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Monday, December 29, 2014

{Review} Born Pretty Store Jewelry - White Lace Choker & Key Pendant Necklace

Hey everyone! Today I have a review of two beautiful jewelry items from Born Pretty Store, a shop that sells super cute accessories, nail art, makeup, phone accessories, clothing, and more! I was sent two items, a white lace choker and a silver rhinestone key necklace, both of which are absolutely stunning. Read on for the full details.

Intro picture for the Eat My Knee Socks review of jewelry and accessories from Born Pretty Store.

Whether you're searching for eye-catching jewelry, affordable makeup, or beautiful nail art accessories, Born Pretty Store has it all. They offer an amazing collection of inexpensive but high-quality items with FREE worldwide shipping, and all items ship within 24 hours!

This time, I'll be focusing on their Jewelry & Accessories section, where you can find rings, earrings, ear cuffs, necklaces, bracelets, and body jewelry at amazing prices. Born Pretty Store sells so many accessories in all sorts of styles, so whether you prefer edgy or feminine, bold or simple, grunge-y or bohemian, cute or casual, the Jewelry & Accessories section has what you want. As an added bonus, nearly all of their jewelry items are under $10, and there are so many rings, necklaces, etc. that you can get for just $0.99 each!

I got two items from Born Pretty Store's Jewelry & Accessories section, which were a white lace choker necklace and a silver, rhinestone-embellished key pendant necklace (currently sold out).

The lady that I contacted told me that it usually takes 4 to 5 weeks to get the products after they're ordered, so I was amazed when I received my package in just 3 weeks!

My order:

➋ Floral Rhinestone-Embellished Key Pendant Necklace (sold out)

The white lace bridal lolita choker and rhinestone key pendant necklace from Born Pretty Store.

White Lace Choker

Born Pretty Store offers many different styles of these lace, gothic-esque chokers for just $3.33. I picked #8, a white one with a pink rose, dangling pearl, and bronze mask embroidery.

This choker necklace is just as it appears on the website photos, and the quality of the lace fabric, metal clasps, and embellished pendant surpassed my expectations for something at this price. It's very well made, and the chain in the back allows you to adjust the length to suit your neck.

I did, however, notice one downside to this lace choker: the smell. When I took it out of the bag, there was a fairly strong factory scent around it. After letting it sit and air out for a day, the smell was gone. 

Other buyers don't seem to be having this problem, so maybe it was just me?

I love the look of this choker and the combination of the white lace, teardrop-shaped pearl, and light pink flower. It's great for adding a dolly, princess-y, lolita touch to outfits. It gives off an elegant, bridal-style feeling, so it's a bit difficult to incorporate into everyday looks, but this necklace is really pretty and well worth the cost.

White Lace Choker: 4/5

Nearly perfect aside from the scent! Great for weddings, parties, dolly looks, etc.

The white lace choker from Born Pretty Store. Perfect for weddings, parties, or dolly looks.

More photos of Born Pretty Store's lolita-style white lace choker necklace, featuring a pink rose and alloy mask.

Photos of Born Pretty Store's lolita lace choker when worn. Has a delicate pearl, embroidered metal, and rose.

Key Pendant Necklace

The second jewelry item I got from Born Pretty Store was a rhinestone-embellished key necklace. It's currently sold out on their site, but I remember the price being somewhere around $5 or $6.

Unlike the choker, this key necklace had no noticeable factory scent when I took it out of the package. The necklace features a long silver chain and a detailed key pendant with many glittering crystals. Once again, it was true to Born Pretty Store's photos and extremely well-crafted.

There's really nothing bad to say about this necklace. Everything about it is high quality and simply lovely! The style is so cute and versatile, and it looks perfect with a cute sweater or dress. I've seen similar key necklaces sell at $15 or $20+, so getting this necklace from Born Pretty Store for just $5 is a great steal!

Even though Born Pretty Store doesn't have this item anymore, I found some similar ones that you can take a look at here: Rhinestone Key Necklace | Crystal Key Necklace | Pearls & Diamonds Key Necklace

Rhinestone-Embellished Key Necklace: 6/5

Unbelievable quality for a low price! One of my favorite necklaces.

The rhinestone-embellished key pendant necklace from Born Pretty Store, like one of Tiffany's keys.

More details of Born Pretty Store's silver diamond key pendant necklace.

Even more photos of Born Pretty Store's diamond/rhinestone-embellished silver key necklace.

Photo of Born Pretty Store's key necklace when worn. Paired here with a floral sweater from Japanese fashion brand Snidel.

For quality jewelry and accessories at unbeatable prices, Born Pretty Store is the perfect online shopping destination. Their products so far have been really impressive in terms of both quality and style, and with their free worldwide shipping and affordable prices, it's definitely worth a look!

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Thank you to Born Pretty Store for sending me these amazing necklaces; I look forward to collaborating with you again!

Michelle, Eat My Knee Socks


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