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Sunday, February 1, 2015

{Haul + Review} JollyChic #2 - Sweaters, Skirts, Crystal Chokers, and More!

Guess what I received this week? Yup, that's right; my second fashion haul from JollyChic! (Let's pretend that's what you guessed ;D) I bought seven different items this time, including a ruffle-hem plaid skirt, cropped off-the-shoulder sweater, crystal pendant choker necklace, laced-up leggings, striped halter-neck crop top, white lace-trimmed shirt, and studded denim shorts. I'll be going into detail about each item as well as the store overall, so keep reading for the review!

Eat My Knee Socks intro picture for the JollyChic fashion haul and review, including chokers, sweaters, skirts, crop tops, leggings, and more!

If you haven't read about my first JollyChic haul, you can find it here. I was really satisfied with the quality of the items that I got last time, so I got even more items this time!

About JollyChic

I copied and pasted this from my previous review, in case you haven't seen it!

JollyChic is an online shopping site that sells clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. It is based in Hong Kong and is partners with many import and export companies across the world. As quoted from their site regarding their products:
Jollychic.com provides popular garments for both individuals and wholesalers. We offer a whole catalogue of products including tees, dresses, blouses, coats, sweaters, pants etc.  
JollyChic has a great variety of styles at amazing prices. They also update their site with new items every day and offers FREE express delivery to the U.S. for orders over $69. Throughout the year, JollyChic runs a lot of seasonal promotions and special discounts or deals such as $15 off, $30 off, or even $50 off depending on how much you spend.

My 2nd JollyChic Experience

Like last time, it took a few days for JollyChic to prepare the package before shipping it out, since they source their items from various warehouses.

Shipping took four days total, counting the weekend, so only two business days, even in spite of the snow! My order qualified for free express shipping, so delivery was super-speedy.

My order:

The Review

The first item I ordered from JollyChic was a cropped long sleeve sweater. The sweater is sold in four colors: deep blue, wine red, white, and black, the color that I chose.

The knit sweater has a simple but interesting design. It has a wrap-front style and a cropped cut, and the neckline is large enough that you can wear it one-shoulder, off the shoulder, or just as a regular sweater. 

The black cropped off-shoulder knit sweater from JollyChic.

JollyChic's cropped off-shoulder sweater is pretty comfortable and fairly well-made considering its affordable price of $15.99. It looks great paired with many items, especially high-waisted skirts. 

The wide neckline is really great for showing off collarbones, or for adding accent jewelry such as a bold statement necklace or choker. (I wore a choker from Born Pretty Store; review here.) Style-wise, I love it, and I think it's a versatile, understated yet beautiful piece of clothing!

The two issues I have with this cropped sweater are: 1) the neckline is slightly too large for me, so I have to be careful not to pull it down too much and 2) the factory smell.

There was a very distinct factory odor on this sweater when I opened the package, but I was excited so I tried it on anyway. The scent was pretty annoying, but I covered it up with some perfume, and hopefully it'll go away in the wash!

Overall, I'm happy with this cropped sweater from JollyChic, even though it had a factory scent.

90s grunge-inspired outfit with the cropped off-shoulder JollyChic sweater, Born Pretty Store velvet choker, and SheInside AA dupe tennis skirt.

Close-up of the knit cropped sweater from JollyChic, which can be worn as off-shoulder, one-shoulder, or boat neck.

The off-shoulder wrap style asymmetric cropped sweater from JollyChic!

Cropped Off-Shoulder Sweater: 4/5
Comfortable, casual, chic; my only complaint is the scent.

The next item I got from JollyChic was a red-and-black plaid skirt. The skirt is high-waisted and has a ruffled hemline, all-over plaid print, and hidden side zipper.

The ruffled-hem red-and-black short skirt from JollyChic.

I picked this skirt because I love plaid, especially the red-and-black plaid combination. I currently own another skirt in the same cut, with a form-fitting top and a ruffled hemline that flares out; the style/silhouette of this short plaid skirt looks great and does wonders for the figure!

The red-and-black plaid JollyChic skirt definitely meets all my expectations in regards to quality and comfort of the material. The fabric is lightweight without being flimsy, and the ruffles hold quite well.

