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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cute + Trendy Asian Apparel from Milk Club!

So I stumbled upon this really cute shop called Milk Club a while back and fell in love with their products! They've got a great blend of Harajuku fashion, anime-inspired merchandise, monochromatic/minimalistic clothing, and unique Asian streetwear items. Read on for an exclusive discount code!

As an introduction, Milk Club is a online store that sells a collection of thrifted, vintage finds as well as trendy new fashion. They offer items in many different styles including dolly, kawaii, anime, harajuku, and more! Whether you're into lolita & gyaru-style fashion, minimalistic streetwear, or edgy chokers & accessories, Milk Club has some unique items that you're sure to love.

Here are some of Milk Club's products that particularly caught my eye:

For Minimalists

♥ Reversible Grid Skirt  Parental Advisory Mesh Sweater ♥ Milk, Ganbatte! T-Shirt 

I've seen some of these items all over Tumblr, especially the reversible black-and-white grid skirts and the Japanese cartoon milk-printed T-shirt.

For Anime-Lovers

These bold prints and pastel tints are perfect for those who love Japanese fashion and anime, and you can find them all at Milk Club.

For Edgy/Grunge Fashionistas

Be it 90's-inspired hologram skirts, edgy gun-print tattoo tights, or chic and casual black platform boots, Milk Club has what you need to satisfy your inner grunge girl.

And, lastly, here are my personal favorites from Milk Club!

As you can probably tell, I have a thing for Creepyyeha-inspired garters and chokers. Aside from these five items, the reversible grid skirt and Moe Moe sweater that I grouped into the minimalist and anime sections are also two of my favorites from Milk Club!

If you haven't already, you should visit Milk Club. They've got so much more clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories that I couldn't fit into this post, but everything in the store is really cute and trendy! They even sell false eyelashes and other Japanese beauty products, so give them a look!

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BONUS: Use my code "mimchikimchi" at Milk Club to get 5% OFF your order!
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