lace Patterned Tights: 5/5
Unique and affordable!

➋ Black Milk Dupe Wet Look Reversible Skater Dress

Another one of the items I picked from JollyChic was this wet look reversible skater dress, a dupe of a dress from Black Milk, sold for just $13.99 on JollyChic compared to ~$47 from Black Milk.

The dress is very comfortable, form-fitting, and easy-to-wear. The style and sizing is the same as the photos on JollyChic's site.

The highlight of this dress is that it's reversible! The design makes it pretty much a 2-in-1 dress which can be worn on both sides, either as a racer-front dress or a simple scoop-neck skater dress. 

The wet-look reversible skater dress from JollyChic, a dupe of Black Milk's dress.

JollyChic's wet-look skater dress can be worn as a racerfront dress or a scoop neck dress.

What I don't like about this wet-look skater dress is the fabric. While the cut and shape looks exactly like the photos on JollyChic's site, the material looks different; it's smoother, glossier, and shinier, which, unfortunately, makes the dress look cheap. Good for a style statement or costume, perhaps, but not suitable for casual wear.

The wet-look Black Milk dupe dress was also very wrinkled when it arrived. The dress wrinkles easily, but the wrinkles can also be removed quite easily.

Overall, I'm a bit disappointed in this leather-look skater dress. The sizing is accurate and the style is great, but I don't like the material. It looks similar to patent leather; some of you might like that, but I personally think it looks rather costume-y.

The style and cut is very similar to the original Black Milk design, but the fabric doesn't cut it.

Wet-Look Reversible Skater Dress: 2/5

The style is great; it's a shame that the fabric isn't.

At first, I was disappointed with this knit light pink crop top from JollyChic. From the site photos, the tank top has a square collar, cropped body, and form-fitting shape. The actual product, however, was extremely large and ill-fitting.

Here are the measurements given for size S:
Bust: 78 cm
Length: 37 cm
Waist: 64 cm

The bust and waist of this ribbed knit cropped tank are fairly accurate, but the length of the item I received was closer to 47 cm than 37 cm. The straps were too long, so it fits more like a regular tank top than a cropped top.

The light pink knit crop top from JollyChic, styled with an American Apparel white pleated tennis skirt.
The "cropped" knit tank top is too long and baggy on me :(

Since the straps were super long, I tried fiddling with them and found that I could cross them over for a semi-halterneck look with a keyhole accent! It's not perfect, of course, and the fabric on the keyhole part sticks up a little since the top wasn't meant to be worn like this, but I really like how it looks this way.

JollyChic's light pink ribbed crop top can be worn as a halter-style keyhole-insert top.
I found out how to wear this top as a halterneck top (left) instead of the regular fit (right). :)
Besides sizing, everything else about this light pink crop top is great. The top is made from a soft, smooth knit fabric in a pretty pastel pink color. JollyChic sells it for $14.99, not very cheap but still quite affordable.

Overall, it's a shame that the sizing of this knit light pink cropped tank was inaccurate, but on the other hand, this allowed me to wear it in a completely different style.

The light pink crop top, modeled with a white pleated tennis skirt and white spiked platform booties.

More OOTD photos with the American Apparel white pleated tennis skirt, JollyChic ribbed knit crop top, and Milanoo spiked heels.

Ribbed Knit Pink Crop Top: 4/5

Sizing wasn't as expected, but I found a different way to wear it.

This oversized knit pink cardigan is my absolute favorite piece from this time's JollyChic haul. It was the priciest item I got ($38.99), but I love everything about it.

This baggy, loose sweater has a ribbed v-line neck, single-row buttons, and two big pockets. I was attracted to it because of the color, a sweet pastel pink. The actual item is a bit darker than the site photos, but it's still a very cute pink!

JollyChic's oversized longline pink cardigan is the same as that of Stylenanda, a popular South Korean fashion brand.

The length of the cardigan is perfect; I'm always afraid of wearing longer-length items and oversized styles because they tend to swallow me up, but I think this knit pink cardigan looks cute and comfortable without being overly baggy.

Even though it's nearly $40, I definitely recommend this oversized pink cardigan to anyone who is a fan of the style. It's very easy to coordinate this, whether you choose to go girly (I wore the sweater with the knit pink cropped tank from JollyChic and a white pleated American Apparel tennis skirt) or casual/laid-back, like the model, who pairs the pink sweater with light skinny jeans and a white T-shirt.

The Stylenanda dupe oversized pink sweater, worn with a pink crop top and white pleated American Apparel tennis skirt.

More photos of the white spiked booties, pleated American Apparel tennis skirt, blush crop top, and Stylenanda-inspired oversized knit pink cardigan.

Stylenanda Dupe Oversized Pink Cardigan: 6/5

Absolutely no complaints about this sweater. Comfy, cute, and casual!

This two-piece lace crop top and skirt set from JollyChic is very similar to the Grace crop top and skirt from the brand For Love & Lemons

I'm obsessed with For Love & Lemons' beautiful, delicate clothing. Sadly, their items are generally $200-400, and my wallet isn't such a huge fan of that.

Dupes and designs inspired by For Love & Lemons have been popping up everywhere recently, in stores like Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Tobi, and more. A few months ago, I found an exact dupe of the For Love & Lemons Grace crop top at Charlotte Russe. It costed around $25; I tried it on but didn't buy it, and I've been regretting not purchasing it ever since.

While I browsed through JollyChic's endless clothing selection, I found this two-piece lace crop top and skirt set that was very similar to the For Love & Lemons design, except that the skirt is not a miniskirt but instead a midi skirt.

This lace set is offered in black and white, and the full set only costs $29.99! Seeing this, I knew that I had to try it out. I debated for a long time between white and black, but ended up choosing black on a whim.