Honestly, this plaid skirt was a near-perfect purchase, and my only wish is that it could've fit a little better. The skirt is 40 cm in length, a little longer than I'd prefer, and it's slightly loose on me. Cutting off 2-3 cm lengthwise and making the waist a bit smaller would've made it flawless!

JollyChic's red ruffled plaid skirt and cropped off-shoulder boat neck sweater.

The back of the red-and-black plaid skirt with a ruffled hemline and bodycon top.

More photos of the red plaid skirt and cropped off-shoulder sweater, both part of my JollyChic fashion haul.

Ruffle-Hem Red Plaid Skirt: 5/5
Timeless plaid pattern + figure-enhancing style! I love it!

Even though it's winter, I couldn't resist buying these studded denim shorts from JollyChic! They're light blue, high-waisted shorts with square studs and distressed/frayed edges. 

I'm not quite sure how I feel about high-waisted shorts in general. They're easy to wear and hide stomach fat pretty well, but they can look pretty awful when worn wrong.

In regards to the studded shorts I got from JollyChic, I'd say it takes some skill to wear these nicely, but they're made really nicely! They're very well-structured and the fabric is great; everything is accurate to JollyChic's product photos!

A summer ensemble featuring JollyChic's studded high-waisted denim shorts, crystal choker, and a floral Snidel-inspired knit.

Side view of the super-short studded high-waisted shorts.

The studs add a rocker vibe to these otherwise simple washed denim shorts, and they're attached very securely. They do weigh the shorts down, making these shorts heavier than I expected, but for me that's not an issue.

My concern with these studded light blue denim shorts is that they're extremely short. These shorts have an angled, frayed hem that's much shorter on the sides than in the middle. 

Personally, I'd feel uneasy about wearing these in any place other than the beach. They look great with sheer tights and lace-up boots or as part of a summer outfit, I'm just not sure if I'd be brave enough to wear them on a regular basis (and I really don't have the legs for it ;-;).

But if you're looking for stylish studded shorts with really impressive quality and you've got the guts to wear these, by all means check them out!

The JollyChic studded high-waisted destroyed denim shorts are perfect for the beach but run short.

Back pocket and studded detailing on the high-quality destroyed denim shorts from JollyChic.

Full-body outfit including JollyChic high-waisted studded shorts, JollyChic crystal choker, and Snidel-inspired floral knit top.

Studded High-Waisted Denim Shorts: 4/5
Well-constructed but super short. Try it if you're daring!

Out of my seven items total from this time's JollyChic haul, I got one jewelry piece, which was this crystal choker necklace

The necklace has a quartz crystal pendant hanging from a thin black leather rope. It's sold in six colors — blue, opal, purple (amethyst), black, light pink (rose quartz), and clear — but here's the interesting part: the colors are chosen randomly, so you don't know which one you'll get!

I thought it'd be fun to buy one of these crystal point choker necklaces and see if I was lucky enough to get a color that I wanted. The one I ended up with was light pink, one of my favorites from the batch!

The light-pink/rose quartz crystal point choker necklace that I received!

JollyChic offers this crystal point necklace for $9.99, a decent price since I've seen these kinds of necklaces sell anywhere from $5 to $25+. The quality of the leather rope/cord is great, and the pointed crystal pendant carries a bit of weight and doesn't look cheap or fake at all.

This necklace was probably my favorite item out of everything that I got in this JollyChic haul, and it was exciting to open the package and see which color I received! I've been obsessed with these kinds of crystal chokers lately, and I'm glad I got such a nice one from JollyChic.

Close-up of the rose quartz crystal choker necklace, which comes on a leather cord.

Crystal Point Leather Cord Choker: 6/5
Perfect style and quality! Colors are sent randomly, which makes it more fun!

Besides the choker, I also picked out this white lace-trim T-shirt for the same price of $9.99 (original price $16.99, but it's currently on sale!). It's a stretchy, scoop-neck long sleeve henley shirt with four buttons at the top. The sleeves and the back have lace trims with gorgeous floral designs.

The real product, however, isn't 100% true to photos. The sleeves are looser and the lace detailing is more sheer. The photos make it seem that there's a white mesh overlay with lace embroidery, but the actual mesh is completely clear and transparent.

