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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

{Fashion Review} SheInside Black Lace Cutout Bodycon Dress

Hey guys! Having fun this winter? Well, 2015 is right around the corner, so in preparation for celebration I picked out a black lace cutout dress from SheInside. This is a great dress for holiday get-togethers and NYE parties, so read on for the full review.

The Eat My Knee Socks intro for the fashion review of a black lace bodycon cutout dress from SheInside.

I've had my eyes on this dress for a long time now, and if you remember, I included it as part of my SheInside Holiday Wishlist a while back. This dress from SheInside has scalloped sleeves, an asymmetric hem, a delicate lace overlay, and cutouts at the front and back, all on top of a bodycon silhouette.

The style is almost identical to the "Eternal Love" dress by For Love & Lemons, a brand that I'm absolutely obsessed with. Unfortunately, I'm not too keen about the idea of spending $200+ on a dress that I might only wear once, especially when I'm uncertain about sizing and quality.

SheInside currently offers this lace dress for just $36.50, so I figured I'd try it out and see if I like it.

About  Sheinside

SheInside is an online fashion store that has been selling quality fashion since 2008. As of 2014, they have over 10,000,000 registered customers. and over 5,000,000 online orders.

Aside from clothing, SheInside has also expanded to sell a wide selection of bags, shoes, cosmetics and accessories. They also work with independent designers and offer one-of-a-kind products at discounted presale prices.

Sheinside Delivery

My order was placed on December 12th and shipped out on the 16th, arriving at my doorstep on the 26th. It took roughly 10 days to ship, 14 days in total, counting a slight delay due to the busy holiday season.

The black lace cutout bodycon dress from SheInside, similar to the Eternal Love dress by For Love and Lemons.

Clothing Review

Opening the package, one of my biggest concerns was the sizing. I don't usually buy bodycon dresses since I have no figure sizing tends to be an issue: they're almost always either too big, too long, or both.

To my surprise, this SheInside lace cutout dress fits pretty nicely around the waist. There is a hidden zipper on the side that makes it easy to put on, and the fit on the upper half is great.

The lower half of the dress doesn't fit as tightly as I'd wished, but it's not a major problem. The dress is also slightly too long; it's a safe length for sitting, but as a shorter person, I tend to go for shorter dresses. On the other hand, that means that this dress can work for taller people!

Sadly, the lace sleeves weren't long enough to be truly "long sleeves" on me. I saw the same issue with the model photos of the dress, but on some other reviewers the sleeve length appeared fine. I happen to have longer arms, so I guess you just need to pay attention to your arms and make sure that the sleeves are the right length.

A really great thing about SheInside is that they list the measurements (bust, waist, hip, length, sleeves) for their clothing, which makes it a lot easier to find the perfect fit. I measured this lace cutout dress, and everything was accurate to the numbers on SheInside's website! So I really shouldn't be complaining about the length; I was just too lazy to read the product description...Oops...

Quality and style-wise, this long sleeve cutout dress lives up to its price. I love the lace detailing and the scalloped hem, which give this dress a feminine flair. The cutouts on both sides are also very unique and edgy, while the black underlay and form-fitting shape make it very figure-flattering.

Closeup of the neckline of the black lace scalloped cutout bodycon dress from SheInside, perfect for the holidays.

Front view of SheInside's lace cutout dress, a short and sweet black dress for NYE parties.

Back and side views of SheInside's black lace crochet cutout bodycon dress.

What impresses me the most about SheInside is the accuracy of their product information. The measurements and model photos are true to the actual items, so as long as you read carefully (unlike me), there shouldn't be any issues with sizing.

Overall, I love this dress, despite minor length issues. It's beautiful, elegant, and perfect for parties. It also does a really great job of emulating the style of For Love & Lemons' dress at just about one-sixth of the price!

More photos of SheInside's black lace cutout bodycon dress, as modeled.

Even more photos of the black cutout lace-trimmed dress from SheInside, a holiday or NYE-party fashion must-have.

Celebrate the New Year of 2015 with this black lace cutout bodycon dress from SheInside!

The party dress from SheInside features sexy cutouts, girly lace, and a bodycon silhouette.

This long sleeve black lace cutout bodycon dress from SheInside could add the perfect touch to your holiday wardrobe.

Took a lot of pictures because I was really excited to get this dress. I can't wait for the New Year!

Kawaii dancing gif. Let's party!

Quality: 5/5

There's nothing to complain about in terms of quality. Well packaged and nicely made!

Sizing: 3/5

Just personal preference; I would've liked if the sleeves were longer and the dress overall was shorter.

Style: 5/5

Identical to the model photos. Perfect for holiday festivities!

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SheInside offers 20% OFF your first order as well as free shipping + returns, so be sure to check them out for the latest in fashion, accessories, and style!
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One more closeup of the neckline of the SheInside black long-sleeve lace dress.

I hope you all liked this review of the black lace cutout dress from SheInside! Enjoy your holidays!


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