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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

{Haul + Review} JollyChic - Panda Sweater, Sheer Dresses, & Crop Top

Hello lovelies! Enjoying the holidays? I'm finally on winter break, so I'll be reviewing my first fashion haul from the Hong Kong-based fashion store JollyChic! My order shipped really quickly and contains a cute panda sweater, floral maxi dress, mesh skater dress, and "Parental Advisory" crop top. Review ahead!

JollyChic is an online shopping site that sells clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. It is based in Hong Kong and is partners with many import and export companies across the world. As quoted from their site regarding their products:
Jollychic.com provides popular garments for both individuals and wholesalers. We offer a whole catalogue of products including tees, dresses, blouses, coats, sweaters, pants etc.  
JollyChic has a great variety of styles at amazing prices. They also update their site with new items every day and offers FREE express delivery to the U.S. for orders over $69. Throughout the year, JollyChic runs a lot of seasonal promotions and special discounts or deals such as $15 off, $30 off, or even $50 off depending on how much you spend.

I placed my order for four items on December 10th, qualifying for free shipping. Since JollyChic sources its products from various manufacturers and warehouses, I waited about seven days to prepare the package. I tracked all of this online through JollyChic's Order Info page, which showed the updated progress of my order.

After my order was shipped out via DHL on December 17th, it took only two days to arrive at my door! Although preparing and processing the package took a few days, I was very impressed with the speedy shipping.

The panda sweater, parental advisory crop top, mesh skater dress, and floral maxi dress from JollyChic, displayed here in their original packaging.
The hooded panda sweater, long sleeve crop top, mesh skater dress, and floral maxi dress from JollyChic in their packaging.

My order:

➌ Collared Black Mesh-Paneled Skater Dress
❹ "Parental Advisory" Long Sleeve Crop Top

The panda sweater, sheer black skater dress, parental advisory long sleeve cropped t-shirt, and floral maxi dress from JollyChic.

The Wildfox panda sweater dupe, parental advisory crop top, mesh collared dress, and floral maxi dress from JollyChic.

Cute Semi-Sheer Panda Sweater

The panda sweater is made of a partially see-through knit and features color-blocked sleeves and a panda-face hood. The fabric is thin and delicate, matching the photos on the JollyChic site. 

This adorable hooded sweater from JollyChic is a dupe of the Wildfox Panda Face Hooded Billy CardiganBoth are made from a similar material, but Wildfox's has slightly longer sleeves and a larger hood. 

Of course, you have to keep in mind that there's a huge price difference: Wildfox's sweater retails at $198, while JollyChic's dupe is just $15.99! If you're simply going for the style, I'd recommend the JollyChic panda sweater.

The kawaii hooded panda sweater from JollyChic fashion, a dupe of Wildfox's at a great value!

Front and back views of the hooded panda sweater, a kawaii fashion steal from JollyChic modeled after Wildfox's Panda Sweater.

Panda Sweater: Thin fabric but super cute style! 4/5

Long Sleeve Slit Floral Maxi Dress

I don't usually wear maxi dresses because I'm quite short (5'2") and they tend to make me look even shorter, but the sheer fabric, floral print, and split style of this dress work really nicely together. This dress just barely touches the ground when I wear it, so it's perfect with heels or wedges.

The material is really comfortable, and the print is clear and vibrant. My only small complaint is that the sleeve opening is a bit too small if I button it.

Forever 21 also sells the same dress online here, but F21's sells for $42.90 while JollyChic offers it for just $15.99. This is a great fashion steal and the quality is really impressive.

The long sleeve slit floral maxi dress from JollyChic, similar to one from Forever 21 but at a cheaper price!
Note: due to terrible lighting, the print looks dark here, but the actual product is just as vibrant as the photos on JollyChic's site!
More photos of the JollyChic floral maxi dress, an incredible fashion steal.

Maxi Dress: Trendy, unique, and pretty even on petite people! 5/5

Collared Black Mesh-Paneled Skater Dress

I've been trying to find a nice black dress, so I was ecstatic to find this dress at JollyChic for just $25.99! It's simple without being boring and can be dressed up or dressed down to suit the occasion. 

This black dress blends a classy folded collar with sexy gauze detailing and an a-line, skater dress silhouette for a figure-flattering fit. The smallest size JollyChic offered for this dress was size S, which fits fine, although a size XS might be better since I like more snug-fitting clothes.

My favorite part of this dress is the sheer paneling at the top. The fabric is really cool and silky, unlike some sheer fabrics which have that fishnet texture.

The mesh-paneled collared skater dress from JollyChic. Features fit-and-flare silhouette and mesh detailing. Perfect LBD!

More photos of the collared LBD from JollyChic, sporting a skater dress fit and mesh/gauze paneling at the top.

Skater dress: Beautiful; I wish there were smaller sizes! 4/5

"Parental Advisory" Long Sleeve Crop Top

I ordered this long sleeve black crop top mainly so that I could qualify for JollyChic's free express shipping, but I was definitely surprised (in a good way!) by the quality and fit of this top.

The cotton is soft, and the white printed letters aren't stiff or easily cracked, so I'd say this is well worth the price. I love that this crop top cuts off at the thinnest part of the waist, which really helps to accentuate your figure. It is also very form-fitting and slimming, so I absolutely love it.

The bold, grunge-y, harajuku-style long sleeve crop top from JollyChic.

More photos of JollyChic's "parental advisory" long sleeved crop top, great for slimming your figure. Worn here with knee socks and a leather skirt.

Even more fashion photos of the Parental Advisory long sleeve crop top from JollyChic, paired with a leather skater skirt and knee socks.

Crop Top: Great quality and fit! 5/5

I tend to be wary when ordering from China-based online fashion retailers because the quality is often a hit or miss. JollyChic is a hit, and I'm truly amazed with how the items turned out!

Shipping was quick and the clothes were packed nicely. Sizing was fine, and there were no errors in sizing/color with the order. I love all the clothes that I received, including the hooded panda sweaterfloral maxi dressmesh-paneled LBD, and long sleeve crop top, and I will definitely consider purchasing from JollyChic again in the future!

Check out JollyChic and their amazing clothing, shoes, jewelry, and bags! 
The 2014 winter banner for JollyChic, online fashion retailer based in Hong-Kong.

Some of my future OOTDs will be styled with these clothes from JollyChic, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!

Thank you to JollyChic for this wonderful holiday shopping experience! I look forward to collaborating with you again in the future!



  1. I love that floral dress!! I'm so glad you reviewed it because I've been looking for one and I'm the same hight as you, so now I know it's good on petite people :D

    1. Yesss the dress is one of my favorites ;u; I'm very happy to hear that my review helped :D

  2. the sheer dress is gorgeous <3 i've been eyeing it for a while and i think i might get it! thanks for the review ^_^ would you like to follow each other on bloglovin and GFC? let me know!


    1. Aah yes I love the dress! And sure, I followed you ^^

  3. Omg were the same height I'd steal your clothes if I were your sister😉 haha but really I love your style~

  4. I've had my eye on that parental advisory top for a while now, and your review kind of cinches it



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