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Monday, January 19, 2015

{Fashion Review} American Apparel Pleated Tennis Skirt Dupe from SheInside

I'm back with another SheInside fashion review! This time I got a black high-waisted pleated skirt, a dupe of the popular American Apparel tennis skirt. I've seen these skirts countless times now, and even though I already have the AA skirt in white, I couldn't resist getting my hands on it in another color. SheInside sells these skirts for a lot cheaper, so I'm trying it out and seeing how it compares!

Intro picture for the Eat My Knee Socks fashion review of the pleated tennis skirt from SheInside!

If you remember, I did a review on a dress from SheInside last month, which you can view here. The item I got last time was a black bodycon dress with a lace overlay, and despite sizing issues, I was pretty happy with the quality of the dress!

For my second review, I picked out a high-waisted tennis skirt. This stylish skirt features clean-cut pleats, a side zipper and button closure, and a short, slim silhouette. From the website photos, it seems to be identical to American Apparel's best-selling tennis skirts, which I've been seeing everywhere over Tumblr, Instagram, etc. — but SheInside's skirt is less than half the price of AA's.

SheInside offers this skirt in four colors: black, white, lilac/light purple, and navy. I debated for a really long time between black and lilac, but ended up choosing the black skirt since it's much easier to pair with tops.

Sheinside: A Recap

I wrote a brief introduction to SheInside in my review back in December, but in case you missed it, here's a recap:

SheInside is an online fashion retailer that offers a huge selection of bags, accessories, shoes, and, of course, clothing. They sell a bunch of unique, interesting styles at amazing prices, and, judging by my previous experiences, their clothes are accurate to site pictures and have impressive quality!

The Sheinside Experience

The delivery process was much quicker this time, since the item I picked was marked as priority shipping. It took a few days to process the order before delivery, but I was really happy to get my package within just 3 days of receiving the tracking number!

This is what the skirt looks like:

The black pleated high-waist tennis skirt from SheInside, similar to American Apparel's schoolgirl tennis skirts.

Closeup of the button and zip closure as well as the pleats of the SheInside high-waisted skirt.


I picked this black pleated high-waisted skirt with two purposes in mind: 1) to add another cute, versatile skirt to my closet, and 2) to compare it with the AA tennis skirts.

I can say, without a doubt, that this black tennis skirt from SheInside fulfills my expectations for #1. It looks even better in person that it does on the site photos! 

I wore the SheInside pleated skirt with a plaid button-down crop top and black over-the-knee boots for a stylish winter OOTD.

Here's a closeup of the pleats on the SheInside pleated skirt, identical to the American Apparel tennis skirts!

More photos of this OOTD featuring the pleated high-waist skirt from SheInside as well as a plaid crop top and over-the-knee suede wedged boots.

Full view of the SheInside pleated skirt (American Apparel dupe) as well as the plaid cropped shirt and wedged knee-high boots.

The quality of this skirt is great. The fabric is sturdy, the stitching is even, and the thickness of the material is perfect for holding the shape of the pleats without losing the flowiness of the skirt.

Speaking of style, the cut and color of this skirt make it perfect for all sorts of outfits and wearable in all seasons! Even in winter, it matches well with leggings, tights, or tall boots. Here, I wore the skirt with a cropped plaid button-down shirt and black suede over-the-knee boots.

The shape of it (tight throughout the waist, flaring out slightly at the ends) is slimming yet simple, and it looks great with just about anything.

More photos of the SheInside pleated tennis skirt, modeled here with tall suede boots and a crop top.

If I absolutely had to pick a downside to this pleated skirt, I'd say it's the length. 

Personally, I'm quite used to wearing short skirts and dresses, and I like the way that the mini length and high-waist fit plays with proportions to make you look taller! 

That being said, this skirt definitely runs on the shorter side, so I'd wear black shorts underneath. If you're taller, however, you may have to size up or pair it with leggings.

Here are some close-up views of the skirt from the front, sides, and back:

Front, back, and side views of the pleated high-waist tennis skirts from SheInside.

Like I mentioned, I was also curious about the difference between SheInside's pleated high-waisted short skirts and American Apparel's tennis skirts. I happen to have the AA tennis skirt (in a different color), so I decided to a comparison between the real skirt and the dupe.

The SheInside pleated skirt looks 100% identical to the actual American Apparel product. Both skirts have the same pleats, same button/zipper closure, and same shape.

The material of the two pleated tennis skirts is almost the same, but SheInside's has a bit of shimmer to it. I can't speak much about sizing since I got two different sizes (S for the AA skirt and XS for SheInside's; the XS from SheInside fit much better). The measurements on SheInside's site are pretty accurate, so be sure to use those as a reference when ordering.

While AA's tennis skirt sells for $54, SheInside offers these pleated skirts with the same style and quality for just $23.50. The consensus? I think SheInside wins this round.


This is the first time I'm giving five stars for every category, and it's because I'm really happy with this purchase! SheInside's high waisted pleated tennis skirt has definitely become one of my favorite skirts and a staple piece in my wardrobe. 

One more photo in the pleated black skirt from SheInside, which has become a staple piece in my wardrobe.

Quality: 5/5

Well-structured, sturdy, flawless!

Sizing: 5/5

Super form-fitting and slimming! Just be careful with length.

Style: 5/5

Identical to site photos and nearly the same as the AA tennis skirts.

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SheInside offers 20% OFF your first order in addition to a bunch of other great deals, so be sure to check them out for the latest in fashion and style!
Check out my previous review for some additional info!

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Signature photo (am I artsy yet) for the SheInside Pleated High-Waist Skirt fashion review!


  1. Cute skirt! It's nice to hear that the quality is good. I wanted to buy one from eBay before, but I don't think I can deal with the length. ( ´ ▽ ` )

    1. Thanks haha ^^ I love the skirt, but it definitely runs on the shorter side.

  2. May i ask how long did processing take and does it run small

    1. Processing took about 9 days. I got the skirt in XS and it's true to the measurements on SheInside's website. My waist is bigger than the site measurements, so it fits a bit tightly on me but I actually prefer when skirts fit tighter c:

  3. Wow you look super cute in that skirt!! I just love it! Sexy with the black boots too, if I might add.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. This skirt is soo cute I wanted to buy this one from AA in navy but now I'm thinking about just buying the dupe from Sheinside or other sides >.< ♥ I just hope it's not going to be too short for me T__T
    Thanks alot for this review! ^-^*



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