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Friday, October 17, 2014

{OOTD} Edgy Schoolgirl | Velvet Skirts, Spiked Knee Socks, and More!

Today's fall fashion fix combines three of my favorite style trends: knee socks, spikes, and velvet! Read on for outfit details and 10% off the spiked socks!

Outfit for fall featuring teal velvet skirt, spiked knee socks, and white button-down shirt

This OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) is a twist on the traditional white-shirt-plaid-skirt-knee-socks schoolgirl uniform, and it'll definitely get heads turning without being too flashy. It's a very versatile coordinate that can work in many places — on campus, at the mall, in the city, etc — and it's perfect for autumn weather!

To achieve the "edgy schoolgirl" look, I paired spiked knee socks with a teal velvet skater skirt and a plain white button-down shirt.

As you may have noticed by my blog title, I have a bit of an obsession with knee socks, so these spiked knee high socks from Fashion Kawaii are one of my favorite style accessories, which I used as an accent in this style coordinate.

Another highlight of this outfit is the velvet skater skirt. The fitted waist and flared hem of the skater skirt is flattering for any body type, and the short length helps to elongate the legs. The smooth, luscious velvet fabric adds a touch of softness to finish the look!

Here I used the studded socks to add a bit of edginess that contrasts with the plain white top and soft velvet.

Below is the outfit layout: (Keep reading for discount code!)

Edgy schoolgirl outfit with studded grungy knee socks, black wedges, a plain white shirt, and a velvet skater skirt
Wear a teal velvet skirt, spiked knee socks, white button-down, and black wedges for an edgy twist on a classic ensemble.
This outfit is fairly simple yet stylish, and you can add layers and accessories like a cardigan, cropped leather jacket, beanie hat, or jewelry to pump up the look.

Some more outfit photos:

Edgy schoolgirl fashion outfit with teal green velvet skater skirt, white blouse, and grungy spiked knee socks

Grungy, preppy twist on a school uniform with spiked knee socks and velvet
Edgy schoolgirl look ft. Chinese cartoon books for dramatic effect ;D
Fashion photo featuring soft teal velvet skater skirt, white shirt, and black knee high socks
Artsy af.
Edgy yet soft outfit that combines the mysterious beauty of velvet with the edginess of spiked knee high socks

And, finally, in celebration of the starting of this blog, I have a special discount code that you can use to buy these knee socks and many more adorable clothes and accessories at Fashion Kawaii!

Get 10% off edgy, grungy, Harajuku-style spiked knee socks using the code "mimchikimchi" at Fashion Kawaii

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Use my exclusive code mimchikimchi at Fashion Kawaii to get 10% OFF your total order! Browse through their amazing selection of adorable Japanese and Korean-style fashion, including the knee socks featured in today's OOTD!
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  1. XoX OMG I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! It's bold while sitt being delicate, definitely going to try to make an outfit like this for school and I was checking Fashion Kawaii a few days ago, so I will be taking advantage of that coupon ;) Love your blog and hope to be reading more great posts, much <3

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! :D

  2. I love this outfit so much!! You're blog is amazing!! My new favorite <3

    1. Aah thank you so much, this really means a lot to me! :D

  3. I need that velvet skirt and those knee socks in my life!!!!


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