The quality is what I'd expect from a shirt of this price, and I'm fine with that. Overall I'd say that the style is definitely elegant and attention-grabbing, but it lacks in the details, and I really wish that the sleeves were tighter and the mesh wasn't completely sheer.

More photos of the Jollychic lace-trim long sleeve white T-shirt.

Lace-Trim Long Sleeve T-Shirt: 3/5
I love the concept of adding lace to a regular shirt, but unfortunately the details weren't executed very well.

The most unique clothing item that I bought from JollyChic has to be these laced-up leggings.

These gothic-style leggings made of a lightweight black material with a slightly shiny coating that makes the fabric look like leather. They have sheer black mesh patches at the top with some embroidered lace designs. What makes them stand out is the lace-up detailing at the front, which goes from the ankle up to just a bit above the knee.

The mesh, embroidery, and lace-up detailing on the JollyChic leather-look leggings.

When I opened the package from JollyChic, I was shocked to find that I had to lace up these leather-look leggings by myself! The leggings come with the laces unattached, so I had to figure out how to lace them. It's not difficult if you know how to start, but it takes some time.

After about thirty minutes of lacing up the leggings (I'm slow, I know ;-;) I almost gave up, but I took a snack break and finished the task. I'm certainly glad I took the time to lace them up, because they're absolutely stunning once you put them on!

I have no complaints about these laced-up coated leggings in terms of quality, sizing, or style. They're very edgy and punk-esque, not your everyday leggings. You can wear these with other edgy pieces if you wish, or tone them down with some lighter colors and simpler styles. Aside from having to lace them up by myself, these leggings are just what I expected!

Close-up of the laces on these unique, punk, gothic leggings from JollyChic.

Close-up of the top and mesh paneling on these gothic coated JollyChic leggings.

Super-comfy and stylish. Punk, gothic, rocker-vibe. Leather leggings from JollyChic!

Laced-Up Mesh Leather-Look Leggings: 5/5
I would've given these a 6/5 if the laces came attached. Eye-catching style and great fit!

The last item I got as part of this JollyChic fashion haul was another one of my other favorite purchases! I got this striped sleeveless mock-neck crop top, made of black cotton with thin white stripes.

This sleeveless crop top has an asymmetric hem and a mock-turtleneck collar. The fabric is soft yet durable and lightweight without being sheer or flimsy. It fits perfectly and is true to the measurements and pictures from the store site!

Front view of the striped asymmetric mock-neck crop top from JollyChic.

Back view of the black-and-white striped mock turtleneck crop top, with an asymmetric hemline.

The shape and style of this striped mock-neck crop top do wonders for the figure, and like most crop tops, I love how it plays with proportions and makes me appear taller and slimmer. 

Due to the asymmetric hem, it's pretty short in the middle, so it's a bit revealing. This sleeveless crop top looks amazing with a simple high-waisted skirt, and you can add a jacket, a cardigan, tights, etc. to wear it even in the colder months.

All in all, this crop top exceeds my expectations, and I really recommend it to anyone who likes this kind of style!

Full OOTD with the JollyChic asymmetric striped mock-neck crop top and the Sheinside American Apparel dupe tennis skirt in black!

One of my favorite items from this JollyChic haul: striped mock-neck crop top! Figure-flattering and goes great with high-waisted bottoms.

Asymmetric Striped Mock-Neck Crop Top: 5/5
Flattering shape and design. Just like the site photos!


Like last time, I was once again delighted overall with my JollyChic shopping experience. There were a few pieces that were significantly better than others, but in general, their clothing and accessories are made pretty well and true to the model photos! 

With sites and stores like JollyChic, the most important thing is to pay attention to the measurements and make sure that they'll fit you, since I've found that the measurements listed on the site are pretty accurate to the actual products. JollyChic's website is designed particularly well in that whenever you click on a size, the measurements for that size will pop up below!

Both of my JollyChic fashion hauls have been pleasant experiences, and I hope to review some more of their items in the future!

 →   →  ♥      
JollyChic sells affordable + stylish fashion and offers a lot of styles that are hard to find anywhere else! Plus, they have many sales and special discounts!
 →   →  ♥      

Thank you so much to JollyChic for these wonderful products!



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