When choosing this set, I was mainly thinking about the long-sleeve lace crop top, since I knew that midi skirts wouldn't look good on me. The quality of this For Love & Lemons inspired lace crop top and skirt set is fairly nice. The material is thin but not sheer, close to the Charlotte Russe version. 

The lace pattern is super pretty and identical to the photos! I especially love how the lace overlay is longer than the light-pink lining and ends in a cute scalloped hem.

The skirt has an elastic band around the waist, which looks a bit cheap, but it makes the skirt stretchy, suitable for different sizes, and, in this case, suitable to be worn in different ways! While playing around with the lace midi skirt, I discovered that 1) it was long enough for me to wear as a strapless dress and 2) I could easily pin up the hem to transform it into a shorter skirt.

The two-piece lace crop top and skirt set from JollyChic is very similar to For Love & Lemons' Grace crop top and miniskirt.
Right: how the set is meant to be worn, as a crop top + a midi skirt;
Left: I altered the skirt into a mini skirt!
I have a love/hate relationship with two piece sets. On one hand, getting a two piece set (top + bottom) means you have three ways to wear it: as a set, or as two separates! On the other hand, I've found that many sets aren't sized or styled very well, so I end up only wearing one of the two items.

Buying this For Love & Lemons inspired crop top and skirt set from JollyChic, I was expecting only to wear the top, but I ended up being able to convert the skirt (in more than one wa) to create a lot more looks than I expected. For just around $30, I'm super happy with this purchase. Another item crossed off my wishlist!

That being said, I do wish that JollyChic sold the lace crop top and lace mini skirt as separates; I really want to buy the white crop top.

JollyChic sells this affordable dupe of the For Love & Lemons Grace crop top and skirt for just $30.

Closeup of the lace embroidery on the JollyChic long sleeve crop top.

The eyelash-lace of this JollyChic two-piece set is very similar to that of For Love & Lemon's actual product.

Two-Piece Lace Crop Top and Skirt Set: 5/5

Identical to model photos and can be styled in many different ways!

My second favorite piece from my third JollyChic haul is this sleeveless white crop top with crossed straps on the back and chiffon tie feature. The pictures on JollyChic's site were taken from Nastygal, which sold this top at the original price of $48. JollyChic offers this cropped sleeveless top in sizes XS-XXL for $15.99.

White crop tops are ultra-versatile fashion pieces, but I was worried that this crop top would have one of the common issues of white clothes: sheerness.

To my relief, this sleeveless white crop top is made of a pretty thick material, so it isn't see-through. The style is exactly as pictured, and the quality is amazing. Size XS is a bit tight on me, but with clothing like this, a tighter fit is better than a looser one.

Here, I'm wearing this crop top with a houndstooth skirt/skort from Japanese fashion brand Snidel:

The white tie-back crop top from JollyChic, worn with a houndstooth skirt/skort from Snidel.

JollyChic's version of this tie-back white crop top is very similar to the original product by Nastygal.

I love the chiffon straps, which make this crop top unique. They're supposed to be tied into a bow at the back, but if you're creative, you can tie them in many different ways.

My wardrobe was lacking a plain, simple white top, but this sleeveless tie-back white crop top from JollyChic does the trick. I just wish they offered it in more colors!

The highlight of this white crop top is the chiffon straps, which can be tied at the back.

More OOTD photos with the JollyChic white tie-back crop top, Snidel houndstooth skort, and Milanoo/Jeffrey Campbell-dupe spiked Lita platform booties.

Tie-Back Sleeveless White Crop Top: 6/5

Unique chiffon straps add to this versatile style!

The last item from this time's JollyChic fashion haul is this bell-sleeved white floral shift dress. This dress is a dupe of the Wanderer mini dress by Free People, which costs $128. JollyChic's original pricing for the dress was $39.99, but it's on sale right now for $27.99.

This short white dress features lace-trimmed bell sleeves, a black floral print, and cutouts on the back. It's a sweet, summery dress with a loose, flowing fit.

JollyChic's dupe on Free People's Wanderer mini dress in white, with bell sleeves, lace trim, and a shift body.

The bell sleeves, floral print, crochet trim, and back cutouts on this JollyChic shift dress make it perfect for summer and spring.

I don't wear shift dresses or bell-sleeved clothes often, but I was curious enough to try this dress. The dress is made from a smooth, silky fabric that is comfortable but a bit sheer. The style overall is the same as the photos, but the cutouts in the back seem to be slightly larger than pictured.

Although it's not my usual style, I'm happy with this JollyChic bell-sleeved floral shift dress. If the material was better quality, it'd be perfect.

The flared hemline of the white lace-trim bell-sleeved shift dress from JollyChic, a dupe of the Free People Wanderer mini dress.Final photos of the Free People Wanderer mini dress dupe from JollyChic!

Bell-Sleeved White Floral Shift Dress: 4/5
Sweet style, but the material is a bit sheer.


Most of the items I got this time from JollyChic were true to photos and worth the price. The only item that I was truly disappointed with was the wet look reversible skater dress, which just didn't meet my standards fabric-wise. The other clothes were great; I especially love the oversized knit pink cardigan and the sleeveless tie-back white crop top!

If you want to see more reviews of JollyChic fashion, check out my previous hauls here and here

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JollyChic sells affordable + stylish fashion and offers a lot of styles that are hard to find anywhere else! Plus, they have many sales and special discounts!
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  1. You always get such cool clothing :D i especially like the flower dress, it looks super pretty ^-^

  2. such cute choices ^-^

  3. I liked the tights *O*
    The rest wasn't my style...

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