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Saturday, February 14, 2015

{Review} Blippo Kawaii Store - Donut Charm, Zippered Pouch, and Chocolate Pocky!

Hey guys! Happy Valentine's Day! Today I'm back with another review, this time a very special review on an adorable online store called Blippo. I got three super-adorable items from Blippo, including a squishy donut-shaped phone charm, pink zippered dual-compartment pouch, and a box of chocolate Pocky sticks! Review ahead.

Intro picture for the Eat My Knee Socks review of Blippo Kawaii Store.

So, today, I have a review that's very different from my usual fashion reviews. I was delighted when Blippo offered to send me some items to review, as I am a huge fan of their ultra-kawaii products and branding. But first, here's a brief description of Blippo:

What is Blippo?

Blippo, or Blippo Kawaii Shop, is one of the top online stores for stationery, bags, purses, plushes, Japanese magazines, Asian snacks, phone accessories, and much more! They've got a fun website, adorable packaging, and some of the cutest products I've ever seen. Here's the official company description from their site:

Blippo is your #1 source for all things Japanese and Kawaii! Since 2003 Blippo has held the Europe’s largest selection of kawaii products from all sections of Japanese pop culture. Included are all the popular character brands like Rilakkuma and Hello Kitty, J-pop music, magazines, sweets, collectibles, figurines, clothing and accessories. 

I found these photos on Blippo's site, which appear to show some of their stores. Super cute, right?

Storefront photos of the Blippo Kawaii Japanese Store.

More photos of Blippo stores, featuring character T-shirts, plushes, figurines, anime, manga, and more.

Another amazing thing about Blippo is that they have free worldwide shipping, and all items that are in-stock will generally ship within the same or next business day! As a lover of shopping online, I know how frustrating shipping fees can be, so it's awesome that Blippo offers free shipping with no minimums!

My Blippo Experience

My order from Blippo was shipped out on the 28th of January, and it was delivered to my door on February 10th (unfortunately, the package needed a signature, and I wasn't there at the time of delivery, so I had it rescheduled it for the 13th). So, in total, shipping time took just 13 days, less than two weeks! I was also very impressed that my order shipped out in less than 24 hours!

I got three products in total:

➌ Pocky Biscuit Sticks - Chocolate Flavor

The items that I got from Blippo: a squishy donut charm, zippered pink pouch, chocolate Pocky, and complimentary keychain.

The products were all individually packaged and then put together in a cushioned envelope, with an additional Blippo keychain as well as some colorful papers about their store and their special products! 

I was surprised and impressed when I saw the extra keychain and papers. For me, the way a company presents itself is essential to the overall experience, everything about Blippo's brand (logo, graphics, products, etc.) is super cute and true to their image.

The Review

Blippo offers these donut-shaped squishy phone charm in five different styles for just $2.19 each. The squishy charm comes with a removable strap, so you can attach it to your phone, purse, keychain, or wherever you like! The one I got was style #5, a brown donut with white frosting decoration.

The donut charm is just as soft as advertised, and the colors are just like the photos. I do wish that there were a couple more sprinkles, but aside from that, it's perfect. I love squishy charms and food-inspired accessories, so I adore this yummy donut squishy charm from Blippo!

The squishy donut phone charm from Blippo Kawaii Store.

This squishy donut charm is offered in 5 colors on Blippo's site.

Blippo's squishy donut charm features a soft touch and cute, delicious-looking frosting/sprinkles.

The squishy donut phone charm from Blippo is a must-have for kawaii phone accessory lovers.

Yummy Donut Squishy Charm: 4/5
Cute and squishy as pictured, but I wish there were more sprinkles.

My second item from Blippo was this pink zippered pouch with cute prints of a girl and her bunny. The pouch is sold for $3.99 and features two zippered compartments for you to store whatever you wish, be it cosmetics, stationery, or anything else.

The design on this pouch is bright, fun, and eye-catching, and it most certainly is, as Blippo states, "kawaii and useful!" The middle-section of the pouch is a light pink tint with subtle white polka dots, while the outer edges have a colorful pink background with pinkish-red stars printed on them.

The quality of the zippered pouch is great for the price, and the dual-compartment feature is an added bonus. Plus, the little printed characters on the front and back are just too cute to ignore!

The kawaii pink zippered pouch with a girl and her bunny, from Blippo.

The pouch features a polka-dot and stars pattern in light pink with cute chibi cartoon characters.

The pouch from Blippo has two zippers: one on the top and one at the side.

Blippo's pink zippered dual-compartment pouch is kawaii and adorable.

Kawaii Pouch with Girl & Bunny: 5/5
Great quality and adorable design! Useful and cute at the same time.

The box of chocolate Pocky sticks was placed in its very own cardboard box to protect the Pocky during transit, which was very thoughtful of Blippo. Each box has an original price of $3.30, but they currently sell for a discounted price of $2.19!

The product description:
Pocky is the most popular and famous Japanese sweet snack, and for a reason! These biscuit sticks are covered with delicious chocolate flavored frosting. The end of the sticks have been left uncoated so you will not get your fingers sticky while eating them. The name "Pocky" is derived from the sound that this crispy snack makes when eaten. Pocky sticks come in a broad array of flavors, styles and shapes. Sweet!

Review-wise, well, what can I say? Pocky is one of my all-time favorite snacks, and these chocolate Pocky biscuit sticks from Blippo came in perfect condition. If you've never tried Pocky before, you're definitely missing out!

Blippo also sells other Pocky flavors and many varieties of Asian snacks (which, by the way, have the cutest packaging), so food-lovers like me will definitely have a blast checking out Blippo's candy & snacks section!

The last item I got from Blippo, a box of Glico chocolate-flavored Pocky.

Pocky is a popular Japanese chocolate-covered sweet snack, and Blippo sells it in flavors ranging from chocolate to matcha to panda bear and much more.

The Pocky chocolate sticks from Blippo were packaged and protected nicely

Pocky is a tasty, sweet, delicious Asian snack, and you can find it at Blippo!

Pocky Biscuit Sticks - Chocolate: 5/5
Delicious, well-packaged, and a must-have for food-lovers.

And, lastly, here are the additional things that were included in my package from Blippo

The extra items that Blippo sent, including a kawaii keychain, thank you card, and introductory brochure on their Kawaii Box.

The adorable thank you card from Blippo Kawaii Store.


Blippo has so many things to offer, and not only do I love their products, but I also love their refreshing, easy-to-navigate website and overall branding. 

I'm very happy with everything that I got from Blippo, and the added extras in the box made my day. The donut squishy charm, pink zippered pouch, and chocolate Pocky that I received were all exactly as pictured and described on Blippo's website, and they were packaged nicely and shipped really fast!

If you're looking for something that's irresistibly cute, definitely go to Blippo!

 →   →  ♥      
Do you love kawaii accessories, Japanese magazines, Asian snacks, character plushes, phone decorations, and more? Check out Blippo for the ultimate selection of all things Kawaii and Japanese! They have free international shipping that takes just 1-3 weeks, and their items are reasonably and affordably-priced, so don't miss out!
 →   →  ♥      

Thank you so much to Blippo for sending me these lovely products to review!


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