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Thursday, October 30, 2014

{OOTD} Halloween Look: Dark Angel

Knowing me, I obviously had to wait until the last possible moment to work on this, so here, a day before Halloween, is my Halloween look for 2014, a dark angel costume!

Dark Angel Halloween Look: Create a last-minute Halloween costume with just a sheer maxi dress, black wedges, and a set of angel wings

This all-black dark angel Halloween look is simple to create, making it perfect for lazy people like me, or anyone who needs a last-minute Halloween costume!

All you need is:
➊ Black angel wings
➋ A black dress
➌ Black shoes
...and you're set for Halloween!

To add a touch of color to this black angel ensemble, choose something like circle lenses, makeup, or accessories in a bright, vibrant color! I wore the G&G GBT Sky blue circle lenses, reviewed here, from Pinky Paradise, which created a nice contrast with the dark colors of the outfit.

Dark Angel Halloween Look: Close-up of the G&G GBT Sky blue circle lenses from Pinky Paradse
The G&G GBT Sky blue lenses from Pinky Paradise.
For the overall dark angel costume, I think it's best to pair together pieces that aren't too flashy or ridiculous, so that you can create a Halloween look that is recognizable without being overtly costume-y.

To give off a fantasy-like feeling, pick a long, lacy or transparent, flowing maxi dress paired with black heels or wedges.

Finally, some photos of the finished dark angel look!

Dark Angel Halloween Look: full outfit featuring black mesh maxi dress, black wedge shoes, and black angel wings

Dark Angel Halloween Look: full shot of all-black outfit with angel wings, lacy sheer maxi dress, and black wedgesDark Angel Halloween Look: full-body outfit with long mesh maxi dress, angel wings, and black wedgesDark Angel Halloween Look: close-up photo of sheer maxi dress hem and flowing black mesh/lace layers

Dark Angel Halloween Look: last picture of costume with sheer mesh maxi dress (LBD), angel wings, and black wedges

And that's it!

I hope you enjoyed my Halloween look! If you haven't already, check out my review on the G&G GBT Sky lenses, worn here.

What are you being for Halloween? Leave a comment below!


Thanks for reading! Leave any questions or comments below! :D