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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

{Review} Born Pretty Store Pt. 2 - Rings, Chokers, Lipstick & Eyebrow Mascara!

It's been snowing like crazy outside, but I was lucky enough to receive my items from Born Pretty Store before the blizzard! This time, I got a set of midi rings, a floral nail ring, a Triple Shot three-color lipstick, eyebrow mascara, and a velvet choker with a sun pendant. I've also got a special giveaway on my Instagram, so read on for the full details!

The Eat My Knee Socks review of Born Pretty Store, featuring rings, chokers, eyebrow mascara, and lipstick!

If you've read my previous review of Born Pretty Store, you should know that it's an amazing online shop that sells inexpensive yet high-quality items, including jewelry, makeup, nail art, clothing, accessories, and much more!

Last time, I reviewed a necklace and a choker from Born Pretty Store's Jewelry & Accessories section, which has an enormous selection of rings, earrings, ear cuffs, necklaces, bracelets, and body jewelry. Like I've said before, Born Pretty Store sells countless items in many different styles, so regardless of what you prefer, I'm sure that the Jewelry & Accessories section has something you'd be interested in. What's even more impressive is that nearly all of their jewelry items are under $10, with a whole bunch of jewelry that you can get for just $0.99 apiece!

Today, I'll be reviewing not only some more jewelry & accessories, but also some products from Born Pretty Store's Makeup & Beauty section. There, you can find lip gloss, lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation, concealer, false eyelashes, mascara, fake tattoos, beauty accessories, and more. Just as with their Jewelry & Accessories section, the Makeup & Beauty category is also full of unique and affordable products!

Without further ado, here's my second review of Born Pretty Store!


This time I got five products in total, including rings, a choker, lipstick, and eyebrow mascara. It took less than 2 weeks to arrive at my doorstep, which was pretty amazing considering that Born Pretty Store has free worldwide shipping!

♥ 7 Piece Ring Set 

When I saw that Born Pretty Store was selling this set of 7 golden rings for just $2.99, I knew that I had to give it a try. The set comes with golden rings in many different shapes, including infinity symbols, letters, words, arrows, a cross, and a ribbon/bow. Some of the rings also have rhinestones on them to add some extra sparkle.

Four out of seven of these rings are open in the back, so you can make them smaller or larger to suit your fingers. I have slimmer fingers, so I definitely had to adjust some of these in order to wear them as knuckle rings instead of regular rings.

Quality-wise, I'm very impressed, especially considering that all seven rings added together only cost $2.99, which means that each ring was only around $0.43!

Of course, the quality of some of the rings is better than the others; I found that the rhinestone-embellished ones were better crafted, while the text-shaped ones (one says "futuristic mermaid;" the other says "OK") were less intricate. 

Nevertheless, this ring set was well worth the price. I love that the rings are simple yet cute, and you can wear them separately for a subtle touch or pile them up for an attention-grabbing look.

7-Piece Set of Rhinestone-Embellished Rings: 5/5

The rings are stunning, whether worn alone or together! Very cute & pretty.

The individual rings from Born Pretty Store's 7 piece set, including a bow, a cross, infinity symbols, an arrow, and words with rhinestones.

The 7 piece golden ring set and floral cutout nail ring from Born Pretty Store, laid out.

Photos of the 7-piece ring set and the golden floral nail ring from Born Pretty Store.

Floral Cutout Nail Ring 

I've been wanting to try out nail rings recently, so the second item I got from Born Pretty Store's Jewelry & Accessories section was a golden floral cutout nail ring.

The nail ring costs $2.19 and is available in two colors: gold and silver. I picked gold since I wanted it to match with the 7-set rings that were also gold!

In terms of quality and material, the ring is very lightweight. It runs on the delicate side, but it's still quite sturdy, and like with many of the rings from the 7-piece set, you can bend the ring to make it fit your finger.

I really like how this nail ring looks; it's very unique and gives an edgy yet feminine touch. As with the 7-piece set of rings, this golden nail ring can be worn by itself or mixed with other golden pieces.

Golden Floral Cutout Nail Ring: 5/5

Unique style and lovely look!

Details on Born Pretty Store's golden floral cutout nail ring.

♥ Velvet Choker with Sun Pendant 

My third item from Born Pretty Store is a black velvet choker with a sun pendant. This choker necklace is just $2.69 and features a thick velvet band with a dangling sun charm. I believe it comes in four colors including silver, gunmetal, gold, and bronze, but the color you get is chosen randomly, so it all comes down to luck of the draw.

The choker that I received has a bronze-colored sun charm that creates a vintage-y, 90's grunge style. It looks just as it does on the site photos, and the velvet fabric feels really comfortable when I wear it. The chain in the back allows you to adjust the length and tightness, but even at its tightest it's still a little loose on my neck.

Style-wise, I'm in love with this velvet sun-pendant choker necklace. It feels great, looks great, and it's a great way to spice up an outfit. Like most chokers, it's probably not the easiest to work into casual outfit, but it adds a cool punk/grunge vibe that will get heads turning if you style it right.

Black Velvet Choker with Sun Pendant: 5/5

90's grunge vibe; perfect for edgy looks.

Closeup of the bronze sun details on the black velvet choker from Born Pretty Store.

More photos of the black velvet sun charm choker from Born Pretty Store's Jewelry & Accessories section.

The black velvet sun choker from Born Pretty Store, modeled.

Mini Eyebrow Mascara 

The last two items I got from Born Pretty Store were both from the store's Beauty & Makeup section. One of the products I tried was this mini eyebrow mascara that's currently on sale for $2.45. 

I've never tried eyebrow mascara before, but it's very popular in Japan, South Korea, China, and Asia in general, with brands like Etude House and 3 Concept Eyes advertising them as the new trend in eyebrow makeup.

From my understanding, eyebrow mascara covers and colors your brows, and you can use it to change your eyebrow color (e.g. if your brows aren't the same color as your hair) or simply to enhance them. My eyebrows are a little too dark for my hair, so I chose color #3, a coffee-brown color.

My first thought when I saw the actual product was that it's tiny. The eyebrow mascara comes in a small, thin tube with a brush/wand applicator, and it is less than half the size of the lipstick!

That being said, it's very lightweight and portable, so carrying it around isn't a hassle. Thankfully, the tint covers your eyebrows pretty well, so you don't need to use a lot of product to get the right color.

This eyebrow mascara is very easy to apply and stays on for a really long time. It has a bit of shimmer to it, but you can't see the shimmer once you put it on your eyebrows. It applies evenly and smoothly, isn't clumpy, and holds the eyebrows in place like an eyebrow gel.

Color #3 is the darkest color that Born Pretty Store sells for this eyebrow mascara, but it's a little too light for my dark brown (nearly black) hair. Nonetheless, it serves its purpose as an eyebrow mascara, and the packaging is adorable!

Mini Eyebrow Mascara in Color #3: 4/5

Small package, but great effect! Doesn't match my hair though.

Details on the mini eyebrow mascara from Born Pretty Store, perfect for achieving ulzzang brows.

♥ Mixiu Triple Shot 3-Color Gradient Lipstick 

Born Pretty Store has a huge selection of all sorts of lipsticks and lip glosses, and I was particularly intrigued by their Mixiu Triple Shot lipstick, which is said to moisturize your lips while coloring them with three different tints! 

The Mixiu triple-color lipsticks are sold in three shades: #13 is reddish-pink, #14 is pink with a hint of purple, and #15 is a peachy orange-red tint. I wanted to try #13, but that was sold out, so I went with #14, the purple-pink lipstick.

The actual product is more pink and less purple than the site photos, which I like because it looks a lot more natural! The lipstick is made of three colors, which I've discovered have three different effects.

The main color/most pigmented color serves as a lip tint, the lightest color works like a lip concealer, and the middle tint helps you blend the top and bottom colors.

You can use this lipstick two ways:

1) To achieve the popular ulzzang-style gradient lips/"just-bitten" lips:

  • Use the lightest color on the outer edges (top and bottom) of your lips
  • Use the main color on the inner lips
  • Blend the colors together by swiping the entire lipstick across your lips

2) For a natural, solid lip color:

  • Turn the lipstick so that the colors are vertical
  • Swipe it across your lips for a perfectly blended tint!

What I like the most about Born Pretty Store's Mixiu Triple Shot lipstick is that it's very moisturizing for a lipstick plus you can get two different effects with it! My lips are rather dark so it takes a few extra swipes for the color to show, but the tint looks really nice. 

Mixiu Triple Shot Lipstick: 5/5

Two effects with one lipstick; great for getting gradient lips.

The Mixiu Triple Shot 3-color lipstick from Born Pretty Store in pink.

More photos of Born Pretty Store's Mixiu gradient three color lipstick.

The Mixiu Triple Shot lipstick, which works as a lip tint and lip balm, from Born Pretty Store.

Born Pretty Store's Mixiu Triple Shot lipstick, which can be used for ulzzang gradient lips.

Swatch of the Mixiu Triple Shot gradient three color lipstick that I got from Born Pretty Store.

Before and after shots using the Mixiu Triple Shot gradient lipstick from Born Pretty Store.
Before & after using the Mixiu Triple Shot lipstick from Born Pretty Store! (my lips are super dry sorry ;-;)


My second experience with Born Pretty Store was even better than my previous one, which you can read about here. Their products, whether it be jewelry & accessories or makeup & beauty, have all really impressed me with their quality. Everything is accurate to the store photos, and their prices are unbeatable! Check out Born Pretty Store and be sure to take advantage of their great quality, huge selection of styles, affordable prices, and free worldwide shipping!

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The giveaway ends on February 14th (Valentines Day ♥) so be sure to enter for your chance to win! The rules to enter can be found HERE. Good luck!

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Thank you to Born Pretty Store for these lovely products; I look forward to collaborating with you again!

Michelle, Eat My Knee Socks


  1. wow this shop seems great :D
    the things there are so cheap and free shipping too? that's just perfect *-*

    -Lydia from

    1. Yesss *o* I've been really happy with the stuff I've gotten so far c:


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